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Type Expert Tournament
タイプエキスパート トーナメント Type Expert Tournament
Battle Rules:
You may not have duplicate Pokémon or duplicate held items. The item Soul Dew and the move Sky Drop are banned. Legendary or mythical Pokémon may not participate, either. For these battles, all Pokémon will be set to Level 50.
Type Expert Tournament is a tournament in which only Pokémon of a specific type can participate.

This is the list of the Pokémon World Tournament participants in the Type Expert Tournament that specialize in the Dark type.



Vito always leads with Shiftry.


Impera always leads with Umbreon.


Bonnie always leads with Drapion.


  • Due to the lack of Dark-type Gym Leaders as of Generation V, this is the only Type Expert Tournament not to contain any Gym Leaders.
  • Vito's Absol knows Psycho Cut, even though it will always fail against the player's Pokémon due to them being limited to using Dark types in this tournament, unless they use a move or Ability to change their type mid-battle or hold a Ring Target.

In other languages


Language Name Origin
Japanese ヴィトー Vito
English, German Vito Same as Japanese name
Spanish Vinny
French Jacen
Italian Tembro
Korean 비토 Vito Transcription of Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese イルサーネ Illusanne From illusion
English Impera
German Illusane Transcription of her Japanese name
Spanish Brava
French Khali
Italian Tilia
Korean 요진 Yojin


Language Name Origin
Japanese ボニー Bonnie
English, French, German, Italian Bonnie Same as Japanese name
Spanish Sonya
Korean 보니 Bonnie Transcription of Japanese name

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