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This article is about the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet character. For other uses, see Crispin (disambiguation).
アカマツ Akamatsu
Scarlet Violet Crispin.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet DLC
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Black/Yellow
Hair color Red/Orange
Hometown Virbank City[1]
Region Unova
Relatives Unnamed parents[2]
Trainer class BB League Elite Four
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Member of BB League
Rank Elite Four
Specializes in Fire types

Crispin (Japanese: アカマツ Akamatsu) is a character introduced in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. He is a first-year student attending Blueberry Academy and a member of the BB League Elite Four. He uses Fire-type Pokémon.

In the core series games

Crispin enjoys cooking as well as battling and often cooks for the other members of the Elite Four after they finish their club activities. His parents run a restaurant that he plans to take over once he finishes school.[2] He appears to have a crush on Lacey[3][4] and is ranked as the lowest Elite Four member in Blueberry Academy, situated at Savanna Plaza.

Crispin is first met at the Blueberry Academy Cafeteria, where he votes in favor of the player getting to enter the BB League. His Elite Trial consists of the player having to create a super spicy sandwich from ingredients gathered from League Club members. After the trial has been cleared, Crispin can be battled. He rewards the player with TM207 (Temper Flare) upon being beaten.

When Kieran is dethroned by the player as the BB League Champion and seemingly demoted to being the highest-ranked Elite Four member, Crispin is alarmed when told that he could lose his own Elite Four position as a result of that shift, being its lowest-ranked member, though Kieran later withdrawing from the League altogether and Lacey temporarily freezing the current BB League ranks saves him from this fate.

After the player has caught Terapagos, Crispin can occasionally be found in the League Club Room, where he offers to rematch the player once a day.


Crispin keeps his Pokémon in Quick Balls. He will always send out Blaziken last and Terastallize it at the first opportunity.

Traded to the player

Upon the third unique interaction with Crispin in the League Club Room, he will trade a Magby to the player in exchange for almost any Pokémon excluding Shiny, Legendary, or Mythical Pokémon.

#0240  Magby Male icon HOME.png  Paldea icon.png
Quick Ball HOME.png Level 12 0240Magby.png
FireIC SV.png UnknownIC SV.png
Tera Type: FireIC Tera.png
Ability: Vital Spirit
Held item: None
ID: 418071
OT: Crispin
Met: a Link Trade
Nature: Docile
/ Marks:
Partner Ribbon 
Focus Punch
Fighting icon.pngFighting PhysicalIC SV.png
Fire icon.pngFire SpecialIC SV.png
Normal icon.pngNormal StatusIC SV.png
Clear Smog
Poison icon.pngPoison SpecialIC SV.png
Games Method Duration
SV In-game trade
This Pokémon has a fixed Scale value of 128.
This Pokémon may only be redeemed once per save file.
Date received is the date on the system when the gift is redeemed.
This Pokémon is set to the same language as the game that received it.



Scarlet Violet Crispin.png The Indigo Disk key art.png
The Indigo Disk In The Indigo Disk key art

Game assets

Generation IX
 S  V 


Main article: Crispin/Quotes


Games Location Song name(Japanese) Song name(English Translation) Composition Arrangement
 S  V  In cutscenes with the BB Elite Four 学園の日常 Daily Life at the Academy Minako Adachi
Hitomi Satō
Hitomi Satō
When clearing Crispin's
Elite Trial
四天王チャレンジ・クリア! You Completed the Elite Trial! Hitomi Satō Hitomi Satō
When battling Crispin 戦闘!ブルベリーグ四天王 Battle! (BB League Elite Four) Minako Adachi Minako Adachi
When defeating Crispin ブリベリーグ四天王に勝利! Victory! (BB League Elite Four) Minako Adachi Minako Adachi


  • Crispin notices if the player does not put bread on top of their sandwich during his Elite Four trial and says, "I'm a bit surprised you didn't put bread on top, though. Is that a Paldean thing...?"
    • This may be a reference to the fact that players commonly move the top bread out of the way to intentionally miss the sandwich, because placing it in the center adds no value to Meal Powers, but carries the risk of knocking other ingredients off.
  • As the lowest ranking member, all of Crispin's Pokémon are one level lower than the rest of the BB League Elite Four's.
  • If the player chooses Fuecoco as their first partner Pokémon, Crispin is the only NPC Trainer in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet who Terastallizes their Pokémon into the Fire type.
  • Crispin is the only BB League Elite Four member whose strongest Pokémon is not a Steel-type.
  • Crispin is in the same class as Kieran, as mentioned by Carmine in their League Club conversation.[5]


Language Name Origin
Japanese アカマツ Akamatsu From 赤松 akamatsu (Japanese red pine)
English Crispin From pine and crispy
German Matt From 松 matsu (Japanese for pine)
Spanish Denis From Pinus densiflora (scientific name of Japanese red pine)
French Rubépin From ruber (Latin for red) and pin (pine)
Italian Piros From pino rosso (red pine)
Korean 하솔 Hasol From 솔 sol (pine)
Chinese (Mandarin) 赤松 Chìsōng From 赤松 chìsōng / chikchùhng (Japanese red pine)
Chinese (Cantonese) 赤松 Chikchùhng


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BB League
of the BB League Elite Four
of the BB League Elite Four
of the BB League Elite Four
of the BB League Elite Four
VSKieran 3.png
BB League Champion

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