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ルトガー Rutger
Art from PBR
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Hometown Pokétopia
Region Unknown
Trainer class Colosseum Master
Generation IV
Games Battle Revolution

Colosseum Master Kruger (Japanese: コロシアムマスター ルトガー Colosseum Master Rutger) is the ninth Colosseum leader in Pokémon Battle Revolution, and the third and final Colosseum Master. He is the head of Courtyard Colosseum. His rose corsage, an item found on his suit, can be won in Neon Colosseum. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Master Senior (Japanese: マスターシニア Master Senior).

After the player beats Pokémon Battle Revolution, Courtyard Colosseum turns into a 100-Trainer challenge called Survival Battle. Kruger is the 100th and final opponent; he also appears every ten battles other than his final appearance. Every time he appears the number of Pokémon each Trainer has increases by one, until each Trainer has four Pokémon. In these battles, his Trainer class becomes Survival King (Japanese: サバイバルキング Survival King).


Courtyard Colosseum

Lv. 30 Open

After defeating Kruger for the first time, he can be rebattled in the Courtyard Colosseum before beating the Stargazer Colosseum. The 6 Pokémon in his team are predominantly Dark and Ghost types. He always summons a Dark-type Pokémon first and always summons a Ghost-type Pokémon last.

Stargazer Colosseum

Masters Battle Set 3

Kruger always leads with Ambipom and Drapion.

Masters Battle Set 7

Kruger always sends out Azelf first.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルトガー Rutger
English, French Kruger Similar to Japanese name
German Patrizio
Italian Ercole
Spanish Sebastián

Pokétopia Colosseum Masters and Leaders
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