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Peace Smile!

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X Strait Y Scenery
Japanese ending themes


XY ED 02.png
Peace Smile!
XY ED 02
Artist J☆Dee’Z
Lyrics PA-NON
Composer たなか ひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement たなか ひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Epic Records Japan single
Title ポケモンで踊ろう with J☆Dee'Z
Let's Dance with Pokémon with J☆Dee'Z
Catalog no. SRCL-8570-1

Peace Smile! (Japanese: ピースマイル! Pīsumairu!) is the second ending theme of the XY series. It debuted as an ending song in XY030, replacing X Strait Y Scenery.

Ending Animation


A panorama of the ending




TV Size

Japanese English
明日はもっと かがやくよ
信じて ピースピースマイル!
ピカピカの未来に チュウ

きみはどこかな なにをしてるの

どんなに 離れたって ほら
泣きたくなったり 挫けそうなときは
きっとね勇気が 強くなれる鍵
いーことだけじゃない でもうつむかないで
一緒に 越えていこうよ!

今よりもっと 夢をみよう
大きく ピースピースマイル!
ピカピカの未来に チュウ
しちゃお しちゃお!

手と手をぎゅっと つないだら
ウキウキ ピースピースマイル!
やさしいやさしい その笑顔がだいすき
帰ろう帰ろう きみのもとへ!
Tomorrow will become brighter
Believe in Peace Peace Smile!
Heading towards a shining future
Ready OK!

Although tomorrow isn't a special day
There's always this thought coming to my mind
Where are you? What are you doing?
I want to meet you

No matter how far we are, look!
Our hearts have been bonded
When you want to cry in a desperate time
This is definitely a key to strengthening your courage
If it's not good, don't hang your head in shame
Let's overcome it together!

Let's make a dream bigger than today
Big Peace Peace Smile!
Heading towards a shining future
Do it all, do it all!

When we hold hands tightly
Exhilirating Peace Peace Smile!
You're not alone so be happy!
I like that gentle and tender smile
Let's go back, let's go back to your place!

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X Strait Y Scenery
Japanese ending themes


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