Rental Master Tournament

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Rental Master Tournament
レンタルマスタートーナメント Rental Master Tournament
Battle Rules:
You may not have duplicate Pokémon or duplicate held items. The item Soul Dew and the move Sky Drop are banned. Legendary or mythical Pokémon may not participate, either. For these battles, all Pokémon will be set to Level 50.
Rental Master Tournament is a unique tournament where we prepare the Pokémon with which you will battle.

Rental Master Tournament (Japanese: レンタルマスタートーナメント Rental Master Tournament) is a tournament held within the wider Pokémon World Tournament competition. It is a harder version of the Rental Tournament. It is unlocked by winning in the Rental, Kanto Leaders, Johto Leaders, Hoenn Leaders, Sinnoh Leaders, and Unova Leaders Tournaments.

Tournament description

The Rental Master Tournament is a unique tournament where rental Pokémon are randomly selected for the player. All rental Pokémon and the opponent's Pokémon will be fully evolved, with the exception of Porygon2. The rental Pokémon are the same as those used by Super Train Battle Subway opponents.

See more: List of Battle Subway Pokémon→Super Course

Its participants are shared with the World Leaders Tournament, but they will have varying rental Pokémon instead of their typical parties.

The number of Pokémon each participant uses varies depending on the selected battle style.


Participants from Kanto
Brock OD.png Misty OD.png Lt Surge OD.png Erika OD.png Janine OD.png Sabrina OD.png Blaine OD.png Giovanni OD.png
Participants from Johto
Falkner OD.png Bugsy OD.png Whitney OD.png Morty OD.png Chuck OD.png Jasmine OD.png Pryce OD.png Clair OD.png
Participants from Hoenn
Roxanne OD.png Brawly OD.png Wattson OD.png Flannery OD.png Norman OD.png Winona OD.png Tate OD.png Liza OD.png Juan OD.png
Participants from Sinnoh
Roark OD.png Gardenia OD.png Maylene OD.png Crasher Wake OD.png Fantina OD.png Byron OD.png Candice OD.png Volkner OD.png
Participants from Unova
Cilan OD.png Chili OD.png Cress OD.png Lenora OD.png Burgh OD.png Elesa OD.png Clay OD.png Skyla OD.png Brycen OD.png Drayden OD.png Cheren OD.png Roxie OD.png Marlon OD.png Bianca OD.png

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Tournoi Location Expert
Germany Flag.png German Meisterverleihturnier
Italy Flag.png Italian Torneo dei migliori con Pokémon a nolo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 렌탈 마스터 토너먼트 Rental Master Tournament
Spain Flag.png Spanish Supertorneo Préstamo

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