World Leaders Tournament/Sinnoh

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World Leaders Tournament
ワールドリーダーズ トーナメント World Leaders Tournament
Battle Rules:
You may not have duplicate Pokémon or duplicate held items. The item Soul Dew and the move Sky Drop are banned. Legendary or mythical Pokémon may not participate, either. For these battles, all Pokémon will be set to Level 50.
World Leaders Tournament is a tournament in which Gym Leaders from various regions are participating.

This is the list of the Pokémon World Tournament participants in the World Leaders Tournament that are from Sinnoh. However, the player can also battle participants from other regions.



Roark always leads with Rampardos.


Gardenia always leads with Roserade.


Maylene always leads with Lucario.

Crasher Wake

Wake always leads with Floatzel.


Fantina always leads with Mismagius.


Byron always leads with Bastiodon.


Candice always leads with Froslass.


Volkner always leads with Electivire.

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