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Mount Lanakila

Mount Lanakila, Base

Mount Lanakila is the tallest mountain in Alola, located north of Tapu Village on Ula'ula Island. Construction on the mountain has now concluded, resulting in the new Pokémon League site atop its highest peak.


When you approach the elevator platform, the elevator descends with Gladion. He has been meaning to thank you for what you did for Lillie and Lusamine. The only thing he can offer in return is a full-power battle with his new Z-Ring.

VS Gladion

Gladion's Crobat and Weavile share a weakness to Rock-type attacks. Weavile and Lucario are both vulnerable to Fire and Fighting moves. Beware of Lucario's Steelium Z, which upgrades its Metal Claw into Corkscrew Crash with a base power of 100. His Type: Null has since evolved into Silvally; the Memory it holds will vary based on your first Pokémon.

Rowlet Player chose Rowlet:

Litten Player chose Litten:

Popplio Player chose Popplio:

After the battle, he informs you that Lillie is taking care of their mother at the Aether Foundation, and gives you a Max Elixir from her. Seeing that you and Hau are both going to keep getting stronger, Gladion realizes that he can't let his guard down yet. He smiles and tells you to keep winning before leaving toward Tapu Village. Take a moment to visit the village and rest your Pokémon before climbing onto the elevator.

Upper Reaches (Lower)

Head through the tall grass to the east to pick up an Escape Rope, then collect the Zygarde Cell a bit farther along on the left. Continue northward and enter the cave.

Icy Cave

Climb up along the tunnel as it bends around to the west until you reach a fork in the road. Go west to find TM13 (Ice Beam) sitting above a ledge, then backtrack and turn northward. Continue on as the tunnel climbs higher to reach another intersection. First, head east to reach a winding path that leads to a pedestal that holds the Icium Z. Take the northern path to reach a Full Restore behind some rocks, then continue westward to find an ice-covered rock. Go north from here to climb to the cave exit.

Upper Reaches (Upper)

Climb up the small slope to the upper level. Pick up the Max Revive among the tall grass to the west, then climb onto the second elevator.


Pokémon Center

Visit the Pokémon Center to make sure that your Pokémon are prepared for the upcoming trial. Be sure to stock up on Potions, Revives, and items to cure status ailments. Challengers must face the four elite Trainers with no break, so there will be no running to the Pokémon Center if things get dire!

Madam Memorial

An elderly woman near the Poké Mart knows every move that each Pokémon can learn. In exchange for one Heart Scale per session, she can re-teach any move that may have been forgotten.

Rival Battle 7

When you climb up the slope to the west of the Pokémon Center, Hau catches up to you. He's cleared the rest of his trials and even went back home for more training. Once he heard that you were already climbing the mountain, he got here as fast as he could. He challenges you to a battle to determine which of you will be the first to reach the new Pokémon League!

Rowlet Player chose Rowlet:

Litten Player chose Litten:

Popplio Player chose Popplio:

Disappointed with his defeat, he promises to keep training so that he can come back the next time and defeat you and your Champion title. He gives you three Max Revives and runs off with a parting wave.

Prepare with the Professor

When you reach the summit, you find Professor Kukui waiting to congratulate you on clearing the island challenge. He explains that as Mount Lanakila has always been where the challenge ends, he built the Pokémon League here as well, as high into the heavens as possible to honor the Legendary Pokémon. It seems he got the idea when he traveled to Indigo Plateau and took on the Pokémon League of the far-off Kanto region.

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