Bulbasaur (DPt-P Promo 30)

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TCG Card Back Japanese.jpg This article is about a Pokémon Trading Card Game card which has not yet been officially released in English. As such, this article may contain translated Japanese terms instead of English terms.

Bulbasaur LV.12
フシギダネ Fushigidane
023401 P FUSHIGIDANE.jpg
Illus. Yuka Morii
Evolution stage Basic Pokémon
Card name Bulbasaur
Type Grass
HP 50
retreat cost
Japanese expansion DPt-P Promotional cards
Japanese card no. 030/DPt-P
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur (Japanese: フシギダネ Fushigidane) is a Grass-type Basic Pokémon card. It is one of the DPt-P Promotional cards.

Card text

Grass Present
Flip a coin. If heads, search your deck for any 1 card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.
GrassColorlessColorless Razor Leaf

Pokédex data

Bulbasaur - Seed Pokémon
No. Height Weight
001 2'04" (0.7 m) 15.2 lbs. (6.9 kg)

Release Information

This card was the last of four cards released as part of the Pokémon 10th Anniversary celebrations during 2008-2009, the others being DP-P Promo Pikachu and Charmander and DPt-P Promo Squirtle. Those who shopped at the Pokémon Center from April 4, 2009 until April 17, 2009 received this card until supplies ran out. In addition to the promotional card, patrons who brought any two of the promotional cards handed out for the Pokémon 10th Anniversary celebrations received a commemorative Silver Charmander coin.



Present and Razor Leaf are both moves in the Pokémon games. Bulbasaur can learn Razor Leaf, but not Present.

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