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テイル Tail
Art from PBR
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Silvery-white
Hometown Pokétopia
Region Unknown
Trainer class Colosseum Leader
Generation IV
Games Battle Revolution

Colosseum Leader Taylor (Japanese: コロシアムリーダー テイル Colosseum Leader Tail) is a character from Pokémon Battle Revolution. She is the leader of the Main Street Colosseum. Like all Colosseum Leaders, she dresses up as a Pokémon; her costume of choice is that of a Pachirisu, one of the Pokémon she uses. She seems to like cute Pokémon and Electric-Type Pokémon the best. Her design is based on the Little Girl Model.


Main Street Colosseum

Lv. 30 Open

Stargazer Colosseum


Main Street Colosseum

Lv. 30 Open
  • Before battle
"Welcome to Pokétopia!"
  • Sending out first Pokémon
"I hope you enjoy your battle!"
"Thank you, <Pokémon>!"
  • Sending out a new Pokémon
"Good luck, <Pokémon>!"
  • After winning
"You can challenge as many times as you want. Please come again!"
  • After being defeated
"Oh no, I lost. But it was fun!"

Stargazer Colosseum

Pokétopia Championship
  • Before battle
"We've finally come to this!"
  • Sending out first Pokémon
"You cannot defeat me!"
  • Sending out a new Pokémon
"Good luck, <Pokémon>!"
  • After winning
"Hmmhmm! I'm sorry. Please, come again!"
  • After being defeated
"I lost again. Good luck in your next battle!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese テイル Tail From tail.
English, Taylor From tail.
French, German Iris From iris, a blue flower, and Pachirisu
Italian Celestina From celeste, light blue.
Spanish Celeste From celeste, light blue.

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