2012 Japan Representative Challenge

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2012 Japan Representative Challenge
2012にほんだいひょうにちょうせん 2012 Japan Representative Challenge
Battle Rules: Double Battle
ポケモン4ひきの ダブルバトル。
LV.50に ほせい。
おなじ どうぐ ポケモン きんし。
2012ねんの せかいたいかいにでる
にほんだいひょうに ちょうせんだ!

(Japanese: 2012にほんだいひょうにちょうせん 2012 Japan Representative Challenge) is a downloadable tournament for the Pokémon World Tournament which features the teams of players from the Video Game Championships Nationals in Japan in June 2012. The tournament is conducted under Double Battle rules; therefore, the opponents will pick four of their six Pokémon to battle with. In Japan, its distribution began on June 23, 2012.


Junior Representative Ichi-Ichi

Senior Representative Hiromi

Master Representative Fūryū

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