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The reverse side, showing Pokémon details

Pocket Monsters Carddass Trading Cards are a set of Pokémon cards that were manufactured by Bandai Carddass in 1996 and 1997 in Japan, with all artwork drawn by Ken Sugimori. There are 151 standard cards and several special cards. The standard cards each feature a Pokémon from Generation I.


The first Pokémon Carddass sets were released in September 1996 by the Japanese toy making company Bandai. They were sold in sets of 5 cards for ¥100 or one card for ¥20.[citation needed]

The Pokémon Trading Card Game was released one month later in October 1996 by the company Media Factory, so the first set of Bandai Carddass cards are widely regarded as the first Pokémon cards ever released. The official name given to the two initial batches of cards were were "Carddass 100 Pocket Monster Green Part 1" and "Carddass 100 Pocket Monster Red Part 2".[citation needed]

Part 1 & 2 have 309 cards in total and more varieties than other Carddass sets. In Part 3 & 4 (1997), the total amount of cards was reduced, but it has two secret cards. These secret cards are promotional cards that were distributed at Ito-Yokado department stores.

The front of the standard cards of Part 1 & Part 2 were primitive in their appearance, as the artwork was early in its creation, and feature the words "Monsters Collection" emblazoned along the base of the card and "Pocket Monster" and card number at the top front of the card. The back of the cards provide information about the Pokémon Statistics, and also details the 1995 copyright, along with 1996 Made in Japan, Bandai. 12 Prism (Holo) cards were available in this set, including Mew & Mewtwo.

Part 3 & 4 (1997) depict a Pokémon using a move it can learn by leveling up, such as a signature move or a move that it is particularly associated with (Images available below). Much of the artwork featured is exclusive to this series. The backs of the cards provide simple information about the featured Pokémon, usually their evolution families and what level they evolve at. A few cards also have Holofoil backgrounds on the front, as opposed to the usual non-holofoil, pixelated background.

In April 1997 a promotional, rainbow-framed card featuring Red with the four starter Pokémon (including Pikachu) was released in Ito-Yokado stores in Japan. A second rainbow-framed card featuring both Red and Blue was released two months later in June 1997 exclusive to vending machines at Ito-Yokado stores.

Later, a special promotional set of six "jumbo" cards were released that each contain removable stickers on one side, and contain Pokémon Trainer facts printed on the other side. Once all of the stickers are peeled from the front side, a single, large piece of artwork is revealed underneath on that side of the card.

List of cards

Ito-Yokado cards

Image Characters depicted
Bandai Evolved Starters card.jpg Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Red, and Blue
Bandai Starters card.jpg Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Red

Promotional jumbo cards

Front side with stickers Front side without stickers Back side
Bandai Jumbo1 Stickers.jpg Bandai Jumbo1 Peeled.jpg Bandai Jumbo1 Back.jpg
Bandai Jumbo2 Stickers.jpg Bandai Jumbo2 Peeled.jpg Bandai Jumbo2 Back.jpg
Bandai Jumbo3 Stickers.jpg Bandai Jumbo3 Peeled.jpg Bandai Jumbo3 Back.jpg
Bandai Jumbo4 Stickers.jpg Bandai Jumbo4 Peeled.jpg Bandai Jumbo4 Back.jpg
Bandai Jumbo5 Stickers.jpg Bandai Jumbo5 Peeled.jpg Bandai Jumbo5 Back.jpg
Bandai Jumbo6 Stickers.jpg Bandai Jumbo6 Peeled.jpg Bandai Jumbo6 Back.jpg

Standard cards (1997) Part 3 & 4

An incomplete list of the Pokémon cards in this set
Image No. Pokémon Move
Bandai Bulbasaur card.jpg 001 Bulbasaur Leech Seed
Bandai Ivysaur card.jpg 002 Ivysaur Razor Leaf
Bandai Venusaur card.jpg 003 Venusaur Vine Whip
Bandai Charmander card.jpg 004 Charmander Ember
Bandai Charmeleon card.jpg 005 Charmeleon Slash
Bandai Charizard card.jpg 006 Charizard Flamethrower
Bandai Squirtle card.jpg 007 Squirtle Withdraw
Bandai Wartortle card.jpg 008 Wartortle Skull Bash
Bandai Blastoise card.jpg 009 Blastoise Hydro Pump
Bandai Caterpie card.jpg 010 Caterpie String Shot
Bandai Metapod card.jpg 011 Metapod Harden
Bandai Butterfree card.jpg 012 Butterfree PoisonPowder
Bandai Weedle card.jpg 013 Weedle Poison Sting
Bandai Kakuna card.jpg 014 Kakuna Harden
Bandai Beedrill card.jpg 015 Beedrill Pin Missile
Bandai Pidgey card.jpg 016 Pidgey Sand-Attack
Bandai Pidgeotto card.jpg 017 Pidgeotto Wing Attack
Bandai Pidgeot card.jpg 018 Pidgeot Agility
Bandai Rattata card.jpg 019 Rattata Focus Energy
Bandai Raticate card.jpg 020 Raticate Super Fang
Bandai Spearow card.jpg 021 Spearow Leer
Bandai Fearow card.jpg 022 Fearow Drill Peck
Bandai Ekans card.jpg 023 Ekans Leer
Bandai Arbok card.jpg 024 Arbok Acid
Bandai Pikachu card.jpg 025 Pikachu Thunder
Bandai Raichu card.jpg 026 Raichu ThunderShock
Bandai Sandshrew card.jpg 027 Sandshrew Sand-Attack
Bandai Sandslash card.jpg 028 Sandslash Poison Sting
Bandai NidoranF card.jpg 029 Nidoran♀ Growl
Bandai Nidorina card.jpg 030 Nidorina Bite
Bandai Nidoqueen card.jpg 031 Nidoqueen Poison Sting
Bandai NidoranM card.jpg 032 Nidoran♂ Leer
Bandai Nidorino card.jpg 033 Nidorino Focus Energy
Bandai Nidoking card.jpg 034 Nidoking Horn Drill
Bandai Clefairy card.jpg 035 Clefairy Pound
Bandai Clefable card.jpg 036 Clefable Metronome
Bandai Vulpix card.jpg 037 Vulpix Tail Whip
Bandai Ninetales card.jpg 038 Ninetales Roar
Bandai Jigglypuff card.jpg 039 Jigglypuff Sing
Bandai Wigglytuff card.jpg 040 Wigglytuff Disable
Bandai Zubat card.jpg 041 Zubat Supersonic
Bandai Golbat card.jpg 042 Golbat Wing Attack
Bandai Oddish card.jpg 043 Oddish Sleep Powder
Bandai Gloom card.jpg 044 Gloom SolarBeam
Bandai Vileplume card.jpg 045 Vileplume Petal Dance
Bandai Paras card.jpg 046 Paras Leech Life
Bandai Parasect card.jpg 047 Parasect Spore
Bandai Venonat card.jpg 048 Venonat PoisonPowder
Bandai Venomoth card.jpg 049 Venomoth Psychic
Bandai Diglett card.jpg 050 Diglett Dig
Bandai Dugtrio card.jpg 051 Dugtrio Earthquake
Bandai Meowth card.jpg 052 Meowth Pay Day
Bandai Persian card.jpg 053 Persian Slash
Bandai Psyduck card.jpg 054 Psyduck Scratch
Bandai Golduck card.jpg 055 Golduck Confusion
Bandai Mankey card.jpg 056 Mankey Karate Chop
Bandai Primeape card.jpg 057 Primeape Thrash
Bandai Growlithe card.jpg 058 Growlithe Ember
Bandai Arcanine card.jpg 059 Arcanine Leer
Bandai Poliwag card.jpg 060 Poliwag Hypnosis
Bandai Poliwhirl card.jpg 061 Poliwhirl Water Gun
Bandai Poliwrath card.jpg 062 Poliwrath DoubleSlap
Bandai Abra card.jpg 063 Abra Teleport
Bandai Kadabra card.jpg 064 Kadabra Psybeam
Bandai Alakazam card.jpg 065 Alakazam Reflect
Bandai Machop card.jpg 066 Machop Low Kick
Bandai Machoke card.jpg 067 Machoke Seismic Toss
Bandai Machamp card.jpg 068 Machamp Mega Kick
Bandai Bellsprout card.jpg 069 Bellsprout Vine Whip
Bandai Weepinbell card.jpg 070 Weepinbell Acid
Bandai Victreebel card.jpg 071 Victreebel Razor Leaf
Bandai Tentacool card.jpg 072 Tentacool Supersonic
Bandai Tentacruel card.jpg 073 Tentacruel Constrict
Bandai Geodude card.jpg 074 Geodude Rock Throw
Bandai Graveler card.jpg 075 Graveler Harden
Bandai Golem card.jpg 076 Golem Explosion
Bandai Ponyta card.jpg 077 Ponyta Fire Spin
Bandai Rapidash card.jpg 078 Rapidash Agility
Bandai Slowpoke card.jpg 079 Slowpoke Growl
Bandai Slowbro card.jpg 080 Slowbro Amnesia
Bandai Magnemite card.jpg 081 Magnemite ThunderShock
Bandai Magneton card.jpg 082 Magneton Supersonic
Bandai Farfetch'd card.jpg 083 Farfetch'd Swords Dance
Bandai Doduo card.jpg 084 Doduo Growl
Bandai Dodrio card.jpg 085 Dodrio Tri Attack
Bandai Seel card.jpg 086 Seel Rest
Bandai Dewgong card.jpg 087 Dewgong Ice Beam
Bandai Grimer card.jpg 088 Grimer Poison Gas
Bandai Muk card.jpg 089 Muk Sludge
Bandai Shellder card.jpg 090 Shellder Supersonic
Bandai Cloyster card.jpg 091 Cloyster Spike Cannon
Bandai Gastly card.jpg 092 Gastly Night Shade
Bandai Haunter card.jpg 093 Haunter Hypnosis
Bandai Gengar card.jpg 094 Gengar Dream Eater
Bandai Onix card.jpg 095 Onix Rage
Bandai Drowzee card.jpg 096 Drowzee Hypnosis
Bandai Hypno card.jpg 097 Hypno Meditate
Bandai Krabby card.jpg 098 Krabby Guillotine
Bandai Kingler card.jpg 099 Kingler Crabhammer
Bandai Voltorb card.jpg 100 Voltorb Light Screen
Bandai Electrode card.jpg 101 Electrode Explosion
Bandai Exeggcute card.jpg 102 Exeggcute Barrage
Bandai Exeggutor card.jpg 103 Exeggutor Stomp
Bandai Cubone card.jpg 104 Cubone Growl
Bandai Marowak card.jpg 105 Marowak Bonemerang
Bandai Hitmonlee card.jpg 106 Hitmonlee Jump Kick
Bandai Hitmonchan card.jpg 107 Hitmonchan Counter
Bandai Lickitung card.jpg 108 Lickitung Slam
Bandai Koffing card.jpg 109 Koffing Selfdestruct
Bandai Weezing card.jpg 110 Weezing Haze
Bandai Rhyhorn card.jpg 111 Rhyhorn Focus Energy
Bandai Rhydon card.jpg 112 Rhydon Take Down
Bandai Chansey card.jpg 113 Chansey Sing
Bandai Tangela card.jpg 114 Tangela Constrict
Bandai Kangaskhan card.jpg 115 Kangaskhan Dizzy Punch
Bandai Horsea card.jpg 116 Horsea SmokeScreen
Bandai Seadra card.jpg 117 Seadra Water Gun
Bandai Goldeen card.jpg 118 Goldeen Supersonic
Bandai Seaking card.jpg 119 Seaking Horn Drill
Bandai Staryu card.jpg 120 Staryu Swift
Bandai Starmie card.jpg 121 Starmie Water Gun
Bandai Mr. Mime card.jpg 122 Mr. Mime Barrier
Bandai Scyther card.jpg 123 Scyther Swords Dance
Bandai Jynx card.jpg 124 Jynx Lovely Kiss
Bandai Electabuzz card.jpg 125 Electabuzz ThunderPunch
Bandai Magmar card.jpg 126 Magmar Flamethrower
Bandai Pinsir card.jpg 127 Pinsir Guillotine
Bandai Tauros card.jpg 128 Tauros Take Down
Bandai Magikarp card.jpg 129 Magikarp Splash
Bandai Gyarados card.jpg 130 Gyarados Hyper Beam
Bandai Lapras card.jpg 131 Lapras Sing
Bandai Ditto card.jpg 132 Ditto Transform
Bandai Eevee card.jpg 133 Eevee Tail Whip
Bandai Vaporeon card.jpg 134 Vaporeon Mist
Bandai Jolteon card.jpg 135 Jolteon Pin Missile
Bandai Flareon card.jpg 136 Flareon Fire Spin
Bandai Porygon card.jpg 137 Porygon Tri Attack
Bandai Omanyte card.jpg 138 Omanyte Water Gun
Bandai Omastar card.jpg 139 Omastar Spike Cannon
Bandai Kabuto card.jpg 140 Kabuto Harden
Bandai Kabutops card.jpg 141 Kabutops Slash
Bandai Aerodactyl card.jpg 142 Aerodactyl Wing Attack
Bandai Snorlax card.jpg 143 Snorlax Double-Edge
Bandai Articuno card.jpg 144 Articuno Blizzard
Bandai Zapdos card.jpg 145 Zapdos ThunderShock
Bandai Moltres card.jpg 146 Moltres Sky Attack
Bandai Dratini card.jpg 147 Dratini Bind
Bandai Dragonair card.jpg 148 Dragonair Dragon Rage
Bandai Dragonite card.jpg 149 Dragonite Hyper Beam
Bandai Mewtwo card.jpg 150 Mewtwo Psychic
Bandai Mew card.jpg 151 Mew Metronome

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