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Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM

Altar of the Moone

The Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM is situated on a massive pillar of stone in the deepest part of the island. It is accessed by climbing a grand staircase from the farthest part of Vast Poni Canyon.

Approaching the Altar

When you exit the tunnel from Vast Poni Canyon, Lillie, Hapu, and Mudsdale are right behind you. Hapu commends you on clearing your latest trial; Lillie is excited for you having now cleared all seven trials of Alola's island challenge, and heals your Pokémon. Climb the grand staircase to reach the altar.

The Ceremony

When you reach the top of the staircase, it is time to begin the ceremony. Lillie takes her place on one side of the altar, on a platform surrounded by water. Head to the opposite side to take your place, as well. When the Sun Flute and Moon Flute are played, the pools of water react and activate the altar. A doorway opens and shoots a massive beam of light at the central platform, which draws Nebby into it. Lillie looks on in amazement as Nebby evolves into SolgaleoS / LunalaM! She pleads with Nebby to see her mother, so the Legendary Pokémon uses the power of its third eye to open an Ultra Wormhole and carries you and Lillie into Ultra Space.

Ultra Space

Ultra Space

After reaching this interdimensional area, Lillie realizes that Nebby must stay in this spot; if you need to prepare, speak with it to return to your own world.

Follow Lillie northward through the undersea-like area to find Guzma. The Team Skull boss may be scared of nothing and nobody, but warns you of the danger of the Ultra Beasts after revealing that he had been possessed by one. He states that Lusamine has lost her mind over these beasts, and there is no reasoning with her. Follow Lillie to the end of the path to be confronted by several Ultra Beasts; when they disappear, Lusamine appears in their place. She becomes enraged that you would dare to come to her beautiful world. Lillie tries to reason with her, but it's no use. Lusamine releases her Nihilego from its Beast Ball and the two merge to form a shadowy, jellyfish-like creature, and the battle begins!

VS Lusamine

Each of Lusamine's Pokémon has an aura that boosts one of its stats, and each has a move that can restore its health. Poison-type moves are useful against her Clefable and Lilligant, while Flying attacks deal serious damage to Lilligant and Bewear. Mismagius falters against Ghost and Dark moves; Milotic is vulnerable to Grass- and Electric-type attacks.

When the battle ends, Lusamine attempts to attack on her own. Lillie calls for Nebby's help, and it uses the power of its third eye to repel Lusamine's assault. She and Nihilego split, and her Pokémon returns to its Beast Ball as she falls to the ground. Lillie runs to her mother's side as a group of Nihilego appears and prepares to attack. The Legendary Pokémon rushes in and teleports everyone, including Lusamine and Guzma, back to the Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM.

Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM

Hapu was concerned and came looking for you, only to find a Legendary Pokémon and a strange hole in the sky, and is relieved to see you both unhurt. She believes that Lusamine will recover and tells Guzma to lift her onto Mudsdale's back. The three set off to get the woman some medical attention. Nebby indicates that it wants to continue traveling with you and Lillie, but she can't give it the fierce battles that it wants, she asks that you face it as only a Trainer can.

VS SolgaleoS / LunalaM

Throwing the Master Ball at the start of the battle is the easiest way to go, but if that is not an option, you will need to treat Nebby as any other wild Pokémon. Begin with Ghost- and Dark-type moves to wear its health down quickly, then follow-up with less effective attacks. Solgaleo's Full Metal Body Ability prevents stat reduction; Lunala's Shadow Shield Ability reduces the damage taken at full health. It signature move, Sunsteel StrikeS / Moongeist BeamM, deals damage while ignoring the target's Ability. If defeated or run from, the Legendary Pokémon respawns without you needing to leave the area.

Psychic Steel
Full Metal Body
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Solgaleo Lv.55
Sunsteel Strike
Steel Physical
Cosmic Power
Psychic Status
Dark Physical
Zen Headbutt
Psychic Physical
Psychic Ghost
Shadow Shield
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Lunala Lv.55
Moongeist Beam
Ghost Special
Cosmic Power
Psychic Status
Night Daze
Dark Special
Shadow Ball
Ghost Special

Afterward, Lillie is overjoyed at having seen Nebby in battle and entrusts the Pokémon to you. After a few parting words to the both of you, she sets off to check on her mother.

One Trial Remains

Once Lillie has left, Nanu appears. Now that you have completed all of the island trials and grand trials, there's only one trial left: defeating the kahunas, four of Alola's elite Trainers, all in a row. Things are different this year, as Alola is getting its own Pokémon League. He suggests that you visit Mount Lanakila on Ula'ula Island, and invites you to travel with him to Tapu Village at the foot of the mountain.

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