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ビジネスパートナー Business Partners
VS model from Sword and Shield
Other names
Introduced in Generation VIII
Appears in Sword and Shield
Gender Both
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Colleagues (Japanese: ビジネスパートナー Business Partners) is a pair of Pokémon Trainers introduced in Generation VIII. They consist of one male and one female Office Worker who challenge the player to a Double Battle. They will not battle the player if the player only has one Pokémon in their party.



VS model from
Sword and Shield

Trainer list

Pokémon Sword and Shield

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 商務夥伴 Sēungmouh Fóbuhn
Mandarin 商務夥伴 / 商务伙伴 Shāngwù Huǒbàn
France Flag.png French Collègues de Bureau
Germany Flag.png German Geschäftspartner
Italy Flag.png Italian Soci in affari
South Korea Flag.png Korean 비즈니스 파트너 Bijeuniseu Pateuneo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Colegas de Oficina

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