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If you were looking for the real-life food product, see Pokémon food products.
Spicy Sausage Curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Curry on rice (Japanese: カレーライス curry rice), or simply curry, is a food item consisting of curry and rice popular in the Galar region. It has also appeared many times in other regions in the anime and manga.

In the games

The Curry Dex


In Pokémon Sword and Shield, curries can be prepared in the player's Pokémon Camp, which can be accessed from the menu. Curry can be cooked by up to four players in a mini-game, similarly to Pokéblocks and Poffins in the Generation III and IV games, respectively. Cooking with other players will increase the amount of Experience Points earned.

Cooking curry consists of three stages: "Fan the Flames!", "Give It a Good Stirring!", and "Put Your Heart into It!"

On the player's birthday, a birthday candle will be placed in the player's portion of the curry.

Fan the Flames!

Using the A Button or by waving the Joy-Con up and down, the player can fan the fire. The fire will be too small if the player does not fan enough, but if they fan too much, the flame will get too big and burn the curry. Sparkles appear when the player is fanning correctly.

Give It a Good Stirring!

Using the Left or Right Control Stick or by waving the Joy-Con in a circle, the player can stir the pot. If the player stirs too slowly, it will burn, but if the player stirs too quickly, it will spill. Sparkles appear when the player is stirring correctly.

Put Your Heart into It!

Using the A Button or by waving the Joy-Con in a throwing motion, the player can throw a heart-ball into the curry. The curry will be better if this is timed so that the heart-ball lands in the circle when the yellow ring overlaps with the innermost green circle. If the player is cooking with three others, and all four manage to hit the inner green circle, a cutscene will play in which all four hearts combine into a larger heart, causing a geyser to erupt from the pot.


Curry uses two ingredients: Berries and a key ingredient.

Each player can contribute up to 10 Berries, but must contribute at least one. The amount of friendship and experience the curry provides depends on the rarity of the key Ingredient and Berries used, and how many Berries were used.[1] Friendship gained is "half of the total berry rarity, rounded up to the nearest whole number", while experience gained is "6 x Ingredient Rarity + Total Berry Rarity". (This caps out at 50, with a multiplier applied based on the Pokémon's current level, and the Taste Rating.)

The player may also add a key ingredient, although this is optional. Key ingredients are exclusively used to make curry and can be collected in the Wild Area. They are stored in the Ingredients Pocket of the Bag. Only one key ingredient can be used per curry; when cooking with other players, the host chooses the key ingredient. The key ingredient determines the type of curry created.

Rarity Berries Ingredients
1 Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Leppa, Oran, Persim Bread, Pasta, Fried Food, Instant Noodles, Precooked Burger
2 Lum, Sitrus, Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, Iapapa Sausages, Tin of Beans, Mixed Mushrooms, Pack of Potatoes, Salad Mix, Spice Mix
3 Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, Tamato Bob's Food Tin, Bach's Food Tin, Brittle Bones, Pungent Root, Fresh Cream, Packaged Curry, Coconut Milk
4 Smoke-Poke Tail, Large Leek, Fancy Apple, Boiled Egg, Fruit Bunch, Moomoo Cheese
5 Occa, Passho, Wacan, Rindo, Yache, Chople, Kebia, Shuca, Coba, Payapa, Tanga, Charti, Kasib, Haban, Colbur, Babiri, Chilan, Roseli
10 Liechi, Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, Apicot, Kee, Maranga Gigantamix
15 Lansat
20 Enigma, Micle, Custap, Jaboca, Rowap
30 Starf

Taste rating

Depending on the curry's taste rating, the curry will restore a Pokémon's HP, PP, or status conditions; give a Pokémon experience; and increase its sociability by different amounts.[2] Cooking and eating curry will also restore a Pokémon's playfulness. The taste rating does not affect friendship. Different grades also have different chances of causing a Pokémon to appear in the camp, and ask to join your party.[3]

Image Taste Rating Effect
Curry Taste Rating Koffing Class.png Koffing Class
  • Very small amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores 1/4 of HP
  • Increases sociability by 5 points
  • 1% chance of spawning a wild Pokémon
Curry Taste Rating Wobbuffet Class.png Wobbuffet Class
  • Small amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores 1/2 of HP
  • Increases sociability by 7 points
  • 5% chance of spawning a wild Pokémon
Curry Taste Rating Milcery Class.png Milcery Class
  • Medium amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores HP fully and heals status conditions
  • Increases sociability by 10 points
  • 15% chance of spawning a wild Pokémon
Curry Taste Rating Copperajah Class.png Copperajah Class
  • Large amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores HP and PP fully and heals status conditions
  • Increases sociability by 15 points
  • 20% chance of spawning a wild Pokémon
Curry Taste Rating Charizard Class.png Charizard Class
  • Very large amount of Exp. Points
  • Restores HP and PP fully and heals status conditions
  • Increases sociability by 20 points
  • 25% chance of spawning a wild Pokémon

Joining Pokémon

Example of a Shiny Cramorant that has joined a player's Camp after cooking curry.
Example of a Shiny Applin that has joined a player's Camp, and been called to approach the player, triggering the Shiny sparkle effect.

If curry is cooked in any area that has land wild encounters in mainland Galar except the Wild Area, there is a chance that a wild Pokémon may appear and request to join the player, provided that they have at least one Poké Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball in their Bag. This Pokémon directly joins the player without a battle. Pokémon cannot be encountered this way in the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, or Crown Tundra.

These Pokémon are drawn from the area's hidden encounter pool for the current weather. Some areas (such as caves) internally have a hidden encounter table despite hidden encounters not appearing in the area. Pokémon that join this way always have the Curry Connoisseur Mark.

If the player accepts the Pokémon's request to join, the Pokémon will automatically enter one of three Poké Balls in the player's Bag: Poké Ball, Great Ball (if the player has no Poké Balls), or Ultra Ball (if the player has no Poké or Great Balls).

Pokémon that would usually appear less often from hidden encounters are actually more likely to appear when making Curry.[4] Each Pokémon has a different weight applied that alters its appearance rate from the original encounter table, resulting in a modified encounter table for each area.

Unlike Shiny Pokémon already owned by the player, Shiny Joining Pokémon will briefly show the sparkle effect when they approach the player, similar to the effect shown had they been encountered in the wild, or hatched from an Egg.

Item gifts

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Check whether Bob's Food Tin and Bach's Food Tin are available in both Sword and Shield

After cooking curry, one of the Pokémon in the Pokémon Camp may give the player an item. The player's Pokémon may give the player an item if their friendship is at level 1 or higher; other Trainer's Pokémon may give the player an item if they have high sociability.

The item gift is selected from the pool of possible items at random. Alternatively, instead of one of the below items, a Pokémon may gift the player a Berry from the area.

Item Location Games
Tiny Mushroom Tiny Mushroom Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Big Mushroom Big Mushroom Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Honey Honey Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Balm Mushroom Balm Mushroom Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Luminous Moss Luminous Moss Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Snowball Snowball Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Sausages Sausages Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Bob's Food Tin Bob's Food Tin Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Bach's Food Tin Bach's Food Tin Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Tin of Beans Tin of Beans Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Bread Bread Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Pasta Pasta Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Mixed Mushrooms Mixed Mushrooms Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Smoke-Poke Tail Smoke-Poke Tail Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Large Leek Large Leek Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Fancy Apple Fancy Apple Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Brittle Bones Brittle Bones Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Pack of Potatoes Pack of Potatoes Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Pungent Root Pungent Root Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Salad Mix Salad Mix Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Fried Food Fried Food Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Boiled Egg Boiled Egg Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Fruit Bunch Fruit Bunch Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Moomoo Cheese Moomoo Cheese Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Spice Mix Spice Mix Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Fresh Cream Fresh Cream Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Packaged Curry Packaged Curry Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Coconut Milk Coconut Milk Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Instant Noodles Instant Noodles Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 
Precooked Burger Precooked Burger Can be received as a gift after cooking curry  Sw  Sh 

Curry types

There are 151 kinds of curries, which are cataloged in the Curry Dex (Japanese: カレー図鑑 illustrated curry encyclopedia). It records the player's best taste rating for a given kind of curry, the key ingredient, as well as the location, date, and Pokémon it was first cooked with. Depending on the Pokémon, the size of its portion will vary. The descriptions written in it are done by a character that, according to Shigeru Ohmori, looks like Ken Sugimori.[5]

The number of unique curries cooked will be displayed in the Curry Dex, as well as on the back of the player's League Card. If the player successfully cooks all 151 variations of Curry, speaking to the Camping King in East Lake Axewell outside of Motostoke will allow the player to swap out their cooking utensils for golden versions.

No. Kind Player Pokémon Key Ingredient Curry Description
001 Curry Curry P.png Curry S.pngCurry M.pngCurry L.png None The aroma of the Galar masala tickles the nose in this extremely simple, basic curry.
002 Spicy Curry The aroma of the Galar masala brings out the simple spiciness in this extremely basic curry.
003 Dry Curry The aroma of the Galar masala makes the strong dryness prominent in this basic curry that many can enjoy.
004 Sweet Curry The aroma of the Galar masala is accented by the strong sweetness. A curry that anyone can enjoy.
005 Bitter Curry The aroma of the Galar masala greatly brings out the bitterness in this extremely simple curry.
006 Sour Curry The aroma of the Galar masala mellows out the acidity in this truly simple curry.
007 Sausage Curry Sausage Curry P.png Sausage Curry S.pngSausage Curry M.pngSausage Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Sausages Sprite.png
The taste of the boiled sausage really comes out in this curry thanks to the simple seasoning.
008 Spicy Sausage Curry The spicy seasoning of the curry roux really brings out the umami of the sausage.
009 Dry Sausage Curry The oil from the sausage softens the dry taste of the curry roux. It's quite easy for anyone to eat.
010 Sweet Sausage Curry The sausage's umami and the sweet curry roux come together in a perfect match in this refined dish.
011 Bitter Sausage Curry The texture of the sausage and the bitter curry roux make for a good match. This is a curry that adults often enjoy.
012 Sour Sausage Curry The striking acidic taste of the curry roux and the rich umami of the sausage really stimulate the appetite.
013 Juicy Curry Juicy Curry P.png Juicy Curry S.pngJuicy Curry M.pngJuicy Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Bob's Food Tin Sprite.png
Bob's Food Tin
The contents of Bob's tin bring with them an unexpected volume and richness that one can really enjoy in this curry.
014 Spicy Juicy Curry A meeting of the spicy seasoning and the effective punch of the tinned foods have united to create a miracle.
015 Dry Juicy Curry A happy harmony between the dry flavor and oil. Men and women of any age can enjoy the safe and stable flavor.
016 Sweet Juicy Curry It seems like a mismatch, but the combination is both rich and smooth, creating something beyond compare.
017 Bitter Juicy Curry Within the rich wave of oil, the bitter notes of the curry roux are faint, but they provide an undeniable presence.
018 Sour Juicy Curry The acidic taste suppresses the peculiar flavor of the ingredients, successfully only drawing out the umami.
019 Rich Curry Rich Curry P.png Rich Curry S.pngRich Curry M.pngRich Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Bach's Food Tin Sprite.png
Bach's Food Tin
A precious curry made using Bach's Food Tin, which are said to have never even left the top shelf.
020 Spicy Rich Curry The strong umami in the tinned foods and the spicy seasoning in the curry roux are spoken of as an incredible combination.
021 Dry Rich Curry The curry roux's refreshing dry flavor brings out the rich taste of the tinned foods all the more in this curry.
022 Sweet Rich Curry With strong sweetness and profound richness, this is a dish that anyone who considers themselves a curry connoisseur should eat.
023 Bitter Rich Curry The umami is so strong it practically numbs the tongue. The bitter flavoring strongly brings out the taste of the ingredients.
024 Sour Rich Curry The acidic seasoning of the curry roux coats the tinned foods to create something you could eat again and again, and yet never tire of.
025 Bean Medley Curry Bean Medley Curry P.png Bean Medley Curry S.pngBean Medley Curry M.pngBean Medley Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Tin of Beans Sprite.png
Tin of Beans
The by-the-book curry roux and the properly boiled beans together create a rather simple taste.
026 Spicy Bean Medley Curry The curry roux's strongly spicy taste and the natural sweetness of the beans create an enjoyable contrast.
027 Dry Bean Medley Curry A dry tasting curry roux and the light umami of the beans form a simple taste, but it's one you won't get tired of eating.
028 Sweet Bean Medley Curry This curry has a sweet flavor, but this sweetness is mellowed by the simple taste of the added beans to create a flavor with some depth.
029 Bitter Bean Medley Curry The bitterness of the curry roux neutralizes the taste of the beans. Even those who hate beans can enjoy this dish.
030 Sour Bean Medley Curry The pleasant texture of the beans and the acidic curry roux play off each other in delightful harmony.
031 Toast Curry Toast Curry P.png Toast Curry S.pngToast Curry M.pngToast Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Bread Sprite.png
Even if you don't like the idea of eating two kinds of carbs, they're quite filling. It's an extremely amateurish meal.
032 Spicy Toast Curry Surprisingly, the haphazard placement of the toast and the spicy curry roux make for a dish with a crunch that just won't quit.
033 Dry Toast Curry Tear up the toast first, then mix it in with the curry roux to make the bitter flavor more mild and easier to eat.
034 Sweet Toast Curry Put the sweet curry roux on the savory toast like jam, then enjoy a taste that's curiously delicious.
035 Bitter Toast Curry A dish where the flavor of the well-browned and roasted toast makes for a mysterious match with the bitter curry roux.
036 Sour Toast Curry The fluffy texture of the toast paired with the acidic seasoning of the curry roux gives it a certain profoundness.
037 Pasta Curry Pasta Curry P.png Pasta Curry S.pngPasta Curry M.pngPasta Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Pasta Sprite.png
A dish where one can enjoy curry with rice and curry with pasta all at the same time. Best to eat it when you're feeling really hungry.
038 Spicy Pasta Curry It's recommended that you mix up the dish before eating it to get the most out of the spicy flavor.
039 Dry Pasta Curry Even a dry taste matches well with the pasta. Enjoy both carbs—the rice and the pasta.
040 Sweet Pasta Curry It has a great taste despite how it looks. The even, sweet curry goes well with both the rice and the pasta.
041 Bitter Pasta Curry The spices, with their strong bitter notes, are rich enough that you really want the pasta as well to help balance them out.
042 Sour Pasta Curry Recommended for when you really want to eat some pasta, too. The strong, acidic curry roux keeps you eating to the last bite.
043 Mushroom Medley Curry Mushroom Medley Curry P.png Mushroom Medley Curry S.pngMushroom Medley Curry M.pngMushroom Medley Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Mixed Mushrooms Sprite.png
Mixed Mushrooms
The umami of the various mushrooms seeps into the sauce, creating a dish that's a step above most others.
044 Spicy Mushroom Medley Curry The trick to bringing out the umami of the mushrooms is to make the spicy curry roux as striking as you can.
045 Dry Mushroom Medley Curry The combined flavors of the various mushrooms helps to make the dry flavor of the curry roux more mild.
046 Sweet Mushroom Medley Curry The crisp mushrooms, clad in sweet curry roux, make for a pleasant texture.
047 Bitter Mushroom Medley Curry The inclusion of the mushrooms makes the bitter taste of this one-of-a-kind curry into an even- stronger sensation.
048 Sour Mushroom Medley Curry The rich mushrooms and acidic flavor of the curry roux are a complex sensation, but create an umami aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.
049 Smoked-Tail Curry Smoked-Tail Curry P.png Smoked-Tail Curry S.pngSmoked-Tail Curry M.pngSmoked-Tail Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Smoke-Poke Tail Sprite.png
Smoke-Poke Tail
A classic dish for any cook. The tail's umami puts the curry roux in a rank above.
050 Spicy Smoked-Tail Curry The sharp bite of the spicy curry roux helps with the overpowering heaviness of the tail, making it easier to eat.
051 Dry Smoked-Tail Curry A happy union between the juicy tail and the dry curry roux. It's a first-rate dish.
052 Sweet Smoked-Tail Curry The prominent sweet seasoning matches well with the fragrance of the tail. The aroma is a dish all on its own.
053 Bitter Smoked-Tail Curry The fat dripping from the tail makes the bitter curry roux milder. It's a dish with a profound taste.
054 Sour Smoked-Tail Curry The acidity of the curry roux helps to balance the tail's unique flavor. Truly a dish that's quite easy to enjoy.
055 Leek Curry Leek Curry P.png Leek Curry S.pngLeek Curry M.pngLeek Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Large Leek Sprite.png
Large Leek
Its charm is in its overwhelming volume. The basic seasoning does little to dull the flavor of the leek.
056 Spicy Leek Curry The fruit-like sweetness of the savory grilled leek creates an exquisite balance with the spicy curry roux.
057 Dry Leek Curry The juices of the leek have permeated the curry roux, lending its dry flavor even greater depths.
058 Sweet Leek Curry The leek is the main feature of this curry. The sweetness of the curry roux does little more than bring out the umami of the leek.
059 Bitter Leek Curry The fresh sweetness of the leek makes the curry roux's bitter flavor all the more vivid.
060 Sour Leek Curry The striking sweetness of the leek amid the strongly acidic bite of the sauce makes this a truly invigorating dish.
061 Apple Curry Apple Curry P.png Apple Curry S.pngApple Curry M.pngApple Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Fancy Apple Sprite.png
Fancy Apple
A class of curry that is most assuredly sweet. It's not for everyone, but it's quite addictive for those who like it.
062 Spicy Apple Curry The sweet apple and the spicy seasoning of the curry roux create an unexpectedly enjoyable harmony in this dish.
063 Dry Apple Curry The sweet and sour taste of the apple take the edge off the dry curry roux to make this a dish that's extraordinarily easy for anyone to eat.
064 Sweet Apple Curry The meeting of sweet curry roux and sweet apple. The sweetness strikes the tongue and heart so profoundly, it leaves you feeling almost numb.
065 Bitter Apple Curry From within the bitter seasoning, a faint reverberating sweetness that seeped from the apple remains.
066 Sour Apple Curry The sourness of the apple accentuates the acidic bite of the curry roux to create a bracing flavor.
067 Bone Curry Bone Curry P.png Bone Curry S.pngBone Curry M.pngBone Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Brittle Bones Sprite.png
Brittle Bones
The flavors imparted by simmering the bone add depth to the curry roux, yet the flavor remains clean and delicious.
068 Spicy Bone Curry The flavors imparted by simmering the bone really play up the spicy seasoning that's been added to the sauce.
069 Dry Bone Curry The umami and richness from the bone mix into the dry curry roux to form a highly elegant flavor.
070 Sweet Bone Curry The rich flavor extracted from the bone isn't outshone by the sweet curry roux . The aftertaste is exquisite!
071 Bitter Bone Curry The flavor is so savory and rich, it even obscures the bitter notes in the curry roux. This is the power of using such a top-shelf bone as an ingredient.
072 Sour Bone Curry The rich and savory flavor extracted from the bone and the acidic tang flavoring the sauce make this a dish with a pleasing aftertaste.
073 Plenty-of-Potato Curry Plenty-of-Potato Curry P.png Plenty-of-Potato Curry S.pngPlenty-of-Potato Curry M.pngPlenty-of-Potato Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Pack of Potatoes Sprite.png
Pack of Potatoes
This basic and delicious curry is filled with pieces of soft and flaky potato.
074 Spicy Plenty-of-Potato Curry A dish where you can really enjoy the potatoes. You'll never tire of the spiciness, and those who like potatoes won't be able to stop their spoons.
075 Dry Plenty-of-Potato Curry Bite into these potatoes, thickly coated in the dry curry roux. There you'll find a deliciousness that needs no words.
076 Sweet Plenty-of-Potato Curry The simple tastiness of the potatoes brings out the sweet seasoning of the curry roux in this wonderful dish.
077 Bitter Plenty-of-Potato Curry The bitter seasoning of the curry roux and the simple sweetness of potatoes—truly a superior combination.
078 Sour Plenty-of-Potato Curry The potatoes are purposely left unseasoned. Enjoy mixing them in with the acidic seasoning of the curry roux.
079 Herb Medley Curry Herb Medley Curry P.png Herb Medley Curry S.pngHerb Medley Curry M.pngHerb Medley Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Pungent Root Sprite.png
Pungent Root
The spice of the root provides this simple curry roux with a delightful accent—and can clear out your sinuses!
080 Spicy Herb Medley Curry The refreshing spice of the root, the deep spicy heat of the curry roux—this is a must try for those that love spicy food.
081 Dry Herb Medley Curry The flavor of the root makes the somewhat heavy dryness of the curry roux more invigorating. Truly an easy dish for many to enjoy.
082 Sweet Herb Medley Curry The refreshing spiciness and aroma of the root is made all the more enjoyable by the sweet seasoning.
083 Bitter Herb Medley Curry The striking aroma of the root makes for a good pair with the bitter curry roux. A taste that's somewhat more for adults.
084 Sour Herb Medley Curry The peculiar aroma of the curry is irresistible when paired with the sour curry roux. A curry for those who call themselves curry aficionados.
085 Salad Curry Salad Curry P.png Salad Curry S.pngSalad Curry M.pngSalad Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Salad Mix Sprite.png
Salad Mix
The many vegetables give the curry roux a mellow sweetness. This is a very healthy dish.
086 Spicy Salad Curry Adding the spicy flavor has drawn out the umami in the vegetables, bringing about a profound taste.
087 Dry Salad Curry The sweetness and richness of the vegetables softens the dry taste of the curry roux, making this dish actually quite easy for many to eat.
088 Sweet Salad Curry The essence of the vegetables has dissolved into the sweet seasoning of the curry roux, giving it a profound umami.
089 Bitter Salad Curry The distinct, bitter seasonings are accented well by the sweet flavor of the vegetables.
090 Sour Salad Curry The strong acidic taste of the curry roux and the sweet taste of the vegetables make for a harmonious balance in this dish.
091 Fried-Food Curry Fried-Food Curry P.png Fried-Food Curry S.pngFried-Food Curry M.pngFried-Food Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Fried Food Sprite.png
Fried Food
The hearty fried foods and the spicy curry roux make for a good match, though it weighs a bit heavily on the stomach.
092 Spicy Fried-Food Curry The fried foods are covered in a thick crust and soaked in oil. It's enough to overpower even the spicy seasoning.
093 Dry Fried-Food Curry The fried foods are cloaked in a thick layer of oil. Even the dry seasoning has been dulled.
094 Sweet Fried-Food Curry The combination of the oily fried food with a sweet curry roux is... Well, let's just say it's an acquired taste.
095 Bitter Fried-Food Curry There's so much oil from the fried foods that it erases the bitter taste of the curry roux. A dish with a lot of calories.
096 Sour Fried-Food Curry The distinct acidity of the seasonings help mitigate the oiliness of the fried foods, allowing you to finish this dish without getting tired of it.
097 Boiled-Egg Curry Boiled-Egg Curry P.png Boiled-Egg Curry S.pngBoiled-Egg Curry M.pngBoiled-Egg Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Boiled Egg Sprite.png
Boiled Egg
In a word, superb. The spicy curry roux brings out the tastiness of the egg.
098 Spicy Boiled-Egg Curry The spicy taste of the curry roux helps to bring out the abundant umami in the egg. One of the ultimate curries.
099 Dry Boiled-Egg Curry The dry seasoning brings out the sweetness of the egg. It's hard to go wrong with this dish.
100 Sweet Boiled-Egg Curry The sweet taste of the curry roux truly pairs with the richness of the egg. A dish with the power to move one's emotions.
101 Bitter Boiled-Egg Curry A popular dish among gourmands. Breaking the egg and eating it with the curry roux changes the bitter taste to a more rich one.
102 Sour Boiled-Egg Curry The distinct acidic seasoning pairs quite well with the egg whites. So delicious it'll practically make you howl.
103 Tropical Curry Tropical Curry P.png Tropical Curry S.pngTropical Curry M.pngTropical Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Fruit Bunch Sprite.png
Fruit Bunch
With one bite of the fruits and one sip of the spicy curry roux, you'll swear you felt the breeze of a southern tropical island.
104 Spicy Tropical Curry The fruits are sweet and juicy. They give the spicy curry roux a pleasant accent.
105 Dry Tropical Curry The distinct dry seasoning draws out the unique sweetness of the fruits all the more in this curry.
106 Sweet Tropical Curry The sweetness of the fruits seeps completely into the curry roux, making it exceedingly sweet.
107 Bitter Tropical Curry The vivid sweetness of the fruits and the curry roux's bitter taste make an unexpectedly good match.
108 Sour Tropical Curry The peculiar sweetness of the fruits and the strong, acidic seasoning make this a unique curry, one you'll make a habit of eating.
109 Cheese-Covered Curry Cheese-Covered Curry P.png Cheese-Covered Curry S.pngCheese-Covered Curry M.pngCheese-Covered Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Moomoo Cheese Sprite.png
Moomoo Cheese
The melted cheese gives the curry a strong richness. This is a curry that's popular with women.
110 Spicy Cheese-Covered Curry The richness and sweetness of the cheese make the spicy flavor more mild. This is a curry with a good taste.
111 Dry Cheese-Covered Curry Freely cover this dish in cheese. The more there is, the more it brings out the delicious, dry seasoning.
112 Sweet Cheese-Covered Curry The richness of the cheese strongly brings out the sweet taste of the curry roux. This is a curry that's perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.
113 Bitter Cheese-Covered Curry The trick to preparing this dish is to not hold back when adding the cheese. It changes the curry roux's bitter taste to something more profound.
114 Sour Cheese-Covered Curry The acidity of the curry roux and the cheese's sweetness create a distinct taste that's hard to stop eating once you've started.
115 Seasoned Curry Seasoned Curry P.png Seasoned Curry S.pngSeasoned Curry M.pngSeasoned Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Spice Mix Sprite.png
Spice Mix
A strongly seasoned, stimulating, spiced dish. Truly a curry for the curry lover.
116 Spicy Seasoned Curry Over fifty different kinds of spices create a very complex flavor. The spicy heat is quite good.
117 Dry Seasoned Curry Thanks to the potent dry seasoning, the richness and aroma of the spices is quite prominent in this curry.
118 Sweet Seasoned Curry Though this curry has a kick to it, it's still easy to eat. The peculiar flavor of the spices is mitigated by the sweet curry roux.
119 Bitter Seasoned Curry The profound bitterness together with the kick of the spices creates an engrossing flavor.
120 Sour Seasoned Curry The savory aroma of the spices creates a splendid harmony with the distinctly sour-tasting curry roux.
121 Whipped-Cream Curry Whipped-Cream Curry P.png Whipped-Cream Curry S.pngWhipped-Cream Curry M.pngWhipped-Cream Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Fresh Cream Sprite.png
Fresh Cream
Thanks to the cream, this is a curry with quite a mild taste. A dish that even young kids will easily enjoy.
122 Spicy Whipped-Cream Curry A strange accent is created from the pairing of the abundantly sweet cream and the spicy seasoning.
123 Dry Whipped-Cream Curry The cream's richness gives the dry seasoned curry roux a nuanced umami.
124 Sweet Whipped-Cream Curry The addition of the cream has made the sweet curry roux even sweeter. It's practically a dessert now.
125 Bitter Whipped-Cream Curry Mixing in the cream has made the bitter curry roux more mild. An unexpectedly tasty dish.
126 Sour Whipped-Cream Curry The acidic flavor is masked in the tasty sweetness of the cream. This curry has a great balance.
127 Decorative Curry Decorative Curry P.png Decorative Curry S.pngDecorative Curry M.pngDecorative Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Packaged Curry Sprite.png
Packaged Curry
An improper curry that casts aside taste in favor of looking cute. It's ideal for taking pictures to share.
128 Spicy Decorative Curry Despite its cute look, the curry roux is overly spicy. This dish's appearance and taste are at complete odds.
129 Dry Decorative Curry The intense dry taste isn't too pleasing, but the cute decorations are truly captivating. This is a curry for a truly niche audience.
130 Sweet Decorative Curry The curry's cute appearance and the rich, sweet flavor of the curry roux make this dish very popular with young children.
131 Bitter Decorative Curry You wouldn't suspect it from how it looks, but this dish is bitter enough to make water taste sweet by comparison.
132 Sour Decorative Curry In contrast to how it looks, it's got a strange, sour taste. It fills you with a mysterious feeling when you eat it.
133 Coconut Curry Coconut Curry P.png Coconut Curry S.pngCoconut Curry M.pngCoconut Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Coconut Milk Sprite.png
Coconut Milk
The milk's sweetness and richness raise this curry to a stage above most others.
134 Spicy Coconut Curry The spicy curry roux and the sweet milk are a perfect match. An unbelievably superb dish.
135 Dry Coconut Curry The fine sweetness of the milk paired with the dry taste of the curry roux changed to create a magnificent umami.
136 Sweet Coconut Curry It's certainly a sweet curry. However, the sweetness comes from the milk, so you can eat this curry without it being sickening.
137 Bitter Coconut Curry The sweetness and richness of the milk makes the bitter curry roux taste great. The very definition of a witty taste.
138 Sour Coconut Curry A dish quite popular among young folks. The acidic seasoned curry roux pairs excellently with the sweetness of the milk.
139 Instant-Noodle Curry Instant-Noodle Curry P.png Instant-Noodle Curry S.pngInstant-Noodle Curry M.pngInstant-Noodle Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Instant Noodles Sprite.png
Instant Noodles
When the instant noodles and the curry were combined, they became exactly what you'd expect—junk food.
140 Spicy Instant-Noodle Curry A taste preferred by young people. The spicy curry roux and the instant noodles create an unexpectedly good match.
141 Dry Instant-Noodle Curry When the dry tasting curry roux and the instant noodles intermix, they evolve to create a deliciousness that's a rank above.
142 Sweet Instant-Noodle Curry The artificial flavor of the instant noodles actually makes for a pretty good pair with the sweet tasting curry roux.
143 Bitter Instant-Noodle Curry The strong, bitter seasoning helps to transform the taste of the instant noodles into something more genuine.
144 Sour Instant-Noodle Curry The powerful acidic taste of the curry roux makes up for the lackluster instant noodles, making this dish pretty tasty.
145 Burger-Steak Curry Burger-Steak Curry P.png Burger-Steak Curry S.pngBurger-Steak Curry M.pngBurger-Steak Curry L.png Curry Ingredient Precooked Burger Sprite.png
Precooked Burger
Breaking up the burger into the curry, mixing it, and eating it that way creates a supereffective taste.
146 Spicy Burger-Steak Curry The spicy curry roux and the juicy burger form a combination that'll keep your spoon moving.
147 Dry Burger-Steak Curry Though the burger has a lot of oil, the curry roux's dry flavor keeps the dish light and easy for anyone to eat.
148 Sweet Burger-Steak Curry A dish with an acquired taste. The sweet curry roux and burger make for a very strong character.
149 Bitter Burger-Steak Curry The burger's oil and the bitter seasoning make a great pair. It's hard to go wrong with this dish.
150 Sour Burger-Steak Curry The acidic curry roux has a kick to it that really brings out the umami of the burger, making a delicious meal.
151 Gigantamax Curry Gigantamax Curry P.png Gigantamax Curry.png Curry Ingredient Gigantamix Sprite.png
This curry lives up to its Gigantamax name with its overflowing umami taste.

Curry Sizes

Although most Pokémon give a standard size of curry, there are some that give a different sized portion.

Small Curry

# MS Name
Galarian Form

Large Curry

# MS Name

In the anime

A plate of curry in the anime
Curry cooking in the anime

Curry was mentioned in the original Japanese versions of The Punchy Pokémon, Dig Those Diglett!, The Bridge Bike Gang, Showdown at Dark City, The Problem with Paras, Lights, Camera, Quack-tion, and Second Time's the Charm!, as well as the song Polka O Dolka; as with rice balls, these references were removed in the dub.

Prior to Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, curry was mentioned only sparingly in the dub: Jessie mentioned cajun curry powder in the dub of A Sappy Ending, Misty put curry into her Mystery Stew in both versions of Sick Daze, and James mentioned curry in both versions of Camping It Up!.

In Lulled to La-La Land!, Mallow prepared curry for Ash and his classmates when they went camping. In Currying Favor and Flavor!, the group prepared Akala Curry as part of the trial in Lush Jungle. Ash was also seen eating curry at the end of Night of a Thousand Poses!.

Galarian curry debuted in Sobbing Sobble!, where Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon were seen eating various types of curry at the Wyndon Pokémon Center. Some of their curries were also eaten by a camouflaged Sobble.

In Crowning the Chow Crusher!, curry was one of the dishes served during the Pokémon Grand Eating Contest's second round.

In A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!, Ash, Goh, Chloe, Cara Liss, and Bray Zenn cooked curry in the Wild Area while waiting for their Fossils to be restored. Bray Zenn took the whipped cream Chloe was making while she wasn't looking and used it as a "secret ingredient" to make Whipped-Cream Curry.

In How Are You Gonna Keep 'Em Off of the Farm?, Laxton made Ash, Goh, and Chloe curry from the carrots they had picked up at his farm.

In An Evolution in Taste!, curry made from Galarica nut seeds appeared as a Galarian Slowking's favorite dish. It ended up being combined with a Kantonian Slowking's udon, creating udon curry that both Kantonian and Galarian Slowpoke ended up liking.

In A One-Stick Wonder!, Ash and Goh cooked curry in the Wild Area, first for themselves and their Pokémon to eat, and next to lure out a wild Thwackey.

In HZ027, the Rising Volt Tacklers cooked curry in the Wild Area.


In the manga

Apple Curry in Pokémon Adventures

Magical Pokémon Journey

Curry appeared while camping in Let's Cook Curry!.

Phantom Thief Pokémon 7

Mako ordered a large number of curry rolls from the bakery Sun Sun.

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield arc

Curry first appeared in Crackle!! Practice Battle. Henry, Casey, Professor Magnolia, and Marvin ate some Apple Curry as dinner while on their journey.

In PASS38, Peony cooked some curry for his expedition team, though due to Calyrex briefly possessing him in the middle of the cooking, the food burned up.

Pokémon Pocket Monsters

A curry cooking competition between Red and Green occurred in Curry Showdown! Which is the Most Delicious?.

Pocket Monsters BW

Red participated in another curry competition in PMBW25.


Curry is a popular dish in the United Kingdom, the country which inspired Galar. The name of Galar masala may be a reference to garam masala, the spice mix used in dishes such as chicken tikka masala.

Curry rice is also popular in Japan, and is often prepared and consumed on camping trips. The dish became popular in the 1800s, when Anglo-Indian naval officers introduced curry powder to Japan.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 咖哩飯 Galēi Faahn
Mandarin 咖哩飯 Kālǐ Fàn *
咖喱饭 Gālí Fàn *
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Curry met rijst
Finland Flag.png Finnish Curry
France Flag.png French Curry
Germany Flag.png German Curry mit Reis
Italy Flag.png Italian Riso al curry
South Korea Flag.png Korean 카레라이스 Curry Rice
Poland Flag.png Polish Curry
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Curry
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Curry com arroz
Russia Flag.png Russian Карри с рисом Karri s risom
Spain Flag.png Spanish Curri

Curry Dex

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 咖哩圖鑑 Galēi Tòuhgaam
Mandarin 咖哩圖鑑 Kālǐ Tújiàn *
咖喱图鉴 Gālí Tújiàn *
France Flag.png French Currydex
Germany Flag.png German Currydex
Italy Flag.png Italian Currydex
South Korea Flag.png Korean 카레도감 Curry Dogam
Russia Flag.png Russian Карридекс Karrideks
Spain Flag.png Spanish CurriDex


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