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Reason: Effect of Knock Off, Fling, and item-moving effects (such as Thief, Bestow, Symbiosis) on the EV-boosting effect.

EV-enhancing items are items which enhance the EVs gained when a Pokémon is defeated. All of them halve the Speed of the Pokémon holding them in battle while they are being held.

These items' effects are doubled by the effect of Pokérus. For example, if a Chikorita with Pokérus that holds a Power Lens defeats a Haunter, that Chikorita would gain 12 EV points in Special Attack. Two would be from defeating the Haunter, four would come from the Power Lens, and the remaining six would be from the Pokérus's doubling effect. However, a Pokémon holding the Exp. Share will not gain any of these boosts, and unless already infected with Pokérus, will only receive the base EV yield of the defeated Pokémon. In Generation VI, the Exp. Share was made into a Key Item, meaning that Pokémon who receive experience from the Exp. Share can also take advantage of any held EV-enhancing items.

From Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver onward, if they are held by either parent in the Pokémon Day Care, that parent passes down its IV in that respective stat; HP for Power Weight, Attack for Power Bracer, and so on.

As of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the Macho Brace is no longer available in-game, leaving access to only the other EV-enhancing items.

List of EV-enhancing items


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Macho Brace Sprite.png
Macho Brace
Dream Power Weight Sprite.png Dream Power Bracer Sprite.png Dream Power Belt Sprite.png
Power Weight Power Bracer Power Belt
Dream Power Lens Sprite.png Dream Power Band Sprite.png Dream Power Anklet Sprite.png
Power Lens Power Band Power Anklet

In the anime

A Macho Brace in the anime

In Under the Pledging Tree!, a set of Macho Braces was one of the items offered to Ash by a market vendor in Coumarine City after Ash had wondered out loud what presents he should buy for an upcoming festival.


In other languages

Macho Brace

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きょうせいギプス Coercive Cast
Chinese Cantonese 強制鍛鍊器 Kèuhngjai Dyunlihnhei
Mandarin 強制鍛鍊器 / 强制锻炼器 Qiángzhì Duànliànqì
Denmark Flag.png Danish Machostøtte
Finland Flag.png Finnish Machoranneke
France Flag.png French Bracelet Macho
Germany Flag.png German Machoband
Italy Flag.png Italian Crescicappa
South Korea Flag.png Korean 교정깁스 Gyojeong Gips
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Machoarmbånd
Poland Flag.png Polish Macho Klamra
Spain Flag.png Spanish Brazal firme
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Machospänne

Power Weight

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パワーウエイト Power Weight
Chinese Cantonese 力量負重 Lihkleuhng Fuhchúhng
Mandarin 力量負重 / 力量负重 Lìliàng Fùzhòng
France Flag.png French Poids Pouvoir
Germany Flag.png German Machtgewicht
Italy Flag.png Italian Vigorpeso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 파워웨이트 Power Weight
Poland Flag.png Polish Ciężarek Mocy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pesa recia

Power Bracer

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パワーリスト Power Wrist
Chinese Cantonese 力量護腕 Lihkleuhng Wuhwún
Mandarin 力量護腕 / 力量护腕 Lìliàng Hùwàn
France Flag.png French Poignée Pouvoir
Germany Flag.png German Machtreif
Italy Flag.png Italian Vigorcerchio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 파워리스트 Power Wrist
Poland Flag.png Polish Naramiennik Mocy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Brazal recio

Power Belt

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パワーベルト Power Belt
Chinese Cantonese 力量腰帶 Lihkleuhng Yīudáai
Mandarin 力量腰帶 / 力量腰带 Lìliàng Yāodài
France Flag.png French Ceinture Pouvoir
Germany Flag.png German Machtgurt
Italy Flag.png Italian Vigorfascia
South Korea Flag.png Korean 파워벨트 Power Belt
Poland Flag.png Polish Pas Mocy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cinto recio

Power Lens

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パワーレンズ Power Lens
Chinese Cantonese 力量鏡 Lihkleuhng Geng
Mandarin 力量鏡 / 力量镜 Lìliàng Jìng
France Flag.png French Lentille Pouvoir
Germany Flag.png German Machtlinse
Italy Flag.png Italian Vigorlente
South Korea Flag.png Korean 파워렌즈 Power Lens
Poland Flag.png Polish Soczewka Mocy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lente recia

Power Band

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パワーバンド Power Band
Chinese Cantonese 力量束帶 Lihkleuhng Chūkdaai
Mandarin 力量束帶 / 力量束带 Lìliàng Shùdài
France Flag.png French Bandeau Pouvoir
Germany Flag.png German Machtband
Italy Flag.png Italian Vigorbanda
South Korea Flag.png Korean 파워밴드 Power Band
Poland Flag.png Polish Opaska Mocy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Banda recia

Power Anklet

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パワーアンクル Power Ankle
Chinese Cantonese 力量護踝 Lihkleuhng Wuhwahng
Mandarin 力量護踝 / 力量护踝 Lìliàng Hùhuái
France Flag.png French Chaîne Pouvoir
Germany Flag.png German Machtkette
Italy Flag.png Italian Vigorgliera
South Korea Flag.png Korean 파워앵클릿 Power Anklet
Poland Flag.png Polish Bransoletka na nogę Mocy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Franja recia

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