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In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, there will often come up a Pokémon that knows a move it cannot learn legally in any of the games.

Occasionally, in-game event Pokémon that can be transferred onto the main series games have a move that is not normally included in that Pokémon's moveset (a prime example being Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire, which gave away four separate Pokémon with moves that were not normally available to that specific Pokémon).

List of TCG Pokémon with moves they cannot learn in the games

Original Series

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
065Alakazam.png Alakazam Confuse Ray Base Set AlakazamBaseSet1.jpg
082Magneton.png Magneton Selfdestruct Base Set MagnetonBaseSet9.jpg
147Dratini.png Dratini Pound Base Set DratiniBaseSet26.jpg
014Kakuna.png Kakuna Poison Powder Base Set KakunaBaseSet33.jpg
096Drowzee.png Drowzee Confuse Ray Base Set DrowzeeBaseSet49.jpg
081Magnemite.png Magnemite Selfdestruct Base Set MagnemiteBaseSet53.jpg
011Metapod.png Metapod Stun Spore* Base Set MetapodBaseSet54.jpg
097Hypno.png Hypno Dark Mind Fossil HypnoFossil8.jpg
082Magneton.png Magneton Selfdestruct Fossil MagnetonFossil11.jpg
008Wartortle.png Dark Wartortle DoubleSlap Team Rocket DarkWartortleTeamRocket46.jpg
116Horsea.png Misty's Horsea Tackle Gym Heroes MistyHorseaGymHeroes86.jpg
013Weedle.png Weedle Peck Vending Machine WeedleVendingS1.jpg
014Kakuna.png Kakuna Rollout Vending Machine KakunaVendingS1.jpg
007Squirtle.png Squirtle Pound Vending Machine SquirtleVendingS1.jpg
019Rattata.png Rattata Scratch Vending Machine RattataVendingS1.jpg
090Shellder.png Shellder Water Spout Vending Machine ShellderVendingS2.jpg
021Spearow.png Spearow Gust Vending Machine SpearowVendingS2.jpg
133Eevee.png Eevee Lunge Vending Machine EeveeVendingS1.jpg
132Ditto.png Koga's Ditto Pound Gym Challenge KogaDittoGymChallenge10.jpg
133Eevee.png Lt. Surge's Eevee Surprise
Gym Challenge LtSurgeEeveeGymChallenge51.jpg
037Vulpix.png Blaine's Vulpix Bite Gym Challenge BlaineVulpixGymChallenge66.jpg
046Paras.png Erika's Paras Irongrip Gym Challenge ErikaParasGymChallenge71.jpg
016Pidgey.png Koga's Pidgey Peck Gym Challenge KogaPidgeyGymChallenge80.jpg
063Abra.png Sabrina's Abra Pound Gym Challenge SabrinaAbraGymChallenge93.jpg
012Butterfree.png Butterfree Fly Southern Islands ButterfreeSouthernIslands9.jpg
021Spearow.png Spearow Wing Attack Intro Pack SpearowSquirtleDeck13.jpg

Neo Series

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
159Croconaw.png Croconaw Tackle Neo Genesis CroconawNeoGenesis32.jpg
158Totodile.png Totodile Fury Swipes Neo Genesis TotodileNeoGenesis81.jpg
248Tyranitar.png Tyranitar Slam Neo Discovery TyranitarNeoDiscovery12.jpg
247Pupitar.png Pupitar Skull Bash Neo Discovery PupitarNeoDiscovery45.jpg
060Poliwag.png Poliwag Rollout Neo Discovery PoliwagNeoDiscovery62.jpg
147Dratini.png Dratini Fury Attack Neo Destiny DratiniNeoDestiny63.jpg
191Sunkern.png Sunkern Rollout Neo Destiny SunkernNeoDestiny83.jpg
153Bayleef.png Bayleef Sleep Powder Intro Pack Neo BayleefChikoritaHalfDeck24.jpg
172Pichu.png Pichu Pound Intro Pack Neo PichuTotodileSideDeck.jpg
063Abra.png Abra Pound Intro Pack Neo AbraTotodileSideDeck.jpg

Vs era

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
176Togetic.png Falkner's Togetic Agility Pokémon VS FalknerTogeticVS5.jpg
097Hypno.png Morty's Hypno Dark Mind Pokémon VS MortyHypnoTyranitarHalfDeck.jpg
196Espeon.png Sabrina's Espeon Psywave Pokémon VS SabrinaEspeonVS56.jpg
168Ariados.png Janine's Ariados Poison Fang Pokémon VS JanineAriadosVS65.jpg
213Shuckle.png Janine's Shuckle Sludge Pokémon VS JanineShuckleVS67.jpg
124Jynx.png Will's Jynx Hypnosis Pokémon VS WillJynxVS74.jpg
130Gyarados.png Lance's Gyarados Wrap Pokémon VS LanceGyaradosVS98.jpg
248Tyranitar.png Rocket's Tyranitar Slam Pokémon VS RocketTyranitarVS142.jpg

e-Card Series

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
251Celebi.png Celebi Supersonic J Promo CelebiPPromo42.jpg
136Flareon.png Flareon Fury Swipes T Promo FlareonTPromo1.jpg
079Slowpoke.png Slowpoke Pound T Promo SlowpokeTPromo4.jpg
156Quilava.png Quilava Take Down T Promo QuilavaTPromo8.jpg
002Ivysaur.png Ivysaur Stomp T Promo IvysaurTPromo10.jpg
091Cloyster.png Cloyster Lick Expedition CloysterExpedition8.jpg
150Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Hypnosis Expedition MewtwoExpedition20.jpg
159Croconaw.png Croconaw Tackle
Take Down
Expedition CroconawExpedition74.jpg
064Kadabra.png Kadabra Confuse Ray Expedition KadabraExpedition84.jpg
126Magmar.png Magmar Thrash Expedition MagmarExpedition86.jpg
011Metapod.png Metapod Rollout Expedition MetapodExpedition87.jpg
008Wartortle.png Wartortle Double Slap Expedition WartortleExpedition92.jpg
063Abra.png Abra Scratch
Confuse Ray
Expedition AbraExpedition93.jpg
010Caterpie.png Caterpie Headbutt Expedition CaterpieExpedition96.jpg
152Chikorita.png Chikorita Sleep Powder Expedition ChikoritaExpedition100.jpg
118Goldeen.png Goldeen Splash Expedition GoldeenExpedition111.jpg
043Oddish.png Oddish Tackle Expedition OddishExpedition122.jpg
016Pidgey.png Pidgey Peck
Fury Strikes
Expedition PidgeyExpedition123.jpg
025Pikachu.png Pikachu Tackle Expedition PikachuExpedition124.jpg
060Poliwag.png Poliwag Rollout Expedition PoliwagExpedition125.jpg
090Shellder.png Shellder Irongrip
Expedition ShellderExpedition129.jpg
007Squirtle.png Squirtle Double Slap Expedition SquirtleExpedition131.jpg
001Bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur Scratch McDonald Pack BulbasaurMcDonaldPack1.jpg
152Chikorita.png Chikorita Rollout McDonald Pack ChikoritaMcDonaldPack3.jpg
004Charmander.png Charmander Slam McDonald Pack CharmanderMcDonaldPack4.jpg
155Cyndaquil.png Cyndaquil Pound McDonald Pack CyndaquilMcDonaldPack6.jpg
158Totodile.png Totodile Stomp McDonald Pack TotodileMcDonaldPack8.jpg
177Natu.png Natu Glare McDonald Pack NatuMcDonaldPack15.jpg
027Sandshrew.png Sandshrew Slam McDonald Pack SandshrewMcDonaldPack16.jpg
246Larvitar.png Larvitar Comet Punch McDonald Pack LarvitarMcDonaldPack18.jpg
224Octillery.png Octillery Smokescreen Aquapolis OctilleryAquapolis26.jpg
229Houndoom.png Houndoom Smokescreen Aquapolis HoundoomAquapolis14.jpg
124Jynx.png Jynx Confuse Ray Aquapolis JynxAquapolis18.jpg
180Flaaffy.png Flaaffy Spark Aquapolis FlaaffyAquapolis47.jpg
055Golduck.png Golduck Slash Aquapolis GolduckAquapolis50.jpg
104Cubone.png Cubone Tackle Aquapolis CuboneAquapolis72.jpg
096Drowzee.png Drowzee Tackle Aquapolis DrowzeeAquapolis74.jpg
237Hitmontop.png Hitmontop Double Kick Aquapolis HitmontopAquapolis82.jpg
032Nidoran.png Nidoran♂ Scratch Aquapolis NidoranAquapolis96.jpg
137Porygon.png Porygon Peck Aquapolis PorygonAquapolis103.jpg
079Slowpoke.png Slowpoke Bite Aquapolis SlowpokeAquapolis108.jpg
114Tangela.png Tangela Double Kick Aquapolis TangelaAquapolis112.jpg
072Tentacool.png Tentacool Recover Aquapolis TentacoolAquapolis113.jpg
194Wooper.png Wooper Bubble Aquapolis WooperAquapolis117.jpg
133Eevee.png Eevee Lunge Aquapolis EeveeAquapolis75.jpg
320Wailmer.png Ross's Wailmer Tackle Theater Limited VS Pack RossWailmerTheaterVSPack5.jpg
207Gligar.png Gligar Irongrip Skyridge GligarSkyridge59.jpg
214Heracross.png Heracross Slash Skyridge HeracrossSkyridge64.jpg
014Kakuna.png Kakuna Poison Powder Skyridge KakunaSkyridge70.jpg
165Ledyba.png Ledyba Slam Skyridge LedybaSkyridge73.jpg
177Natu.png Natu Removal Beam Skyridge NatuSkyridge80.jpg
061Poliwhirl.png Poliwhirl Double Kick Skyridge PoliwhirlSkyridge88.jpg
020Raticate.png Raticate Scratch Skyridge RaticateSkyridge89.jpg
218Slugma.png Slugma Tackle Skyridge SlugmaSkyridge98.jpg
120Staryu.png Staryu Double Slap Skyridge StaryuSkyridge103.jpg
191Sunkern.png Sunkern Rollout Skyridge SunkernSkyridge106.jpg
216Teddiursa.png Teddiursa Rage Skyridge TeddiursaSkyridge109.jpg
013Weedle.png Weedle Fury Attack Skyridge WeedleSkyridge114.jpg

EX Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
323Camerupt.png Camerupt Fire Spin EX Ruby & Sapphire CameruptEXRubySapphire4.jpg
321Wailord.png Wailord Take Down EX Ruby & Sapphire WailordEXRubySapphire14.jpg
305Lairon.png Lairon Magnitude EX Ruby & Sapphire LaironEXRubySapphire37.jpg
310Manectric.png Manectric Thundershock EX Ruby & Sapphire ManectricEXRubySapphire39.jpg
259Marshtomp.png Marshtomp Bubble
EX Ruby & Sapphire MarshtompEXRubySapphire40.jpg
258Mudkip.png Mudkip Pound
Fury Swipes
EX Ruby & Sapphire MudkipEXRubySapphire60.jpg
280Ralts.png Ralts Pound EX Ruby & Sapphire RaltsEXRubySapphire68.jpg
285Shroomish.png Shroomish Sleep Powder EX Ruby & Sapphire ShroomishEXRubySapphire69.jpg
300Skitty.png Skitty Scratch EX Ruby & Sapphire SkittyEXRubySapphire70.jpg
252Treecko.png Treecko Razor Leaf EX Ruby & Sapphire TreeckoEXRubySapphire76.jpg
263Zigzagoon.png Zigzagoon Fury Swipes* EX Ruby & Sapphire ZigzagoonEXRubySapphire79.jpg
301Delcatty.png Delcatty Scratch EX Sandstorm DelcattyEXSandstorm34.jpg
156Quilava.png Quilava Slash EX Sandstorm QuilavaEXSandstorm51.jpg
025Pikachu.png Pikachu Scratch EX Sandstorm PikachuEXSandstorm72.jpg
291Ninjask.png Ninjask Supersonic EX Dragon NinjaskEXDragon38.jpg
353Shuppet.png Shuppet Hypnosis EX Dragon ShuppetEXDragon43.jpg
290Nincada.png Nincada Bite EX Dragon NincadaEXDragon67.jpg
309Electrike.png Team Aqua's Electrike Scratch
Thunder Shock
EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua TeamAquaElectrikeEXTeamMagmavsTeamAqua52.jpg
343Baltoy.png Team Magma's Baltoy Peck EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua TeamMagmaBaltoyEXTeamMagmavsTeamAqua60.jpg
251Celebi.png Dark Celebi Leaf Poison EX Hidden Legends DarkCelebiEXHiddenLegends4.jpg
364Sealeo.png Sealeo Skull Bash EX Hidden Legends SealeoEXHiddenLegends47.jpg
366Clamperl.png Clamperl Bubble EX Hidden Legends ClamperlEXHiddenLegends58.jpg
155Cyndaquil.png Cyndaquil Rage EX Hidden Legends CyndaquilEXHiddenLegends59.jpg
312Minun.png Minun Thundershock EX Hidden Legends MinunEXHiddenLegends67.jpg
361Snorunt.png Snorunt Tackle EX Hidden Legends SnoruntEXHiddenLegends73.jpg
120Staryu.png Staryu Pound EX Hidden Legends StaryuEXHiddenLegends75.jpg
037Vulpix.png Vulpix Scratch EX Hidden Legends VulpixEXHiddenLegends81.jpg
051Dugtrio.png Dugtrio Sonicboom EX FireRed & LeafGreen DugtrioEXFireRedLeafGreen22.jpg
014Kakuna.png Kakuna Headbutt EX FireRed & LeafGreen KakunaEXFireRedLeafGreen36.jpg
011Metapod.png Metapod Sharpen EX FireRed & LeafGreen MetapodEXFireRedLeafGreen39.jpg
019Rattata.png Rattata Scratch EX FireRed & LeafGreen RattataEXFireRedLeafGreen77.jpg
090Shellder.png Shellder Minimize EX FireRed & LeafGreen ShellderEXFireRedLeafGreen79.jpg
048Venonat.png Venonat Bite EX FireRed & LeafGreen VenonatEXFireRedLeafGreen84.jpg
260Swampert.png Swampert Bubble POP Series 1 Swampert5POPSeries1.jpg
246Larvitar.png Larvitar Sand Attack POP Series 1 Larvitar11POPSeries1.jpg
248Tyranitar.png Tyranitar ex Scratch POP Series 1 Tyranitarex17POPSeries1.jpg
221Piloswine.png Piloswine Sheer Cold EX Team Rocket Returns PiloswineEXTeamRocketReturns13.jpg
117Seadra.png Seadra Confuse Ray EX Team Rocket Returns SeadraEXTeamRocketReturns48.jpg
147Dratini.png Dratini Pound EX Team Rocket Returns DratiniEXTeamRocketReturns52.jpg
228Houndour.png Houndour Smokescreen EX Team Rocket Returns HoundourEXTeamRocketReturns59.jpg
246Larvitar.png Larvitar Fury Attack EX Team Rocket Returns LarvitarEXTeamRocketReturns62.jpg
123Scyther.png Rocket's Scyther ex Bounce EX Team Rocket Returns RocketScytherexEXTeamRocketReturns102.jpg
252Treecko.png Treecko ☆ Tackle EX Team Rocket Returns TreeckoEXTeamRocketReturns109.jpg
302Sableye.png Sableye Slash EX Deoxys SableyeEXDeoxys23.jpg
312Minun.png Minun Sniff Out EX Deoxys MinunEXDeoxys41.jpg
299Nosepass.png Nosepass Sharpen EX Deoxys NosepassEXDeoxys42.jpg
371Bagon.png Bagon Doubleslap EX Deoxys BagonEXDeoxys52.jpg
339Barboach.png Barboach Tackle EX Deoxys BarboachEXDeoxys54.jpg
129Magikarp.png Magikarp Rage EX Deoxys MagikarpEXDeoxys64.jpg
177Natu.png Natu Mirror Coat
Razor Wind
EX Deoxys NatuEXDeoxys66.jpg
253Grovyle.png Grovyle Razor Leaf EX Emerald GrovyleEXEmerald28.jpg
326Grumpig.png Grumpig Psyshock EX Emerald GrumpigEXEmerald29.jpg
355Duskull.png Duskull Pound EX Emerald DuskullEXEmerald46.jpg
309Electrike.png Electrike Double Kick EX Emerald EM047-Electrike.jpg
276Taillow.png Taillow Razor Wind EX Emerald TaillowEXEmerald68.jpg
037Vulpix.png Vulpix Bite EX Emerald VulpixEXEmerald72.jpg
332Cacturne.png Cacturne ex Psybeam EX Emerald CacturneexEXEmerald91.jpg
001Bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur Bite POP Series 2 Bulbasaur12POPSeries2.jpg
136Flareon.png Flareon Fire Dance EX Unseen Forces FlareonEXUnseenForces5.jpg
185Sudowoodo.png Sudowoodo Karate Chop EX Unseen Forces 623 R072 185USOKKIE.jpg
157Typhlosion.png Typhlosion Rage EX Unseen Forces TyphlosionEXUnseenForces17.jpg
178Xatu.png Xatu Psyshock EX Unseen Forces XatuEXUnseenForces49.jpg
163Hoothoot.png Hoothoot Confuse Ray EX Unseen Forces HoothootEXUnseenForces59.jpg
247Pupitar.png Pupitar Slash EX Unseen Forces PupitarEXUnseenForces70.jpg
223Remoraid.png Remoraid Splash EX Unseen Forces RemoraidEXUnseenForces71.jpg
218Slugma.png Slugma Headbutt EX Unseen Forces SlugmaEXUnseenForces73.jpg
191Sunkern.png Sunkern Rollout EX Unseen Forces SunkernEXUnseenForces76.jpg
014Kakuna.png Kakuna Rollout EX Delta Species 633 C002 014COCOON.jpg
101Electrode.png Electrode Supersonic EX Legend Maker ElectrodeEXLegendMaker32.jpg
066Machop.png Machop Mach Punch EX Legend Maker MachopEXLegendMaker57.jpg
269Dustox.png Dustox ex Safeguard EX Legend Maker 628 S010 269DOKUCALE.jpg
299Nosepass.png Nosepass Supersonic EX Holon Phantoms NosepassEXHolonPhantoms25.jpg
343Baltoy.png Baltoy Doubleslap EX Holon Phantoms BaltoyEXHolonPhantoms59.jpg
341Corphish.png Corphish Flail EX Holon Phantoms CorphishEXHolonPhantoms63.jpg
309Electrike.png Electrike Thundershock EX Holon Phantoms ElectrikeEXHolonPhantoms64.jpg
043Oddish.png Oddish δ Tackle EX Holon Phantoms OddishEXHolonPhantoms73.jpg
231Phanpy.png Phanpy Yawn EX Holon Phantoms PhanpyEXHolonPhantoms75.jpg
358Chimecho.png Chimecho δ Sonicboom POP Series 4 Chimecho1POPSeries4.jpg
256Combusken.png Combusken Smokescreen POP Series 4 Combusken6POPSeries4.jpg
354Banette.png Banette Safeguard EX Crystal Guardians BanetteEXCrystalGuardians1.jpg
256Combusken.png Combusken High Jump Kick* EX Crystal Guardians CombuskenEXCrystalGuardians16.jpg
253Grovyle.png Grovyle δ Scratch EX Crystal Guardians GrovyleEXCrystalGuardians19.jpg
308Medicham.png Medicham Sky Uppercut EX Crystal Guardians MedichamEXCrystalGuardians25.jpg
353Shuppet.png Shuppet Tackle EX Crystal Guardians ShuppetEXCrystalGuardians40.jpg
304Aron.png Aron Flail EX Crystal Guardians AronEXCrystalGuardians44.jpg
050Diglett.png Diglett Sand Pit* EX Crystal Guardians DiglettEXCrystalGuardians50.jpg
252Treecko.png Treecko Scratch EX Crystal Guardians TreeckoEXCrystalGuardians67.jpg
124Jynx.png Jynx δ Fire Punch EX Dragon Frontiers 643 x001 124ROUGELA.jpg
148Dragonair.png Dragonair δ Horn Attack EX Dragon Frontiers DragonairEXDragonFrontiers28.jpg
116Horsea.png Horsea δ Tackle EX Dragon Frontiers HorseaEXDragonFrontiers31.jpg
152Chikorita.png Chikorita δ Sleep Powder EX Dragon Frontiers ChikoritaEXDragonFrontiers44.jpg
246Larvitar.png Larvitar δ Horn Attack EX Dragon Frontiers LarvitarEXDragonFrontiers52.jpg
086Seel.png Seel δ Pound EX Dragon Frontiers SeelEXDragonFrontiers62.jpg
333Swablu.png Swablu δ Splash About EX Dragon Frontiers SwabluEXDragonFrontiers65.jpg
334Altaria.png Altaria Gust EX Power Keepers AltariaEXPowerKeepers2.jpg
308Medicham.png Medicham Rolling Kick EX Power Keepers MedichamEXPowerKeepers34.jpg
307Meditite.png Meditite Cross Chop EX Power Keepers MedititeEXPowerKeepers55.jpg
261Poochyena.png Poochyena Double Kick EX Power Keepers PoochyenaEXPowerKeepers58.jpg

ADV era

Artwork Name Move Picture
385Jirachi.png Jirachi Psywave Nintendo Promo JirachiNintendoPromo21.jpg
286Breloom.png Forina's Breloom Sleep Powder Movie Commemoration VS Pack ForinaBreloomMovieVSPack2.jpg
330Flygon.png Forina's Flygon Wing Attack Movie Commemoration VS Pack ForinaFlygonMovieVSPack6.jpg
334Altaria.png Forina's Altaria Whirlwind Movie Commemoration VS Pack ForinaAltariaMovieVSPack7.jpg

PCG era

Artwork Name Move Picture
446Munchlax.png LaRousse's Munchlax Yawn* Sky-Splitting Deoxys LaRousseMunchlaxMovieVSPack6.jpg
253Grovyle.png Ash's Grovyle SonicBoom Aura's Lucario AshGrovyleMovieVSPack1.jpg
490Manaphy.png Sea's Manaphy Water Gun* Sea's Manaphy SeaManaphyMovieVSPack5.jpg
441Chatot.png Phantom's Chatot Quick Attack Sea's Manaphy PhantomChatotMovieVSPack11.jpg

Diamond & Pearl Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
269Dustox.png Dustox Stun Spore Diamond & Pearl DustoxDiamondPearl25.jpg
360Wynaut.png Wynaut Astonish Diamond & Pearl WynautDiamindPearl42.jpg
441Chatot.png Chatot Me First Diamond & Pearl ChatotDiamondPearl74.jpg
420Cherubi.png Cherubi Sleep Powder Diamond & Pearl CherubiDiamondPearl75.jpg
215Sneasel.png Sneasel Double Slap Diamond & Pearl SneaselDiamondPearl100.jpg
396Starly.png Starly Gust* Diamond & Pearl StarlyDiamondPearl101.jpg
456Finneon.png Finneon Tackle Mysterious Treasures FinneonMysteriousTreasures83.png
129Magikarp.png Magikarp Dragon Rage* Mysterious Treasures MagikarpMysteriousTreasures89.png
318Carvanha.png Carvanha Slash* Secret Wonders CarvanhaSecretWonders81.jpg
270Lotad.png Lotad Water Sport Secret Wonders LotadSecretWonders92.jpg
016Pidgey.png Pidgey Growl
Secret Wonders PidgeySecretWonders99.jpg
259Marshtomp.png Marshtomp Pound Great Encounters MarshtompGreatEncounters46.jpg
312Minun.png Minun Pound Majestic Dawn MinunMajesticDawn25.jpg
454Toxicroak.png Toxicroak Slash Majestic Dawn ToxicroakMajesticDawn31.jpg
391Monferno.png Monferno Fire Fang Majestic Dawn MonfernoMajesticDawn41.jpg
417Pachirisu.png Pachirisu Thundershock* Majestic Dawn PachirisuMajesticDawn43.jpg
397Staravia.png Staravia Drill Peck Majestic Dawn StaraviaMajesticDawn47.jpg
412Burmy-Sandy.png Burmy Iron Defense Majestic Dawn BurmyMajesticDawn54.jpg
021Spearow.png Spearow Wing Attack* Majestic Dawn SpearowMajesticDawn74.jpg
387Turtwig.png Turtwig Rollout Majestic Dawn TurtwigMajesticDawn77.jpg
133Eevee.png Eevee Lunge Majestic Dawn EeveeMajesticDawn62.jpg
426Drifblim.png Drifblim Whirlwind Legends Awakened DrifblimLegendsAwakened53.jpg
374Beldum.png Beldum Tackle* Legends Awakened BeldumLegendsAwakened84.jpg
345Lileep.png Lileep Absorb Legends Awakened 017039 P RIRIRA.jpg
299Nosepass.png Nosepass Sharpen Legends Awakened 017109 P NOZUPASU.jpg
060Poliwag.png Poliwag Tackle Legends Awakened PoliwagLegendsAwakened114.jpg
300Skitty.png Skitty Scratch Legends Awakened SkittyLegendsAwakened119.jpg
193Yanma.png Yanma Agility Legends Awakened YanmaLegendsAwakened128.jpg
227Skarmory.png Skarmory Quick Attack Stormfront SkarmoryStormfront51.jpg
355Duskull.png Duskull Tackle Stormfront DuskullStormfront60.jpg
315Roselia.png Roselia Headbutt Stormfront RoseliaStormfront72.jpg
425Drifloon.png Drifloon Tackle Stormfront DrifloonStormfrontSH1.jpg

Platinum Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
392Infernape.png Infernape Rage Platinum InfernapePlatinum31.jpg
455Carnivine.png Carnivine Absorb Platinum 021090 P MASUKIPPA.jpg
256Combusken.png Combusken High Jump Kick Platinum CombuskenPlatinum45.jpg
180Flaaffy.png Flaaffy Spark Platinum 021140 P MOKOKO.jpg
008Wartortle.png Wartortle Double Slap Platinum 021116 P KAMERU.jpg
390Chimchar.png Chimchar Bite Platinum 021024 P HIKOZARU.jpg
401Kricketot.png Kricketot Rollout Platinum 021086 P KOROBOSHI.jpg
393Piplup.png Piplup Muddy Water Platinum PiplupPlatinum85.jpg
223Remoraid.png Remoraid Splash Platinum 021127 P TEPPOUO.jpg
300Skitty.png Skitty Take Down Platinum SkittyPlatinum93.jpg
452Drapion.png Drapion 4 Body Slam Rising Rivals 022052 P DORAPIONSHISHITENNOU.jpg
196Espeon.png Espeon 4 Hypnosis
Rising Rivals 022043 P EFISHISHITENNOU.jpg
214Heracross.png Heracross 4 Focus Energy Rising Rivals Heracross4RisingRivals24.jpg
392Infernape.png Infernape 4 High Jump Kick Rising Rivals Infernape4RisingRivals43.jpg
133Eevee.png Eevee Bounce Rising Rivals 022226 P IBUI.jpg
472Gliscor.png Gliscor 4 IronGrip Rising Rivals 022018 P GURAIONSHISHITENNOU.jpg
449Hippopotas.png Hippopotas Endeavor Rising Rivals 022192 P HIPOPOTASU.jpg
479Rotom-Frost.png Frost Rotom Hail Rising Rivals 022139 P FUROSUTOROTOMU.jpg
479Rotom-Mow.png Mow Rotom Slash Rising Rivals 022148 P KATTOROTOMU.jpg
418Buizel.png Buizel Tackle* Supreme Victors BuizelSupremeVictors92.jpg
401Kricketot.png Kricketot Headbutt Supreme Victors 021501 P KOROBOSHI.jpg
081Magnemite.png Magnemite Quick Attack Supreme Victors MagnemiteSupremeVictors111.jpg
046Paras.png Paras Stomp Supreme Victors 023064 P PARASU.jpg
396Starly.png Starly Peck Supreme Victors 021561 P MUKKURU.jpg
387Turtwig.png Turtwig Stomp Supreme Victors 021522 P NAETORU.jpg
193Yanma.png Yanma Baton Pass Supreme Victors 023072 P YANYANMA.jpg
005Charmeleon.png Charmeleon Slam Arceus CharmeleonArceus35.jpg
435Skuntank.png Skuntank Rage Pokémon Rumble SkuntankPokémonRumble13.jpg

DPt era

Artwork Name Move Picture
001Bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur Present DPt-P Promotional cards 023401 P FUSHIGIDANE.jpg
052Meowth.png Meowth M Beat Up Movie Commemoration Random Pack MeowthMMovieRandomPack17.jpg

HeartGold & SoulSilver Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
213Shuckle.png Shuckle Poison Jab HeartGold & SoulSilver ShuckleHeartGoldSoulSilver11.jpg
154Meganium.png Meganium Sleep Powder HeartGold & SoulSilver MeganiumHeartGoldSoulSilver26.jpg
053Persian.png Persian Sucker Punch HeartGold & SoulSilver PersianHeartGoldSoulSilver27.jpg
157Typhlosion.png Typhlosion Fire Spin HeartGold & SoulSilver TyphlosionHeartGoldSoulSilver32.jpg
011Metapod.png Metapod Sharpen HeartGold & SoulSilver MetapodHeartGoldSoulSilver46.jpg
178Xatu.png Xatu Psywave Unleashed XatuUnleashed11.jpg
022Fearow.png Fearow Wing Attack* Unleashed FearowUnleashed15.jpg
388Grotle.png Grotle Sleep Powder Unleashed GrotleUnleashed31.jpg
247Pupitar.png Pupitar Rage Unleashed 025636 P SANAGIRASU.jpg
418Buizel.png Buizel Muddy Water Unleashed BuizelUnleashed45.jpg
204Pineco.png Pineco Focus Energy Undaunted PinecoUndaunted63.jpg
126Magmar.png Magmar Eruption Triumphant MagmarTriumphant42.jpg

Black & White Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
626Bouffalant.png Bouffalant Double Stomp Black & White BouffalantBlackWhite90.jpg
520Tranquill.png Tranquill Wing Attack Emerging Powers TranquillEmergingPowers81.jpg
587Emolga.png Emolga Bounce Next Destinies EmolgaNextDestinies49.jpg
571Zoroark.png Zoroark Dark Rush Dark Explorers ZoroarkDarkExplorers71.jpg
634Zweilous.png Zweilous Dragon Claw Dragons Exalted ZweilousDragonsExalted95.jpg
495Snivy.png Snivy Razor Leaf Legendary Treasures SnivyLegendaryTreasuresRC1.jpg
280Ralts.png Ralts Pound Legendary Treasures RaltsLegendaryTreasuresRC8.jpg
281Kirlia.png Kirlia Double Slap Legendary Treasures KirliaLegendaryTreasuresRC9.jpg

BW era

Artwork Name Move Picture
640Virizion.png Virizion Mega Drain Everyone's Exciting Battle VirizionEveryoneExcitingBattle5.jpg
622Golett.png Golett Headbutt Everyone's Exciting Battle GolettEveryoneExcitingBattle29.jpg
639Terrakion.png Terrakion Rock Throw Everyone's Exciting Battle TerrakionEveryoneExcitingBattle30.jpg

XY Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
659Bunnelby.png Bunnelby Rototiller* Primal Clash BunnelbyPrimalClash121.jpg
494Victini.png Victini Me First Roaring Skies VictiniRoaringSkies13.jpg
133Eevee.png Eevee Lunge Ancient Origins EeveeAncientOrigins63.jpg


Artwork Name Move Picture
693Clawitzer.png Clawitzer BREAK Lock-On Steam Siege ClawitzerBREAKFeverBurstFighter20.jpg

Miscellaneous releases

Artwork Name Move Picture
059Arcanine.png Arcanine Quick Attack Wizards Black Star Promos ArcanineWizardsPromo6.jpg
025Pikachu.png Pikachu Scratch Wizards Black Star Promos PikachuWizardsPromo26.jpg
050Diglett.png Diglett Peck Asobikata promo DiglettPokémonWeb13.jpg

Game Boy's TCG-exclusive cards

Artwork Name Move Picture
132Ditto.png Ditto Pound DittoGB1.jpg

Former errors

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
124Jynx.png Jynx Meditate Base Set JynxBaseSet31.jpg
020Raticate.png Raticate Bite Base Set RaticateBaseSet40.jpg
063Abra.png Abra Psyshock Base Set AbraBaseSet43.jpg
019Rattata.png Rattata Bite Base Set RattataBaseSet61.jpg
030Nidorina.png Nidorina Supersonic Jungle NidorinaJungle40.jpg
025Pikachu.png Pikachu Spark Jungle PikachuJungle60.jpg
100Voltorb.png Voltorb Thunder Shock Vending Machine VoltorbVendingS2.jpg
109Koffing.png Koffing Poison Gas Intro Pack KoffingBulbasaurDeck39.jpg
063Abra.png Abra Psyshock Team Rocket AbraTeamRocket49.jpg
119Seaking.png Misty's Seaking Mud Splash Gym Heroes MistySeakingGymHeroes55.jpg
138Omanyte.png Omanyte Bind Neo Discovery OmanyteNeoDiscovery60.jpg
250Ho-Oh.png Ho-Oh Dive Bomb Neo Revelation Ho-OhNeoRevelation7.jpg
130Gyarados.png Shining Gyarados Outrage Neo Revelation ShiningGyaradosNeoRevelation65.jpg
184Azumarill.png Light Azumarill Bubble Neo Revelation LightAzumarillNeoDestiny13.jpg
246Larvitar.png Larvitar Rock Throw Neo Destiny LarvitarNeoDestiny70.jpg
183Marill.png Marill Bubble Expedition MarillExpedition120.jpg
175Togepi.png Togepi Pound Aquapolis TogepiAquapolis114.jpg
100Voltorb.png Voltorb ThunderShock Aquapolis VoltorbAquapolis64.jpg
210Granbull.png Granbull Mega Punch Skyridge GranbullSkyridge61.jpg
058Growlithe.png Growlithe Double Kick Skyridge GrowlitheSkyridge62.jpg
120Staryu.png Staryu Confuse Ray Skyridge StaryuSkyridge104.jpg
253Grovyle.png Grovyle Slash EX Ruby & Sapphire GrovyleEXRubySapphire32.jpg
273Seedot.png Seedot Tackle EX Sandstorm SeedotEXSandstorm77.jpg
315Roselia.png Roselia Sleep Powder EX Dragon RoseliaEXDragon9.jpg
341Corphish.png Corphish Slash EX Dragon CorphishEXDragon53.jpg
374Beldum.png Beldum Tackle EX Hidden Legends BeldumEXHiddenLegends28.jpg
375Metang.png Metang Tackle EX Hidden Legends MetangEXHiddenLegends44.jpg
102Exeggcute.png Exeggcute Psybeam EX FireRed & LeafGreen ExeggcuteEXFireRedLeafGreen33.jpg
100Voltorb.png Voltorb Thundershock EX FireRed & LeafGreen VoltorbEXFireRedLeafGreen85.jpg
202Wobbuffet.png Rocket's Wobbuffet Amnesia EX Team Rocket Returns RocketWobbuffetEXTeamRocketReturns47.jpg
101Electrode.png Electrode Thundershock EX Emerald ElectrodeEXEmerald27.jpg
448Lucario.png Aura's Lucario Focus Energy PCG-P Promotional cards AuraLucarioPCGPromo79.jpg
252Treecko.png Treecko Slash PCG-P Promotional cards TreeckoPCGPromo37.jpg
246Larvitar.png Larvitar Tackle EX Unseen Forces LarvitarEXUnseenForces61.jpg
247Pupitar.png Pupitar Rock Throw EX Unseen Forces PupitarEXUnseenForces70.jpg
100Voltorb.png Holon's Voltorb Thundershock EX Delta Species HolonVoltorbEXDeltaSpecies71.jpg
092Gastly.png Gastly Smog EX Legend Maker GastlyEXLegendMaker52.jpg
345Lileep.png Lileep δ Mud Shot EX Holon Phantoms LileepEXHolonPhantoms68.jpg
139Omastar.png Omastar δ Bind EX Holon Phantoms OmastarEXHolonPhantoms13.jpg
339Barboach.png Barboach Flail EX Holon Phantoms BarboachEXHolonPhantoms60.jpg
302Sableye.png Sableye Disable EX Crystal Guardians SableyeEXCrystalGuardians10.jpg
151Mew.png Mew Psyshock POP Series 4 Mew4POPSeries4.jpg
025Pikachu.png Pikachu Spark POP Series 4 Pikachu13POPSeries4.jpg
272Ludicolo.png Ludicolo δ Knock Off EX Crystal Guardians LudicoloEXCrystalGuardians6.jpg
025Pikachu.png Pikachu Spark POP Series 6 Pikachu9POPSeries6.jpg
055Golduck.png Golduck Encore Secret Wonders GolduckSecretWonders28.jpg
352Kecleon.png Kecleon Camouflage Secret Wonders KecleonSecretWonders52.jpg
427Buneary.png Buneary Double Kick Legends Awakened BunearyLegendsAwakened86.jpg
403Shinx.png Shinx Double Kick Legends Awakened ShinxLegendsAwakened118.jpg
485Heatran.png Heatran Body Slam POP Series 8 018003 P HIDORAN.jpg
093Haunter.png Haunter Smog Stormfront HaunterStormfront40.jpg
100Voltorb.png Voltorb Thundershock Stormfront 019117 P BIRIRIDAMASHOKUCHIGAI.jpg
486Regigigas.png Regigigas Body Slam POP Series 9 Regigigas4POPSeries9.png
273Seedot.png Seedot Astonish Rising Rivals 022071 P TANEBO.jpg
443Gible.png Gible Bite Supreme Victors GibleSupremeVictors106.jpg
449Hippopotas.png Hippopotas Mud Shot Supreme Victors HippopotasSupremeVictors61.jpg
252Treecko.png Treecko Slash Arceus 024003 P KIMORI.jpg
026Raichu.png Raichu Spark Undaunted RaichuUndaunted33.jpg
282Gardevoir.png Gardevoir Psybeam Legendary Treasures GardevoirLegendaryTreasuresRC10.jpg
393Piplup.png Piplup Charm Legendary Treasures PiplupLegendaryTreasuresRC6.jpg

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