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The Charjabug race course

The Charjabug race (Japanese: デンヂムシレース Dendimushi Race) is an anime-exclusive competition that is held annually on Melemele Island, Alola. It consists of a race using Charjabug placed inside a Charjabug-powered Charjabug Racer. The indoor track traverses several terrains as well as obstacles placed by various Pokémon.

There appear to be multiple cups in which Trainers can compete, including the Koko Cup (Japanese: コケコカップ Kokeko Cup). Ash, Sophocles, and Kiawe participated in the 25th annual edition of this cup. It was featured in Mounting an Electrifying Charge! and hosted by Anna.


The prizes of the Charjabug race

Although there appear to be cups focusing on just one Trainer and their Charjabug in the race, the Koko Cup has participants enter in teams of three. Each member of the team fulfills a different role, with the roles being:

  • The director, who gives instructions to their teammates from a tower through an ear piece.
  • The mechanic, who performs maintenance on the Charjabug Car and switches the tires.
  • The support runner, who runs alongside the Charjabug and helps it overcome obstacles.

During the episode, the terrains and Pokémon that appeared were:

  • Rock Country terrain: Boldore created columns of rocks as obstacles
  • Desert terrain: Sandygast created a Sandstorm, making it difficult to see
  • Cityscape terrain: Castform changed the weather from Rain to Hail, making the track slippery

Before each area are pit stops, where the tires on the Charjabug Racer can be changed and the Charjabug can rest, eat or drink. Changing tires outside of these pits is not allowed.

The support runner of the team is not allowed to help the Charjabug by pushing the car, as doing so will result in disqualification. Using moves to impede other Pokémon also results in a disqualification. However, using moves such as String Shot on the Charjabug Racer's tires to overcome slippery terrain is allowed.

The winner receives a year's supply of Charjabug-themed products. These include Charjabug Racer tires, notebooks, and pillows.

Known competitors in the Koko Cup

The winners of the Charjabug race
Teams Place
Sophocles Lab
(Sophocles, Ash, and Kiawe)
Red Comet
(Horacio, Dana, and Yansu)
Electric Princess Third
Science Speed DNF
Twin Starmie DNF
Bewear Max
(Team Rocket, Wobbuffet, and Mareanie)

Pokémon used in the Koko Cup

Sophocles Lab

Sophocles Charjabug racing car.png

Bewear Max

Meowth Charjabug disguise.png

Red Comet

Horacio Charjabug.png
Charjabug Shiny

Electric Princess

Team Electric Princess Charjabug.png

Twin Starmie

Team Twin Starmie Charjabug.png

Science Speed

Team Science Speed Charjabug.png

In other languages

Charjabug race

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 蟲電寶競跑 Chóngdiànbǎo Jìngpǎo
Denmark Flag.png Danish Charjabug-løb
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Charjabug race
Finland Flag.png Finnish Charjabug-kisa
Italy Flag.png Italian Gara di Charjabug
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Charjabug-løpet
Poland Flag.png Polish Wyścig Charjabugów
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Corrida de Charjabug
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Carrera de Charjabug
Spain Flag.png Spain Carrera de Charjabug
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Charjabug-racet

Koko Cup

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 鳴鳴盃 Míngmíng Bēi
Denmark Flag.png Danish Koko Cup
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Koko Cup
Finland Flag.png Finnish Koko Cup
Italy Flag.png Italian Coppa Koko
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Kokocupen
Poland Flag.png Polish Puchar Koko
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Copa Koko
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Copa Koko
Spain Flag.png Spain Copa Koko
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Kokocupen

Charjabug Racer

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 蟲電寶電動車 Chóngdiànbǎo Diàndòngchē
Denmark Flag.png Danish Charjabug Racer
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Charjabug Racer
Finland Flag.png Finnish Charjabug-kilpuri
Italy Flag.png Italian Corridore di supporto
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Charjabug Racer
Poland Flag.png Polish Ścigacz Charjabug
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Corredor Charjabug
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Corredor de apoyo
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Charjabug Racer

Sophocles Lab

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 馬瑪內研究室 Mǎmǎnèi Yánjiūshì
Denmark Flag.png Danish Sophocles’ laboratorium
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Sophocles Lab
Finland Flag.png Finnish Sofokleen Labra
Italy Flag.png Italian LaboChrys
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Sophocles Lab
Poland Flag.png Polish Laboratorium Sophoclesa
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Laboratório do Chris
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Laboratorio de Sophocles
Spain Flag.png Spain Laboratorio de Chris
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Sophocles lab

Bewear Max

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 最強穿著熊 Zuìqiáng Chuānzhuóxióng
Denmark Flag.png Danish Bewear Max
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Bewear Max
Finland Flag.png Finnish Bewear Max
Italy Flag.png Italian Bewear Max
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Bewear Max
Poland Flag.png Polish Bewear Max
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Bewear Máximo
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Bewear Max
Spain Flag.png Spain Bewear Max
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Bewear Max

Red Comet

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 紅色流星 Hóngsè Liúxīng
Denmark Flag.png Danish Røde Komet
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Rode Komeet
Finland Flag.png Finnish Punakomeetta
Italy Flag.png Italian Cometa Rossa
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Røde komet
Poland Flag.png Polish Czerwona Kometa
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Cometa Vermelho
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Cometa Rojo
Spain Flag.png Spain Cometa Rojo
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Röda Kometen

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