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Mega Pokémon
Mega logo.png
Mega logo
Construx Promo Banner 2018.png
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Release date(s) 2017[1] - present
Type Construction toys
Age 6+ to 12+
Manufacturer Mega Brands (Mattel)
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Mega Pokémon (previously Mega Construx Pokémon) is a range of construction building block toys manufactured by Mega Brands, a subsidiary of Mattel, first announced and released in 2017[1]. The range consists of a variety of different types of sets, from small sets with individual Pokémon figures in Poké Balls, to large complex sets with over 1000 pieces. Most sets are recommended for ages 6+ - 8+, but some larger sets are for ages up to 12+.

In the early 2000s, Mega Brands produced a series of Pokémon construction toys under its Mega Bloks brand. For information on those sets see Pokémon Build 'n Battle.

Single Pokémon sets

These are sets that feature an individual Pokémon and (usually) an accompanying piece of scenery.

Charmeleon Charizard Wartortle
DYR76 - 2017 DYR77 - 2017 DYF12 - 2017
Construx Single Charmeleon.png Construx Single Charizard.png Construx Single Wartortle.png
89 pieces 198 pieces 97 pieces
Blastoise Ivysaur Gyarados
FPM99 - 2017 DYF13 - 2017 DYF14 - 2017
Construx Single Blastoise.png Construx Single Ivysaur.png Construx Single Gyarados.png
284 pieces 94 pieces 352 pieces
Torracat Dartrix Brionne
FPL98 - 2018 FVK67 - 2018 FVK68 - 2018
Construx Single Torracat.png Construx Single Dartrix.png Construx Single Brionne.png
79 pieces 82 pieces 80 pieces
Lapras Slashing Scyther Raichu
FWJ49 - 2018 GCN19 - 2018 GDW30 - 2018
Construx Single Lapras.png Construx Single Scyther.png Construx Single Raichu.png
502 pieces 188 pieces 73 pieces
Slowpoke Lucario Ponyta
GDW31 - 2019 GFV71 - 2019 GKY86 - 2020
Construx Single Slowpoke.png Construx Single Lucario.png Construx Single Ponyta.png
80 pieces 71 pieces 70 pieces
Kadabra Charmander Mew
GKY87 - 2020 GKY96 - 2020 GKY97 - 2020
Construx Single Kadabra.png Construx Single Charmander.png Construx Single Mew.png
92 pieces 180 pieces 194 pieces
Meowth Gengar Tyranitar
GKY98 - 2020 GFV87 - 2020 GMD32 - 2020
Construx Single Meowth.png Construx Single Gengar.png Construx Tyranitar.png
169 pieces 522 pieces 396 pieces
Pikachu Luxio Sirfetch'd
GMD31 - 2020 GMD36 - 2020 GVK81 - 2021
Construx Single Pikachu.png Construx Single Luxio.png Construx Single Sirfetch'd.png
211 pieces 67 pieces 84 pieces
Bulbasaur Charizard Corviknight
GVK83 - 2021 GWY77 - 2021 GYG98 - 2021
Construx Single Bulbasaur.png Construx Single Charizard 2021.png Construx Single Corviknight.png
175 pieces 222 pieces 340 pieces
Build & Show Squirtle Galarian Ponyta Ivysaur
GYH00 - 2021 GYG94 - 2021 HGC20 - 2022
Construx Build & Show Squirtle.png Construx Single Glarian Ponyta.png Construx Single Ivysaur 2022.png
199 pieces 64 pieces 86 pieces
Build & Show Eevee Dragonite Snorlax
HDL84 - 2022 HKT25 - 2022 HLB70 - 2022
Construx Build & Show Eevee.png Construx Single Dragonite.png Construx Single Snorlax.png
215 pieces 387 pieces 246 pieces
Lapras Machamp Sylveon
HKT26 - 2023 HTH70 - 2023 HTJ01 - 2023
Construx Single Lapras 2023.png Construx Machamp.png Construx Sylveon.png
527 pieces 401 pieces 73 pieces
HTJ02 - 2023
Construx Weavile.png
75 pieces

Pokémon Versus sets

These sets feature two Pokémon in a supposed versus battle, and usually some scenery.

Squirtle Vs. Charmander Pikachu Vs. Bulbasaur Dragonite Vs. Togetic Challenge
DYF10 - 2017 DYF11 - 2017 FVK75 - 2018
Construx Vs Squirtle Charmander.png Construx Vs Pikachu Bulbasaur.png Construx Vs Dragonite Togetic.png
140 pieces 140 pieces 488 pieces
Venusaur Vs. Beedrill Duel Popplio Vs. Litten Rowlet Vs. Eevee
FVK76 - 2018 FFY81 - 2018 FPM08 - 2018
Construx Vs Venusaur Beedrill.png Construx Vs Popplio Litten.png Construx Vs Rowlet Eevee.png
129 pieces 128 pieces 137 pieces
Chikorita Vs. Cyndaquil Totodile Vs. Snubbull Mew Vs. Mewtwo Clash
FVK69 - 2018 FVK70 - 2018 FVK77 - 2018
Construx Vs Chikorita Cyndaquil.png Construx Vs Totodile Snubbull.png Construx Vs Mew Mewtwo.png
129 pieces 119 pieces 341 pieces
Pikachu & Meowth Showdown Froakie Vs. Dedenne Chespin Vs. Fennekin
FVK78 - 2018 GFV78 - 2019 GFV79 - 2019
Construx Vs Pikachu Meowth.png Construx Vs Froakie Dedenne.png Construx Vs Chespin Fennekin.png
70 pieces 124 pieces 131 pieces
Greninja Vs. Electabuzz Mudkip Vs. Poochyena Torchic Vs. Treecko
GFV84 - 2019 GKY93 - 2020 GKY94 - 2020
Construx Vs Greninja Electabuzz.png Construx Vs Mudkip Poochyena.png Construx Vs Torchic Treecko.png
340 pieces 126 pieces 120 pieces
Grookey Vs. Scorbunny Pikachu Vs. Sobble Machop Vs. Galarian Zigzagoon
GMD29 - 2020 GMD30 - 2020 GVK82 - 2021
Construx Vs Grookey Scorbunny.png Construx Vs Pikachu Sobble.png Construx Vs Machop Zigzagoon.png
134 pieces 124 pieces 149 pieces
Toxel Vs. Galarian Meowth
GYG96 - 2021
Construx Vs Toxel Galarian Meowth.png
114 pieces

Evolution sets

These sets feature a complete evolution family.

Squirtle Evolution Set Charmander Evolution Set Bulbasaur Evolution Set
HDH93 - 2019 HFG06 - 2019 HHM17 - 2022
Construx Squirtle Evolution Set.png Construx Charmander Evolution Set.png Construx Bulbasaur Evolution Set.png
379 pieces 313 pieces 622 pieces
Pikachu Evolution Set Magikarp Evolution Set Vulpix Evolution Set
HKT23 - 2022 HNT95 - 2023 HTH79 - 2023
Construx Pikachu Evolution Set.png Construx Magikarp Evolution Set.png Construx Vulpix Evolution Set.png
159 pieces 411 pieces 145 pieces

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu sets

In 2019 a series of six sets were released in conjunction with POKÉMON Detective Pikachu. All are suitable for ages 6+.

Detective Pikachu Office Hi-Hat Café Detective Pikachu
Construx Detective Pikachu Office.png Construx Detective Pikachu Cafe.png Construx Detective Pikachu Pikachu.png
183 pieces 328 pieces 232 pieces
Mr. Mime Lickitung Loudred
Construx Detective Pikachu Mr Mime.png Construx Detective Pikachu Lickitung.png Construx Detective Pikachu Loudred.png
70 pieces 84 pieces 89 pieces

Premium sets

Beginning in 2021, sets were released with higher age ratings, darker colored packaging, and either light-up features or more complex building techniques.

Jumbo Poké Ball Motion Pikachu Motion Gyarados
HBF53 - 2021 HGC23 - 2022 HGC24 - 2022
Construx Jumbo Poké Ball.png Construx Motion Pikachu.png Construx Motion Gyarados.png
303 pieces 1095 pieces 2188 pieces
Motion Butterfree Jumbo Great Ball Motion Charizard
HKT22 - 2022 HMW04 - 2023 HMW05 - 2023
Construx Motion Butterfree.png Construx Jumbo Great Ball.png Construx Motion Charizard.png
582 pieces 300 pieces 1664 pieces
Motion Magikarp Mini Motion Golbat Mini Motion Dugtrio
HNT97 - 2023 HTH72 - 2023 HTH73 - 2023
Construx Motion Magikarp.png Construx Mini Motion Golbat.png Construx Mini Motion Dugtrio.png
1607 pieces 318 pieces 350 pieces
Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander
HTH74 - 2023 HTH75 - 2023 HTH76 - 2023
Construx Pixel Pikachu.png Construx Pixel Bulbasaur.png Construx Pixel Charmander.png
400 pieces 374 pieces 349 pieces
HTH77 - 2023
Construx Pixel Squirtle.png
367 pieces

Other sets

Pokémon Multi Pack Volcano Rivals Snorlax & Munchlax
FPM10 - 2017 FNF08 - 2017 FPM11 - 2018
Construx Multi 2017.png Construx Volcano Rivals.png Construx Snorlax Munchlax.png
129 pieces 404 pieces 272 pieces
Onix Super Battle Tropical Frost Showdown Jumbo Pikachu
FVR55 - 2018 FVK80 - 2018 FVK81 - 2018
Construx Onix Super Battle.png Construx Tropical Frost Showdown.png Construx Jumbo Pikachu.png
745 pieces 398 pieces 806 pieces
SDCC18 Gengar Kanto Partners Every Eevee Evolution!
SDCC18 exclusive[2] - 2018 GCN21 - 2019 GFV85 - 2019
Construx SDCC18 Gengar.png Construx Kanto Partners.png Construx Every Eevee Evolution.png
367 pieces 90 pieces 470 pieces
Poké Ball Pack Pokémon Building Box Jumbo Eevee
GHP85 - 2019 GMD35 - 2020 GMD34 - 2020
Construx Poké Ball Pack.png Construx Pokémon Building Box.png Construx Jumbo Eevee.png
118 pieces 450 pieces 845 pieces
Trainer Team Challenge Holiday Calendar Celebration Pikachu
GNV47 - 2020 GPV08 - 2020 GWY76 - 2021
Construx Trainer Team Challenge.png Construx Holiday Calendar.png Construx Celebration Pikachu.png
276 pieces 246 pieces 149 pieces
Kanto Region Trainer Team Build & Show Pikachu Evolution Trio Umbreon & Espeon
HDN57 - 2021 GYH06 - 2021 HGC21 - 2022
Construx Kanto Region Trainer Team.png Construx Build & Show Pikachu Evolution Trio.png Construx Umbreon & Espeon.png
139 pieces 621 pieces 125 pieces
Kanto Region Team Pikachu's Beach Splash Bulbasaur's Forest Fun
HFG05 - 2022 HDL76 - 2022 HDL77 - 2022
Construx Kanto Region Team.png Construx Pikachu's Beach Splash.png Construx Bulbasaur's Forest Fun.png
130 pieces 79 pieces 82 pieces
Pokémon Picnic Jungle Ruins Pokémon Jungle Voyage
HDL80 - 2022 HDL86 - 2022 HHN61 - 2022
Construx Pokémon Picnic.png Construx Jungle Ruins.png Construx Pokémon Jungle Voyage.png
163 pieces 464 pieces 1362 pieces
Jumbo Charmander Zubat's Midnight Flight Piplup and Sneasel's Snow Day
HHL13 - 2022 HKT19 - 2022 HKT20 - 2022
Construx Jumbo Charmander.png Construx Zubat's Midnight Flight.png Construx Piplup and Sneasel's Snow Day.png
750 pieces 61 pieces 183 pieces
Countryside Windmill Holiday Pokémon Train Pichu's Forest Forage
HKT21 - 2022 HHP69 - 2022 HPB59 - 2023
Construx Countryside Windmill.png Construx Holiday Pokémon Train.png Construx Pichu's Forest Forage.png
240 pieces 373 pieces 84 pieces
Forest Pokémon Center Build & Show Kanto Region Trio Jumbo Bulbasaur
HNT93 - 2023 HPF94 - 2023 HNT96 - 2023
Construx Forest Pokémon Center.png Construx Build & Show Kanto Region Trio.png Construx Jumbo Bulbasaur.png
648 pieces 529 pieces 789 pieces
Paldea Region Team Build & Show Pokémon Trio Beginner Trainer Team 8-Pack
HPX92 - 2023 HNT94 - 2023 HTJ75 - 2023
Construx Paldea Region Team.png Construx Build & Show Pokémon Trio.png Construx Beginner Trainer Team 8-Pack.png
79 pieces 583 pieces 191 pieces
Quaxly and Paras's Sea Splash Charmander's Fire-Type Spin Poké Ball Mega Pack
HRL52 - 2023 HTH86 - 2023 HKT24
Construx Quaxly and Paras's Sea Splash.png Construx Charmander's Fire-Type Spin.png Construx Poké Ball Mega Pack.png
188 pieces 81 pieces 189 pieces
Emolga and Bulbasaur's Charming Woods Town Scene Country Scene
HTH69 - 2023 HTJ03 - 2023 HTJ04 - 2023
Construx Emolga and Bulbasaur's Charming Woods.png Construx Town Scene.png Construx Country Scene.png
194 pieces 139 pieces 141 pieces
Fire-Type Trainer Team
HTJ06 - 2023
Construx Fire-Type Trainer Team.png
105 pieces

Poké Ball series

These sets consist of an individual Pokémon and a Poké Ball on which they can be displayed. They are released in series of six sets (except the Christmas series which has just two sets). All are suitable for ages 6+.

Series 1

Released in 2017, each Pokémon comes with a Poké Ball display stand.

Zubat Machop Abra
Construx PB1 Zubat.png Construx PB1 Machop.png Construx PB1 Abra.png
21 pieces 28 pieces 34 pieces
Eevee Magikarp Pikachu
Construx PB1 Eevee.png Construx PB1 Magikarp.png Construx PB1 Pikachu.png
27 pieces 20 pieces 21 pieces

Series 2

Released in 2017, each Pokémon comes with a Poké Ball display stand.

Meowth Ekans Paras
Construx PB2 Meowth.png Construx PB2 Ekans.png Construx PB2 Paras.png
30 pieces 23 pieces 27 pieces
Cubone Geodude Rattata
Construx PB2 Cubone.png Construx PB2 Geodude.png Construx PB2 Rattata.png
30 pieces 21 pieces 21 pieces

Series 3

Released in 2017, each Pokémon comes with a Premier Ball display stand.

Mimikyu Grubbin Crabrawler
Construx PB3 Mimikyu.png Construx PB3 Grubbin.png Construx PB3 Crabrawler.png
18 pieces 27 pieces 33 pieces
Spinarak Fomantis Poliwag
Construx PB3 Spinarak.png Construx PB3 Fomantis.png Construx PB3 Poliwag.png
34 pieces 33 pieces 16 pieces

Series 4

Released in 2018, each Pokémon comes with a Poké Ball display stand.

Togepi Magnemite Shellder
Construx PB4 Togepi.png Construx PB4 Magnemite.png Construx PB4 Shellder.png
21 pieces 27 pieces 32 pieces
Hoothoot Pikachu Wooper
Construx PB4 Hoothoot.png Construx PB4 Pikachu.png Construx PB4 Wooper.png
22 pieces 21 pieces 28 pieces

Series 5

Released in 2018, each Pokémon comes with either a Premier Ball or Great Ball display stand.

Stufful Bounsweet Charjabug
Construx PB5 Stufful.png Construx PB5 Bounsweet.png Construx PB5 Charjabug.png
35 pieces 17 pieces 15 pieces
Pikachu Staryu Carvanha
Construx PB5 Pikachu.png Construx PB5 Staryu.png Construx PB5 Carvanha.png
18 pieces 29 pieces

Series 6

Released in 2018, each Pokémon comes with a Poké Ball display stand.

Caterpie Bellsprout Charmander
Construx PB6 Caterpie.png Construx PB6 Bellsprout.png Construx PB6 Charmander.png
26 pieces 31 pieces 21 pieces
Pidgey Marill Chinchou
Construx PB6 Pidgey.png Construx PB6 Marill.png Construx PB6 Chinchou.png
33 pieces 31 pieces 28 pieces

Series 7

Released in 2018, each Pokémon comes with either a Luxury Ball or Great Ball display stand.

Pikipek Larvitar Salandit
Construx PB7 Pikipek.png Construx PB7 Larvitar.png Construx PB7 Salandit.png
27 pieces 29 pieces 27 pieces
Togedemaru Pichu Wurmple
Construx PB7 Togedemaru.png Construx PB7 Pichu.png Construx PB7 Wurmple.png
20 pieces 24 pieces 50 pieces

Christmas series

Released in 2018, this series only has two sets. Each features a Pikachu (one with a Santa hat, one with a candy cane), and a Poké Ball display stand that has a string which allows it to be hung as a Christmas ornament.

Holiday Pikachu Candy Cane Pikachu
Construx SH Pikachu 2018.png Construx CC Pikachu 2018.png
23 pieces 24 pieces

Series 8

Released in 2019, each Pokémon comes with either a Luxury Ball or Quick Ball display stand.

Eevee Sandshrew Plusle
Construx PB8 Eevee.png Construx PB8 Sandshrew.png Construx PB8 Plusle.png
26 pieces 31 pieces 21 pieces
Aron Sableye Munchlax
Construx PB8 Aron.png Construx PB8 Sableye.png Construx PB8 Munchlax.png
33 pieces 31 pieces 28 pieces

Series 9

Released in 2019, each Pokémon comes with either a Quick Ball or Premier Ball display stand.

Vulpix Clefairy Minun
Construx PB9 Vulpix.png Construx PB9 Clefairy.jpg Construx PB9 Minun.jpg
29 pieces 29 pieces 19 pieces
Elekid Omanyte Murkrow
Construx PB9 Elekid.png Construx PB9 Omanyte.png Construx PB9 Murkrow.png
32 pieces 39 pieces 28 pieces

Star series

Released in 2019, each Pokémon comes with a Poké Ball display stand. Instead of a series number, these sets featured a yellow star on the packaging.

Pikachu Squirtle Charmander
Construx PBStar Pikachu.png Construx PBStar Squirtle.png Construx PBStar Charmander.png
16 pieces 17 pieces 16 pieces
Bulbasaur Meowth Jigglypuff
Construx PBStar Bulbasaur.png Construx PBStar Meowth.png Construx PBStar Jigglypuff.png
30 pieces 30 pieces 21 pieces

Series 10

Released in 2019, each Pokémon comes with either an Ultra Ball or Premier Ball display stand.

Psyduck Pancham Ditto
Construx PB10 Psyduck.png Construx PB10 Pancham.png Construx PB10 Ditto.png
33 pieces 27 pieces 26 pieces
Aipom Kabuto Snubbull
Construx PB10 Aipom.png Construx PB10 Kabuto.png Construx PB10 Snubbull.png
40 pieces 35 pieces 26 pieces

Series 11

Released in 2020, each Pokémon comes with either a Great Ball or Ultra Ball display stand.

Growlithe Riolu Nidoran♂
Construx PB11 Growlithe.png Construx PB11 Riolu.png Construx PB11 Nidoran.png
49 pieces 25 pieces 30 pieces
Happiny Abra Oddish
Construx PB11 Happiny.png Construx PB11 Abra.png Construx PB11 Oddish.png
20 pieces 30 pieces 22 pieces

Unnumbered series

Released in 2020, each Pokémon comes with a Poké Ball display stand. These sets did not have a series number.

Pikachu Squirtle Charmander
Construx PBUN Pikachu.png Construx PBUN Squirtle.png Construx PBUN Charmander.png
16 pieces 16 pieces 16 pieces
Bulbasaur Cubone Eevee
Construx PBUN Bulbasaur.png Construx PBUN Cubone.png Construx PBUN Eevee.png
30 pieces 29 pieces 24 pieces

Series 12

Released in 2020, each Pokémon comes with either a Great Ball or Nest Ball display stand.

Nidoran♀ Deino Horsea
Construx PB12 Nidoran.png Construx PB12 Deino.png Construx PB12 Horsea.png
31 pieces 25 pieces 19 pieces
Piplup Minccino Trapinch
Construx PB12 Piplup.png Construx PB12 Minccino.png Construx PB12 Trapinch.png
20 pieces 27 pieces 24 pieces

Confetti series

Released in 2021, each Pokémon comes with comes with a Poké Ball display stand with a translucent lid. Instead of a series number, these sets featured a confetti design on the packaging.

Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander
Construx PBC Pikachu.png Construx PBC Bulbasaur.png Construx PBC Charmander.png
16 pieces 30 pieces 16 pieces
Squirtle Togepi Magikarp
Construx PBC Squirtle.png Construx PBC Togepi.png Construx PBC Magikarp.png
17 pieces 21 pieces 20 pieces

Series 13

Released in 2021, each Pokémon comes with either a Quick Ball or Nest Ball display stand.

Zubat Snivy Oshawott
Construx PB13 Zubat.png Construx PB13 Snivy.png Construx PB13 Oshawott.png
24 pieces 24 pieces 22 pieces
Tepig Lillipup Krabby
Construx PB13 Tepig.png Construx PB13 Lillipup.png Construx PB13 Krabby.png
28 pieces 28 pieces 33 pieces

Series 14

Released in 2021, each Pokémon comes with either a Quick Ball or Friend Ball display stand.

Morpeko (Full Belly Mode) Wooloo Yamper
Construx PB14 Morpeko.png Construx PB14 Wooloo.png Construx PB14 Yamper.png
17 pieces 26 pieces 27 pieces
Goldeen Litwick Sneasel
Construx PB14 Goldeen.png Construx PB14 Litwick.png Construx PB14 Sneasel.png
27 pieces 26 pieces 27 pieces

Series 15

Released in 2022, each Pokémon comes with a different ball display stand.

Bidoof Shinx Rotom
Construx PB15 Bidoof.jpeg Construx PB15 Shinx.png Construx PB15 Rotom.png
26 pieces 36 pieces 17 pieces
Piplup Chimchar Turtwig
Construx PB15 Piplup.png Construx PB15 Chimchar.png Construx PB15 Turtwig.png
20 pieces 22 pieces 29 pieces

Series 16

Released in 2022, each Pokémon comes with a different ball display stand.

Cyndaquil Chikorita Totodile
Construx PB16 Cyndaquil.png Construx PB16 Chikorita.png Construx PB16 Totodile.png
28 pieces 19 pieces 30 pieces
Hoppip Ledyba Mime Jr.
Construx PB16 Hoppip.png Construx PB16 Ledyba.png Construx PB16 Mime Jr.png
21 pieces 38 pieces 24 pieces

Series 17

Released in 2022, each Pokémon comes with a different ball display stand.

Sobble Rookidee Scorbunny
Construx PB17 Sobble.png Construx PB17 Rookidee.png Construx PB17 Scorbunny.png
29 pieces 22 pieces 25 pieces
Grookey Pachirisu Combee
Construx PB17 Grookey.png Construx PB17 Pachirisu.png Construx PB17 Combee.png
32 pieces 20 pieces 34 pieces

Series 18

Released in 2023, each Pokémon comes with a different ball display stand.

Morpeko (Hangry Mode) Fuecoco Sprigatito
Construx PB18 Morpeko.jpg Construx PB18 Fuecoco.jpg Construx PB18 Sprigatito.jpg
16 pieces 19 pieces 27 pieces
Quaxly Chewtle Skwovet
Construx PB18 Quaxly.jpg Construx PB18 Chewtle.jpg Construx PB18 Skwovet.jpg
24 pieces 22 pieces 19 pieces

Series 19

Released in 2023, each Pokémon comes with a different ball display stand.

Torchic Mudkip Treecko
Construx PB19 Torchic.jpg Construx PB19 Mudkip.jpg Construx PB19 Treecko.jpg
20 pieces 31 pieces 22 pieces
Alolan Meowth Alolan Vulpix Alolan Rattata
Construx PB19 Meowth.jpg Construx PB19 Vulpix.jpg Construx PB19 Rattata.jpg
28 pieces 28 pieces 29 pieces

Unnumbered series 2

Released in 2023, each Pokémon comes with a Poké Ball display stand. These sets did not have a series number.

Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
Construx PBUN2 Bulbasaur.png Construx PBUN2 Charmander.png Construx PBUN2 Squirtle.png
30 pieces 16 pieces 17 pieces
Pikachu Jigglypuff Ditto
Construx PBUN2 Pikachu.png Construx PBUN2 Jigglypuff.png Construx PBUN2 Ditto.png
16 pieces 20 pieces 26 pieces

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