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Because the Sky is There

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Pocket-ering Monster-ing
Japanese ending themes
Polka O Dolka
Soko ni sora ga aru kara
Because the sky is there
Artist 江崎とし子
Toshiko Ezaki
Lyrics 渡辺なつみ
Natsumi Watanabe
Composer 三留一純
Kazumi Mitome
Arrangement 恩田直幸
Naoyuki Onda
Pikachu Records single
Title アドバンス・アドベンチャー
Advance Adventure
Catalog no. ZMCP-1505
This song was briefly used as the ED theme again after Polka O Dolka.

Because the Sky is There (Japanese: そこに空があるから Soko ni sora ga aru kara) is the first ending theme song of the Japanese Advanced Generation Pokémon anime series, and the 14th ending overall.

It debuted in AG001 and was replaced in AG019 by Polka O Dolka, which is replaced by this song in AG045, and is replaced in AG052 by Smile.


Ash and Pikachu are sitting on a field at dusk, sleeping. First, Ash wakes up, next Pikachu, who stretches. Ash pets his beloved Pokémon softly, before he jumps onto his knees. Then, Ash takes a floating seed of a dandelion, looks at it and releases it into the wind again, while Pikachu watches everything, quite touched. Afterwards, the two hug each other.



TV size

Japanese English
振り向いてごらん 君のつけた道が
顔上げてごらん 未來を創るよ
頑張ることに 疲れたときには
空を見上げて 涙を流そう
頬なでる風が きっと言うから
転んでもいいき 君は君がすてきさ
傷つかぬ者に 青空は見えない
迷い歩むたび 生命は輝く
Turn around and look at the road you've followed
Lift up your head and look at the future you're creating!
When you become tired from trying so hard,
Look to the sky as you shed your tears.
The wind brushes your cheeks, I'm sure it'll say:
"It's okay if you fall. You are you and that makes you wonderful!"
Those that haven't been hurt cannot see the blue sky.
On a journey you hesitate to walk on, your life will shine.

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Pocket-ering Monster-ing
Japanese ending themes
Polka O Dolka
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