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DP085 : Fighting Fear with Fear!
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
DP087 : The Psyduck Stops Here!
Arriving in Style!
DP086   EP552
Yosuga Collection! The Road to Becoming a Pokémon Stylist!!
First broadcast
Japan July 10, 2008
United States December 20, 2008
English themes
Opening We Will Be Heroes
Japanese themes
Opening Together (2008)
Ending 風のメッセージ
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
Additional credits

Arriving in Style! (Japanese: ヨスガコレクション!ポケモンスタイリストへの道!! Yosuga Collection! The Road to Becoming a Pokémon Stylist!!) is the 86th episode of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, and the 552nd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on July 10, 2008 and in the United States on December 20, 2008.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


Ash and his friends have returned to Hearthome City for Ash's Gym Battle, but Gym Leader Fantina is still out of town. Instead, Pokémon Stylist Paris invites Dawn and Ash to enter the Hearthome Collection fashion show, where people and Pokémon show off their best looks. The winner will be part of a Pokémon Chic Campaign photo shoot! Jessie decides to enter with James as her personal designer. Whoever enters, they'll be up against Lady Cocoa, a famous celebrity and fashion muse!

Brock has no trouble whipping up outfits for Ash and Pikachu, but Dawn can't figure out what to make for herself and Buneary. Then she remembers Hermione, a strange woman she met earlier, and realizes that Hermione's comments are the key. Inspired, Dawn gets back to work...

The next day, Mayor Enta introduces the Hearthome Collection and its judges, Paris and Hermione. As it turns out, Hermione is Pokémon Chic's editor-in-chief and a formidable judge; she's not entirely pleased by Ash and Pikachu's funny fashion idea. Jessie and Wobbuffet are no better; Jessie decided to add extra color to James' fine designs, and Brock ends up consoling a brokenhearted James. Then it's Cocoa and her Mismagius, showing off a dazzling dress that stuns the crowd, followed by Dawn and Buneary in simple snow-themed outfits. The finalists are Ash, Cocoa, and Dawn!

Jessie is outraged at the results so she crashes the finals with the rest of Team Rocket in tow. Paris's Lopunny teams up with Dawn's Buneary to put Jessie's fashion dreams on ice for good, and the Collection can continue. Ash wins an award for being unique, Cocoa wins the Accessory Award, and Dawn is the grand winner because she remembered to show off her Buneary, not her dress.

However, she turns down the Pokémon Chic campaign in order to focus on her Coordinator training--the Celestic Town Contest is her next destination!


Ash and his friends return to Hearthome City for Ash's Gym battle, only to learn that the Hearthome Gym Leader is still away. A limousine pulls up, and a woman and her Lopunny step out after recognizing Ash as the winner of the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition. Dawn immediately recognizes her as Paris, a famous Pokémon Stylist. Brock begins to flirt with Paris telling her that he was at the Tag Battle Contest too, but she doesn't appear to know it, much to his disappointment. Upon seeing Dawn's Buneary and Ash's Pikachu, Paris suggests they enter the Hearthome Collection, a famous fashion show for Pokémon Stylists, for the experience. Jessie is also excited by the prospect, and James's designer eye she hopes to win the competition.

While, Ash and Dawn register at the local Pokémon Center, a tall, blonde woman causes quite a stir. Another Hearthome Collection hopeful informs Dawn that the woman is Cocoa, a famous celebrity who adores boutique fashion. Buneary approaches Cocoa, only to be scolded at for coming near her. Dawn feels hurt and confused by the ladies coldness. A fellow designer, Hermione, remarks that PokéStylists and Pokémon Coordinators are all the same before walking off.

That night, Brock finishes making Ash's outfit while Dawn struggles to settle on an idea for the competition. Dawn remembers Hermione’s earlier criticism followed by the advice Zoey gave to her after the Solaceon Contest; that Pokémon Contests are not about the Trainer, it's the Pokémon that everybody is going to be looking at. Dawn gets inspiration and begins to design an outfit.

The next day, Haerthome City Mayor Enta welcomes the crowd and PokéStylists to the Hearthome Collection event. Judging the show will be Paris and Hermione, Poké Chic's editor-in-chief and Paris's teacher. As the competition gets underway, Hermione is displeased and blames Paris for popularising Pokémon Fashion for the bedazzled and garish entries so far. Entry 18, Ash and Pikachu enter the stage wearing matching colored wigs and striped loincloths. Pikachu springs onto stage to play a drum with his Iron Tail and amazing the crowd with a shower of Thunderbolt. The judges praise Ash's originality and creativity. Jessie, disguised as Jessilina, and Wobbuffet are next. However Jessie's bright and makeup heavy additions to James’s carefully crafted look for Wobbuffet don’t go over well with the judges. Brock praises James for his accessory designs, much to James's joy. Cocoa goes with her Mismagius next. Mismagius floats out onto the stage, its dress unraveling around it while its Psywave adds a technicolor effect, creating a beautiful sight. Number 21 and last of all is Dawn. Dawn and Buneary are both dressed in beautiful but simple white dresses and matching necklaces. Buneary performs tricks with Ice Beam for a delightful performance and is given much praise.

The final three are announced as Ash, Dawn and Cocoa. They are told there are going to be three awards, one for the overall winner, one for best costume and one for most originality. Just then, Team Rocket attacks since Jessie has lost, hoping to steal the Pokémon. Paris's Lopunny uses Hidden Power to cause Team Rocket's mecha to malfunction. Then Lopunny and Buneary launch a combined Bounce attack which destroys the mecha and send Team Rocket blasting off. Enta resumes the awards ceremony, presenting Ash and Pikachu with the most originality prize. Dawn is announced as the winner of the Hearthome Collection for her performance. Cocoa protests and demands that she should have won, but Hermione explains she will only receive the accessory award as it was the feature that stood out most. Paris and Hermione commend Dawn for her simple performance that helped show off Buneary’s personality. After Dawn and Buneary pose with their tiaras, Hermione asks if they can begin their Poké Chic collection immediately. Dawn replies that she is a Coordinator at heart and still has plenty of work ahead of her. At that, Hermione wishes her all the best.

Major events

Dawn and Buneary after winning
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Pokémon debuts





Ash and Pikachu's outfits


  • After Buneary touched Cocoa's dress, her feet are brown.
  • When Jessie, disguised as Jessilina, was walking, she was still wearing her green earrings, while in the next scenes, they are nowhere to be seen.
  • After Cocoa was shocked that she lost, her crown fell off her head. However, in the next scene, it is still on her head. It is possible that Cocoa simply put the crown back on her head.
  • While Lopunny goes to attack Team Rocket for the first time, Buneary's voice is heard.
  • When Paris first arrived and talked with Ash, part of Ash's hair was missing.
  • When Mayor Enta is introducing the second judge, his earpiece disappears for a brief moment.

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DP085 : Fighting Fear with Fear!
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
DP087 : The Psyduck Stops Here!
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