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These are Eri's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Caph Squad's Base
  • First encounter
"You're pretty skilled."
"Not many Trainers can shrug off my Pokémon's attacks like that."
"Watch your mouth."
"I'm here because I don't want to risk anyone else getting hurt, that's all."
"Who are you?"
"Are you OK? You're not hurt, are you?!"
"No. I won't back down... I can't!"
"Until the big boss comes back, I have to protect all of you in the Caph Squad..."
"And everyone else in Team Star, too"
"As the boss of this squad, I...I just can't."
"Fine...I'll go."
"I'm sorry Carmen!"
"H-hasta la vistar! ☆"
  • Before battle
"OK...I'm ready."
"Doesn't matter who you are. I'll bury anyone who tries to take down Team Star!"
"This time, I won't run away..."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "This base is precious to us! I won't let this raid of yours go any further!"
After first directly dealing damage to the player's Pokémon: "I give as good as I get—that's a promise! We'll see who's left standing in the end!"
Upon first using Annihilape's Rage Fist: "HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"
Upon sending out the Caph Starmobile: "I...I refuse to lose! So please... lend me your strength."
  • After being defeated
"I'm so sorry, everyone..."
  • In a flashback after being defeated
"I'm so sorry... I think I went a little too far..."
"Yeah, but..."
"Hehe. Come on, quit being silly!"
"Ah, I'm sorry! You all really should take a break. I'll go for a run while you rest up!"
"Thank you for your concern, Atticus."
"But lately...I feel like I can take anything. Even if I'm really tired or feel like crying."
"Remember that time we all got together and riffed on the Gym Badge designs to create our very own Star Badges? Well, I don't know what it is, but just by looking at my Star Badge makes me feel so strong... Like I want to give it my all!"
  • After the flashback
"I gave it my all, but it wasn't enough—I wasn't enough..."
"You showed amazing strength."
"Even if the code didn't require me to give it to you, I'd want you to have this."
"I'd like to see you try out my trademark move, too! Here—this one's for you."
"... ... ... ... ... ..."
"I know you're part of Operation Starfall..."
"But I could tell from our battle that you're not a bad person."
"The way your Pokémon look/looks at you with such trust gives it away."
"Do me a favor and look away for a moment? This is a bit much for me to take..."
"I just r-really..."
Team Star flashbacks
"Nice! You'll come up with a great code for us, won't you, Giacomo?"
"You've earned our trust many times over. Without you, Team Star just wouldn't work."
  • After Mela is defeated
"Welcome back, Mellie!"
"That's not true, Ortie."
"The girls at the academy have always been jealous of how cute Mellie is. She just puts on a surly attitude so they'll stop picking on her. Although...I guess you're not wrong to say that her surly attitude is what people know her for..."
"Yes, Operation Star... It's finally happening."
  • After Atticus is defeated
"This outfit is everything I imagined it would be. Thank you so much!"
"Yeah, don't listen to the haters, Atticus. I think you're really cool!"
"That's such a shame... I wanted to see the looks on our bullies' faces once we got it moving."
"That's easy to say, Mellie. Do you have an actual plan?"
"Mellie, wait!"
"But we didn't even fight them in the end. We didn't do anything wrong!"
"Stop right there, B.B.! Why are you talking like we'll never speak again?"
NaranjaS/Uva AcademyV
  • In the schoolyard, after Penny is defeated
"We've found you at last... You've no idea how worried we've been!"
"Hasta la vistar, Cassiopeia! ☆ And hello, Penny!"
"Woo-hoo! Penny, isn't this great? Now we can all stay together!"
"Sorry for making you worry, B.B. We're all OK now."
"We can go to school together too! That way if anything happens, we'll be there to protect you!"
  • In the art room
"Wow, this Staraptor is incredible! It looks just like it's about to attack with Close Combat!"
"Oh, knock it off, Mellie!"
"Being shy is one thing, but you can't go around threatening people to cover it up!"
"Yes! Isn't it great, Mellie?"
"I can't wait to see what Mellie paints! I bet it'll be something amazing, huh?"
"Wait, were you supposed to be hiding?"
"I was wondering what was going on—you were just kinda hanging out in the open over here..."
"But you don't need to worry anyway. Mellie's been too nervous to notice you."
"Trying new things is scary for everyone. That's why I came with her for moral support. But you know? I think she'll be just fine."
"And she's not the only one doing something new! Carmen and I have started up a wrestling club"
"Mellie will have a blast here, I'm sure, so I gotta keep up with her! I'll enjoy the time I have left at the academy as much as I can!"
"Anyway, it was nice bumping into you both! Hasta la vistar! ☆"
Caph Squad's Base
  • Upon initiating a Star Barrage rematch
"Your goal is to defeat 50 Pokémon in 10 minutes! I'm sure you can do it! And Caph Squad—listen up! Get your heads in the game, because the battle!"
  • Upon losing or forfeiting a Star Barrage rematch
"The Caph Squad is pretty formidable, right? They train every day, and it really shows."
  • Upon winning a Star Barrage rematch
"It seems you defeated 50 Pokémon in... <number> minute(s) and <number> second(s)."
"That's earned you a total of <number> LP! Thanks again, and hasta la vistar! ☆"
  • When approached
"Hey, <player>!"
  • If spoken to
"Great to see you, <player>! Did you come to train with me?"
Yes: "I'm always ready to battle! Let's see if you can handle my full power!"
No: "OK, gotcha! Come back whenever you want!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Right then, <player>! Hope you're ready for a good, proper battle!"
Upon first using Annihilape's Rage Fist: "When facing down a foe, there's only one thing to do—push for victory with everything you have!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "I focus best when I'm in a tight spot! I'll show you I can still win!"
Upon being defeated: "I don't like losing...but you're a strong one!"
  • After being defeated
"That was a great battle! Thanks so much for sparring with me today! Hasta la vistar! ☆"
  • If spoken to again on the same day
"Sorry, <player>. I'm all tired out, so I won't be training any more today."