Build-A-Bear Workshop collection

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Build-A-Bear Workshop collection
Build-A-Bear Workshop presents Pokémon logo.png
Build-A-Bear presents Pokémon logo
Release date(s) December 2015 - present
Generation VI - IX
Type Plush toys
Region North America, Europe, Australia
Manufacturer Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc.
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The Build-A-Bear Workshop Pokémon collection is a line of plush toys and plush toy clothes produced by Build-A-Bear Workshop that began in December 2015. Each plush toy comes with a Build-A-Bear Workshop-branded Pokémon TCG card featuring the same character. The plush toys are sold on their own at Build-A-Bear Workshop retail locations in North America, Europe, and Australia, along with some of the Pokémon-themed clothing items. Exclusive bundles are sold through their online store.

List of merchandise

Plush toys

As with other Build-A-Bear Workshop plush toys, these ones are "make-your-own", where the plush toy is stuffed in-store.

Character Release date Price Size Picture TCG card
Pikachu December 2015 $28.00
15 inches Build-A-Bear Pikachu.png Pikachu-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Eevee September 2016 $28.00
14 inches Build-A-Bear Eevee.png Eevee-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Charmander December 2016 $28.00
14 inches Build-A-Bear Charmander.png Charmander-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Squirtle June 1, 2017 $28.00
14 inches Build-A-Bear Squirtle.png Squirtle-Build-a-bear.jpg
Meowth September 14, 2017 $28.00
16 inches Build-A-Bear Meowth.png Meowth-Build-a-bear.jpg
Vulpix October 12, 2017 $28.00
13 inches Build-A-Bear Vulpix.png Vulpix-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Bulbasaur November 11, 2017 $35.00
14 inches Build-A-Bear Bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur-Build-a-bear.jpg
Jigglypuff May 31, 2018 $28.00
10 inches Build-A-Bear Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff-Build-a-bear.jpg
Alolan Vulpix September 14, 2018 $28.00
13 inches Build-A-Bear Alolan Vulpix.png Alolan-Vulpix-Build-a-bear.jpg
Piplup October 26, 2018 $28.00
15 inches Build-A-Bear Piplup.png Piplup-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Psyduck May 4, 2019 $32.00
13 inches Build-A-Bear Psyduck.png Psyduck-Build-a-bear.jpg
Snubbull May 4, 2019 $32.00
15 inches Build-A-Bear Snubbull.png Snubbull-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Snorlax August 29, 2019 Regular
November 13, 2019 Jumbo
$57.00 Regular
£46.00 Regular
16 inches Regular
24 inches Jumbo
Build-A-Bear Snorlax.png Snorlax-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Pichu October 24, 2019 $29.00
12 inches Build-A-Bear Pichu.png Pikachu-2-Build-a-Bear.jpg
Flareon January 10, 2020 $32.00
12 inches Build-A-Bear Flareon.png
Jolteon May 19, 2020 $32.00
12 inches Build-A-Bear Jolteon.png
Vaporeon August 21, 2020 $32.00
12 inches Build-A-Bear Vaporeon.png

Plush toy clothes

Initially, two Pokémon-themed clothing items were released alongside each plush toy. Only one piece of clothing from each pair was sold in-store, while they were both released as a part of the online bundle of the Pokémon they released alongside, with the not-sold-in-store item being exclusive to the bundle. The online exclusive clothes are priced, even though they are not available to purchase on their own. These clothing items are intended to fit the Build-A-Bear Workshop line of plush toys.

In celebration of the Pokémon 20th Anniversary, a special baseball-style T-shirt bearing the 20th-anniversary logo was released.

Name Release date Price Picture Released alongside Online bundle exclusive
Poké Ball Hoodie December 2015 $10.50
Build-A-Bear PokéBallHoodie.png Pikachu No
Charizard Hoodie December 2015 $14.50
Build-A-Bear CharizardHoodie.png Pikachu Yes
Pokémon 20th Celebration T-Shirt May 2016 $10.00 Build-A-Bear 20thShirt.png None No
Pokémon Poké Ball Sleeper September 2016 $12.50
Build-A-Bear PokéBallSleeper.png Eevee No
Eevee Cape September 2016 $14.50
Build-A-Bear EeveeCape.png Eevee Yes
Great Ball Hoodie December 2016 $12.50
Build-A-Bear GreatBallHoodie.png Charmander No
Lucario Hoodie December 2016 $13.50
Build-A-Bear LucarioHoodie.png Charmander Yes
Ultra Ball Hoodie June 1, 2017 $10.50
Build-A-Bear UltraBallHoodie.png Squirtle No
Poké Ball Slicker June 1, 2017 $13.50
Build-A-Bear PokéBallSlicker.png Squirtle Yes
Quick Ball Hoodie September 14, 2017 $12.50
Build-A-Bear QuickBallHoodie.png Meowth No
Team Rocket Hoodie September 14, 2017 $12.50
Build-A-Bear TeamRocketHoodie.png Meowth Yes
Poké Ball Sleeper October 12, 2017 $12.50
Build-A-Bear VulpixSleeper.png Vulpix No
Vulpix Cape October 12, 2017 $12.50
Build-A-Bear VulpixCape.png Vulpix Yes
Hat and Scarf Accessory Set November 10, 2017 $12.50
Build-A-Bear HatScarf.png Bulbasaur No

Online exclusive bundles

Each online exclusive bundle includes a pre-stuffed Pokémon plush toy, two articles of Pokémon-themed clothing, a sound chip, and a Build-A-Bear Workshop-branded Pokémon TCG card. The sound chip and one of the two articles of clothing are only available through purchasing the online exclusive bundle.

The Bulbasaur 6-in-1 sound from the Bulbasaur Online Exclusive Bundle was made available in select Build-A-Bear Workshop retail stores.

Name Release date Price Picture Set contents
Online Exclusive Pikachu Bundle December 2015 $60.00
Build-A-Bear Pikachu OnlineSet.png Pikachu plush toy
Charizard Hoodie
Poké Ball Hoodie
Pikachu 6-in-1 sound
Pikachu TCG card
Online Exclusive Eevee Bundle September 2016 Ver. 1
Unknown Ver. 2
$62.00 or £49.00 Ver. 1
$48.50 Ver. 2
Build-A-Bear Eevee OnlineSet.png
Build-A-Bear Eevee OnlineSet2.png
Eevee plush toy
Eevee Cape Ver. 1 only
Pokémon Poké Ball Sleeper
Eevee 4-in-1 sound
Eevee TCG card
Online Exclusive Charmander Bundle December 2016 Ver. 1
July 10, 2020 Ver. 2
$61.00 or £44.50 Both Ver. Build-A-Bear Charmander OnlineSet.png
Build-A-Bear Charmander OnlineSet2.png
Charmander plush toy
Lucario Hoodie Ver. 1 only
Charmander Sleeper Ver. 2 only
Great Ball Hoodie
Charmander 4-in-1 sound
Charmander TCG card Ver. 1 only
Online Exclusive Squirtle Bundle June 1, 2017 $60.00
Build-A-Bear Squirtle OnlineSet.png Squirtle plush toy
Poké Ball Slicker
Ultra Ball Hoodie
Squirtle 6-in-1 sound
Squirtle TCG card
Online Exclusive Meowth Bundle September 14, 2017 $60.00
Build-A-Bear Meowth OnlineSet.png Meowth plush toy
Quick Ball Hoodie
Team Rocket Hoodie
Meowth 6-in-1 sound
Meowth TCG card
Online Exclusive Vulpix Bundle October 12, 2017 $60.00
Build-A-Bear Vulpix OnlineSet.png Vulpix plush toy
Vulpix Cape
Poké Ball Sleeper
Vulpix 6-in-1 sound
Vulpix TCG card
Online Exclusive Bulbasaur Bundle November 10, 2017 $55.00
Build-A-Bear Bulbasaur OnlineSet.png Bulbasaur plush toy
Hat and Scarf Accessory Set
Bulbasaur 6-in-1 sound
Bulbasaur TCG card
Online Exclusive Jigglypuff Bundle May 31, 2018 $52.00 Build-A-Bear Jigglypuff OnlineSet.png Jigglypuff plush toy
Jigglypuff Cape
Jigglypuff Microphone
Jigglypuff 6-in-1 sound
Jigglypuff TCG card
Online Exclusive Alolan Vulpix Bundle September 14, 2018 $61.00
Build-A-Bear Alolan Vulpix OnlineSet.png ALolan Vulpix plush toy
Alolan Vulpix Cape
Blue Alolan Vulpix Sleeper
Alolan Vulpix 6-in-1 sound
Alolan Vulpix TCG card
Online Exclusive Piplup Bundle October 26, 2018 $60.00
Build-A-Bear Piplup OnlineSet.png Piplup plush toy
Dive Ball Hoodie
Poké Ball Parka
Piplup 6-in-1 sound
Piplup TCG card
Online Exclusive Psyduck Bundle May 4, 2019 $65.00
Build-A-Bear Psyduck OnlineSet.png Psyduck plush toy
Psyduck Raincoat
Luxury Ball Hoodie
Psyduck 6-in-1 sound
Psyduck TCG card
Online Exclusive Snubbull Bundle May 4, 2019 $55.00
Build-A-Bear Snubbull OnlineSet.png Snubbull plush toy
Snubbull Vest
Snubbull Bow
Snubbull 6-in-1 sound
Snubbull TCG card
Online Exclusive Snorlax Bundle
Regular and Jumbo had the same content
August 29, 2019 Regular
November 13, 2019 Jumbo
$57.00 or £46.00 Regular Build-A-Bear Snorlax OnlineSet.png Snorlax plush toy
Cozy Robe and Sleeping Cap
Snorlax 5-in-1 sound
Snorlax TCG card
Online Exclusive Pichu Bundle October 24, 2019 $61.00
Build-A-Bear Pichu OnlineSet.png Pichu plush toy
Blue Pichu Cape
Repeat Ball Hoodie
Pichu 6-in-1 sound
Pikachu TCG card
Online Exclusive Flareon Bundle January 10, 2020 $51.50
Build-A-Bear Flareon OnlineSet.png Flareon plush toy
Flareon Poké Ball Sleeper
Flareon Fire Type Cape
5-in-1 Flareon Sound
Online Exclusive Jolteon Bundle May 19, 2020 $51.50
Build-A-Bear Jolteon OnlineSet.png Jolteon plush toy
Jolteon Electric-Type Cape
Jolteon 5-in-1 sound
Online Exclusive Vaporeon Bundle August 21, 2020 $51.50
Build-A-Bear Vaporeon OnlineSet.png Vaporeon plush toy
Vaporeon Poké Ball Sleeper
Vaporeon Water-type Cape
Vaporeon 5-in-1 Sound


  • The Online Exclusive Pichu Bundle does not include a Pichu card, due to the last officially released card coming out in the HeartGold and SoulSilver set in 2010.

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