Rental Tournament

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Rental Tournament
レンタルトーナメント Rental Tournament
Battle Rules:
You may use any Pokémon or held items of your choice. For these battles, all Pokémon will be set to Level 50.
Rental Tournament is a unique tournament where we prepare the Pokémon with which you will battle.

Rental Tournament (Japanese: レンタルトーナメント Rental Tournament) is a tournament held within the wider Pokémon World Tournament competition. It is unlocked after completing the Driftveil Tournament for the first time.


"Rental Tournament is a unique tournament where we prepare the Pokémon with which you will battle. Rental Pokémon will be randomly selected for you. So luck plays a big part! The winner will be rewarded with BP. Good luck!"

The Rental Tournament is a unique tournament where rental Pokémon are randomly selected for the player. All rental Pokémon and the opponent's Pokémon are at level 50. The rental Pokémon are the same as those used by non-Super Train Battle Subway opponents.

A total of sixteen possible participants can enter this tournament. Its participants are shared with later visits to the Driftveil Tournament and the Mix Tournament, their parties varying due to renting Pokémon at random.

The number of Pokémon each participant uses varies depending on the selected battle style.

  • In Single Battles, each Trainer uses three Pokémon. The player will receive three Pokémon out of the list below.
  • In Double Battles and Rotation Battles, each Trainer uses four Pokémon. The player will receive four Pokémon out of the list below.
  • In Triple Battles, each Trainer uses six Pokémon. The player will receive six Pokémon out of the list below.

Rental Pokémon

The Pokémon that may be rented for the Rental Tournament are the same sets used by NPC Trainers in the Normal Course Battle Subway challenges. For each Pokémon, gender and Ability are randomly selected, but values used to calculate base states (EVs, IVs and Nature) are fixed.

Main article: List of Battle Subway Pokémon→Normal Course


Cheren OD.png Cheren Roxie OD.png Roxie
Burgh OD.png Burgh Elesa OD.png Elesa
Clay OD.png Clay Bianca OD.png Bianca
Ace Trainer m V OD.png X Pokemon Ranger f OD.png Makina
Veteran m OD.png Fidel Veteran f OD.png Theodora
Black Belt OD.png Allan Battle Girl OD.png Jocelyn
Scientist m OD.png Dmitri Scientist f OD.png Levina
Psychic m OD.png Rylan Psychic f OD.png Destiny

Other participants

The following Trainers may appear in the tournament bracket, but are never matched against the player. Instead, they battle against other NPCs and are automatically set to lose.

Youngster OD.png Ted Youngster OD.png Seamus Lass OD.png Kendal Lass OD.png Uno Nursery Aide OD.png Nanaka Nursery Aide OD.png Enid Pokéfan m OD.png Masashi Pokéfan m OD.png Dorian Pokéfan f OD.png Yareli Pokéfan f OD.png Makayla
Pokemon Breeder m OD.png Tristan Pokemon Breeder m OD.png Yosef Pokemon Breeder f OD.png Karlie Pokemon Breeder f OD.png Naomi Pokemon Ranger m OD.png Hernando Pokemon Ranger m OD.png Indy Pokemon Ranger f OD.png Hannah Pokemon Ranger f OD.png Clarissa Waiter OD.png Lester Waiter OD.png Minoru
Waitress OD.png Willa Waitress OD.png Hailey Black Belt OD.png Kaden Black Belt OD.png Roddy Battle Girl OD.png Chloe Battle Girl OD.png Tessa Backpacker m OD.png Berke Backpacker m OD.png Sunan Backpacker f OD.png Sudapon Backpacker f OD.png Anupa
Clerk m OD.png Jax Clerk m OD.png Franco Clerk f OD.png Hayden Clerk f OD.png Maxie Policeman OD.png Bobhiko Policeman OD.png Bobmasa Guitarist OD.png Nokko Guitarist OD.png Liz Gentleman OD.png Yen Gentleman OD.png Cents
Socialite OD.png Wanda Socialite OD.png Euro Doctor OD.png Celsius Doctor OD.png Ren Nurse OD.png Kelly Nurse OD.png Alison Roughneck OD.png Butch Roughneck OD.png Carver Biker OD.png Gavin Biker OD.png Larry

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Tournoi Location
Germany Flag.png German Verleihturnier
Italy Flag.png Italian Torneo con Pokémon a nolo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 렌탈 토너먼트 Rental Tournament
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torneo Préstamo

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