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Pokémon Nanoblocks (Japanese: ポケモン ナノブロック Pokémon Nanoblock) are a set of micro-sized building block models produced by Kawada. The first models were released in Japan in 2013. In the United States, Pokémon Nanoblocks are distributed by Ohio Art Company and were first released on October 1, 2015. They are recommended for ages 12 and up.

Nanoblock Models

Released models

Name Release date Picture Difficulty Number of pieces
Pikachu October 23, 2013 Nanoblock Pikachu.jpg 2/5 Over 130 pieces
Charmander October 23, 2013 Nanoblock Charmander.jpg 2/5 Over 120 pieces
Bulbasaur October 23, 2013 Nanoblock Bulbasaur.jpg 2/5 Over 120 pieces
Squirtle October 23, 2013 Nanoblock Squirtle.jpg 2/5 Over 120 pieces
Eevee June 28, 2014 Nanoblock Eevee.png 2/5 Over 130 pieces
Mewtwo June 28, 2014 Nanoblock Mewtwo.png 3/5 Over 130 pieces
Gengar June 28, 2014 Nanoblock Gengar.png 2/5 Over 150 pieces
Charizard June 28, 2014 Nanoblock Charizard.png 3/5 Over 200 pieces
Lapras April 10, 2015 Nanoblock Lapras.png 2/5 Over 130 pieces
Caterpie & Poké Ball April 10, 2015 Nanoblock Caterpie.png 2/5 Over 170 pieces
Dragonite April 10, 2015 Nanoblock Dragonite.png 3/5 Over 190 pieces
Snorlax April 10, 2015 Nanoblock Snorlax.png 3/5 Over 220 pieces
Farfetch'd November 28, 2015 Nanoblock Farfetch'd.png 3/5 Over 160 pieces
Venusaur May 24, 2016 Nanoblock Venusaur.png 2/5 Over 160 pieces
Blastoise May 24, 2016 Nanoblock Blastoise.png 3/5 Over 220 pieces
Vaporeon October 7, 2016 Nanoblock Vaporeon.png 2/5 Over 140 pieces
Jolteon October 7, 2016 Nanoblock Jolteon.png 3/5 Over 170 pieces
Flareon October 7, 2016 Nanoblock Flareon.png 2/5 Over 170 pieces
Gyarados June 24, 2017 Nanoblock Gyarados.png 3/5 170 pieces
Psyduck June 24, 2017 Nanoblock Psyduck.png 2/5 130 pieces
Rowlet April 29, 2017*
June 22, 2019
Nanoblock Rowlet.png 2/5 170 pieces
Litten April 29, 2017*
June 22, 2019
Nanoblock Litten.png 2/5* 170 pieces
Popplio April 29, 2017*
June 22, 2019
Nanoblock Popplio.png 3/5 110 pieces
Pichu September 23, 2017 Nanoblock Pichu.png 1/5 100 pieces
Cyndaquil September 23, 2017 Nanoblock Cyndaquil.png 2/5 150 pieces
Chikorita September 23, 2017 Nanoblock Chikorita.png 1/5 90 pieces
Totodile September 23, 2017 Nanoblock Totodile.png 2/5 150 pieces
Lugia January 20, 2018 Nanoblock Lugia.png 3/5 210 pieces
Ho-Oh January 20, 2018 Nanoblock Ho-Oh.png 4/5 180 pieces
Chansey June 23, 2018 Nanoblock Chansey.png 2/5 140 pieces
Magikarp June 23, 2018 Nanoblock Magikarp.png 3/5 130 pieces
Pikachu Deluxe September 29, 2018 Nanoblock Pikachu Deluxe.png 3/5 560 pieces
Pokémon Quest Pikachu September 29, 2018 Nanoblock Pikachu Quest.png 2/5 60 pieces
Pokémon Quest Charmander September 29, 2018 Nanoblock Charmander Quest.png 2/5 100 pieces
Pokémon Quest Bulbasaur September 29, 2018 Nanoblock Bulbasaur Quest.png 1/5 50 pieces
Pokémon Quest Squirtle September 29, 2018 Nanoblock Squirtle Quest.png 2/5 80 pieces
Pokémon Quest Eevee September 29, 2018 Nanoblock Eevee Quest.png 2/5 120 pieces
Pokémon Quest Magikarp September 29, 2018 Nanoblock Magikarp Quest.png 2/5 100 pieces
Espeon January 2019 Nanoblock Espeon.png 2/5 130 pieces
Umbreon January 2019 Nanoblock Umbreon.png 2/5 130 pieces
Mew January 2019 Nanoblock Mew.png 2/5 90 pieces
Zapdos April 20, 2019 Nanoblock Zapdos.png 4/5 210 pieces
Moltres April 20, 2019 Nanoblock Moltres.png 3/5 190 pieces
Articuno April 20, 2019 Nanoblock Articuno.png 3/5 170 pieces
Mimikyu June 22, 2019 Nanoblock Mimikyu.png 3/5 200 pieces
Bewear June 22, 2019 Nanoblock Bewear.png 2/5 190 pieces
Celebi August 17, 2019* Nanoblock Celebi.png 2/5 130 pieces
August 17, 2019* Nanoblock Gyarados Translucent.png 3/5 170 pieces
August 17, 2019* Nanoblock Lapras Translucent.png 2/5 130 pieces
Mega Charizard X 2019 Nanoblock Mega Charizard X.png 3/5 320 pieces
Mega Charizard Y 2019 Nanoblock Mega Charizard Y.png 3/5 310 pieces
Grookey November 16, 2019 Nanoblock Grookey.png 2/5 190 pieces
Scorbunny November 16, 2019 Nanoblock Scorbunny.png 2/5 180 pieces
Sobble November 16, 2019 Nanoblock Sobble.png 2/5 210 pieces
Groudon April 2020 Nanoblock Groudon.png 3/5 290 pieces
Kyogre April 2020 Nanoblock Kyogre.png 3/5 260 pieces
Rayquaza April 2020 Nanoblock Rayquaza.png 3/5 240 pieces

20th Anniversary Edition

Nanoblock Mew

To commemorate 20 years of Pokémon, a special gray monochrome edition of the first series of Nanoblocks were released on March 4, 2016. The gray color is reminiscent of the original games, and the models come in a box with the original game art box art at the front. Each model comes with spare pieces which can be collected together and used to make a monotone model of Mew. The instructions for Mew can be downloaded on-line by inputting four passcodes obtained from each of the four models. The Mew model requires 88 pieces and has a difficulty of 2/5.

Character Picture Difficulty Number of Pieces
Pikachu Monotone
Nanoblock Pikachu Monotone.png 2/5 150 pieces
Hitokage Monotone
Nanoblock Charmander Monotone.png 2/5 130 pieces
Fushigidane Monotone
Nanoblock Bulbasaur Monotone.png 2/5 140 pieces
Zenigame Monotone
Nanoblock Squirtle Monotone.png 2/5 160 pieces

Other models

From November 23, 2017 to March 18, 2018, a translucent Pikachu model could be won by mailing in four barcodes from the Pokémon Nanoblock series.

For a limited time, players who bought at least two of copies of Ultra Sun and/or Ultra Moon from BIC Camera, Sofmap or Kojima received a Nanoblock model of an opened Poké Ball and Quick Ball.

An exclusive Machoke Nanoblock was available for purchase at Zozotown. The Machoke model has a difficulty of 2/5 and came packaged with Pikachu and Eevee Nanoblocks. These Pikachu and Eevee Nanoblocks have a slightly darker shade than the previous models. This set was released in March 2019.

A gray Pikachu Nanoblock was made for the Thunderbolt Project by FRGMT and Pokémon. It was released in November 2019.

Mini Nanoblock Models

These are a set of mini Nanoblock models which are about half the size of the regular Pokémon Nanoblock models. Each model comes in a blind bag so that the model inside cannot be identified.

First series

Translucent Poké Ball

The first series was released in April 2017. Each model consists of 25 to 75 pieces. For a limited time, a translucent Poké Ball model was given out to customers who purchased the whole box containing all 12 models.

Pikachu Charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle Nidoran♂ Nidoran♀
Mini Nanoblock Pikachu.png Mini Nanoblock Charmander.png Mini Nanoblock Bulbasaur.png Mini Nanoblock Squirtle.png Mini Nanoblock NidoranM.png Mini Nanoblock NidoranF.png
Diglett Cubone Porygon Magikarp Poké Ball Secret
Mini Nanoblock Diglett.png Mini Nanoblock Cubone.png Mini Nanoblock Porygon.png Mini Nanoblock Magikarp.png Mini Nanoblock Poké Ball.png

Second series

Translucent Great Ball

The second series was released in July 22, 2017. Each model consists of 37 to 83 pieces. For a limited time, a translucent Great Ball model was given out to customers who purchased the whole box containing all 12 models.

Charizard Caterpie Rattata Eevee Doduo Psyduck
Mini Nanoblock Charizard.png Mini Nanoblock Caterpie.png Mini Nanoblock Rattata.png Mini Nanoblock Eevee.png Mini Nanoblock Doduo.png Mini Nanoblock Psyduck.png
Raichu Mewtwo Magnemite Lapras Great Ball Secret
Mini Nanoblock Raichu.png Mini Nanoblock Mewtwo.png Mini Nanoblock Magnemite.png Mini Nanoblock Lapras.png Mini Nanoblock Great Ball.png

Third series

Translucent Ultra Ball

The third series was released in December 16, 2017. Each model consists of 34 to 88 pieces. For a limited time, a translucent Ultra Ball model was given out to customers who purchased the whole box containing all 12 models.

Blastoise Venusaur Weedle Pidgey Jolteon Flareon
Mini Nanoblock Blastoise.png Mini Nanoblock Venusaur.png Mini Nanoblock Weedle.png Mini Nanoblock Pidgey.png Mini Nanoblock Jolteon.png Mini Nanoblock Flareon.png
Vaporeon Tentacool Dratini Bellsprout Ultra Ball Secret
Mini Nanoblock Vaporeon.png Mini Nanoblock Tentacool.png Mini Nanoblock Dratini.png Mini Nanoblock Bellsprout.png Mini Nanoblock Ultra Ball.png

Fourth series

The fourth series was first released in April 21, 2018. Each model consists of 81 to 121 pieces.

Gengar Chansey Snorlax Zapdos Articuno Moltres
Mini Nanoblock Gengar.png Mini Nanoblock Chansey.png Mini Nanoblock Snorlax.png Mini Nanoblock Zapdos 2.png Mini Nanoblock Articuno 2.png Mini Nanoblock Moltres 2.png

Fifth series

The fifth series was first released on September 29, 2018. Each model consists of 59 to 79 pieces.

Eevee Flareon Jolteon Vaporeon Espeon Umbreon
Mini Nanoblock Eevee 2.png Mini Nanoblock Flareon 2.png Mini Nanoblock Jolteon 2.png Mini Nanoblock Vaporeon 2.png Mini Nanoblock Espeon.png Mini Nanoblock Umbreon.png

Other models

From August 5 to October 31, 2017, a translucent mini Zapdos model (90 pieces) could be won by mailing in four barcodes from the mini Pokémon Nanoblock series.

From November 23, 2017 to March 18, 2018, translucent mini Moltres and Articuno models could be won by mailing in four barcodes from the mini Pokémon Nanoblock series.

A translucent mini Squirtle was available for a limited time for the overseas release of Pikachu DX Nanoblocks.

Nanoblock+ Sets

Pokémon Nanoblock+ (Japanese: ナノブロック プラス Nanoblock Plus) models use larger building blocks than the Nanoblock models. They are recommended for people ages 5 and up.

Character Release date Picture Number of pieces Notes
Mega Lizardon X's Secret Castle
November 29, 2014 Nanoblock Mega Charizard X Castle.png 379 pieces Comes with the Mega Charizard X Moncollé figurine.
Can be combined with other sets
Keromatsu’s Yacht Harbor
November 29, 2014 Nanoblock Froakie Harbor.png 199 pieces Comes with the Froakie Moncollé figurine.
Can be combined with other sets
Fokko’s Coffee Shop
November 29, 2014 Nanoblock Fennekin Coffee Shop.png 230 pieces Comes with the Fennekin Moncollé figurine.
Can be combined with other sets
Harimaron’s Tree House
November 29, 2014 Nanoblock Chespin Treehouse.png 276 pieces Comes with the Chespin Moncollé figurine.
Can be combined with other sets
Pikachu's Battle Field
November 29, 2014 Nanoblock Pikachu Battlefield.png 222 pieces Comes with the Pikachu Moncollé figurine.
Can be combined with other sets
Pokémon Pikachu Set
ポケモン ピカチュウセット
July 22, 2017 Nanoblock Pikachu Set.png Comes with instructions to build other objects including a helicopter and ship
Pokémon Deluxe Set
ポケモン デラックスセット
July 22, 2017 Nanoblock SM Starters.png Comes with instructions to build other objects including a castle and plane



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