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Roy's hometown
Roy hometown.png
Roy's hometown
Region Kanto
Debut HZ003

Roy's hometown is an unnamed island off the coast of Kanto. It first appeared in HZ003, and is the hometown of Roy and his grandfather.

It is revealed that this island has a harmonious coexistence between the Pokémon and the humans that live on it, and that there are no Trainers on it. The leader of the island is Roy's grandfather.


In HZ004, Liko arrived on the island looking for Fuecoco of the Rising Volt Tacklers, but the Pokémon had eaten the Berries of the Pokémon on the island. This sparked an uprising among the wild Pokémon. While running away from the Pokémon, Liko met Roy, an island resident who helped her escape. With Friede's help, the two children were able to calm the wild Pokémon.

In HZ005, the Explorers make a massive attack on the island and face the Rising Volt Tacklers again. This battle continued into HZ006 but ended when the Explorers retreated when a Shiny Rayquaza emerged from Roy's Ancient Poké Ball. Once the Brave Asagi had been mended, the Rising Volt Tacklers departed from Roy's hometown with Roy now a member of the group.

Places of interest

Roy's house

Roy's house

The house of the island's elder and where Roy lives is an important point in the residential area, some residents usually go there to try to solve problems on the island and several residents gather to eat and share their food.

Some wild Pokémon are often seen living there and helping some humans with chores.

Pokémon seen on the island

Roy grandfather Nidoran.png
Roy grandfather Slowpoke.png
Roy hometown Staryu.png
Roy hometown Krabby.png
Krabby (multiple)
Roy hometown Diglett.png
Diglett (multiple)
Roy hometown Weedle Caterpie.png
Caterpie (multiple)
Roy hometown Oddish Bellsprout.png
Oddish (multiple)
Roy hometown Oddish Bellsprout.png
Bellsprout (multiple)
Roy hometown Scyther.png
Scyther (multiple)
Roy hometown Weedle Caterpie.png
Weedle (multiple)
Roy hometown Psyduck.png
Roy hometown Mankey.png
Roy hometown Bulbasaur.png
Roy hometown Charmander.png
Roy hometown Squirtle.png
Roy hometown Pidgey.png
Roy hometown Tentacool.png
Roy hometown Shellder.png


  • This is the first main character's hometown to not have an official name.

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