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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Pallet Town


When you reappear in your room, your partner happily gifts you the Small Bouquet it made. As you attempt to go downstairs, Trace rushes into your room with rumors of a strong-looking Pokémon spotted near a cave in Cerulean City. He intends to make it a competition between the two of you, and whoever catches the Pokémon first wins.

A World Expands

Stepping outside, you realize that your world has expanded after becoming Champion. The coveted title brings new privileges, so you can now fly through the sky on Charizard, Aerodactyl, or Dragonite whenever you like! This allows you to encounter other Flying-type Pokémon high in the skies, and also lets you bypass areas that require Chop Down or Sea Skim.

As you reach this realization, a Youngster calls out to you. He reintroduces himself as Ronny from Route 1, and informs you that Master Trainers have now appeared all throughout Kanto. These elite Trainers have spent their entire careers training one specific Pokémon species, and will not be easy to defeat! There are 153 of them to find, and they can be identified by their red clothes and the speech bubble above their head that shows their chosen Pokémon. When battling them, you may only use a single Pokémon and it must be the same as theirs. Their Pokémon are high-leveled and well-trained, so defeating them all will not be easy.

List of Master Trainers

Trainer Location Pokémon Level Moves
Lass Rena Route 4 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Lv. 65 Sludge Bomb Take Down Growth -
Lass Katrina Route 14 Ivysaur Ivysaur Lv. 70 Sludge Bomb Double-Edge Growth -
Lass Sal Route 23 Venusaur Venusaur Lv. 75 Sludge Bomb Outrage Growth -
Ace Trainer Tim Celadon Condominiums Charmander Charmander Lv. 65 Slash Seismic Toss Smokescreen -
Ace Trainer Christopher Route 10 Charmeleon Charmeleon Lv. 70 Outrage Dig Smokescreen -
Ace Trainer Edmund Route 23 Charizard Charizard Lv. 75 Dragon Pulse Thunder Punch Protect -
Beauty Suzy Route 12 Squirtle Squirtle Lv. 65 Headbutt Bite Withdraw -
Beauty Prita Route 20 Wartortle Wartortle Lv. 70 Headbutt Rock Slide Skull Bash -
Beauty Tessa Route 20 Blastoise Blastoise Lv. 80 Fake Out Rock Slide Dark Pulse Substitute
Bug Catcher Jake Route 18 Caterpie Caterpie Lv. 65 Tackle String Shot - -
Bug Catcher Bryson Route 11 Metapod Metapod Lv. 65 Tackle String Shot Harden -
Bug Catcher Bobby Route 2 Butterfree Butterfree Lv. 75 Quiver Dance Sleep Powder Air Slash -
Bug Catcher Scott Viridian Forest Weedle Weedle Lv. 65 Poison Sting String Shot - -
Bug Catcher Kenny Route 13 Kakuna Kakuna Lv. 65 Poison Sting String Shot Harden -
Bug Catcher Terry Route 8 Beedrill Beedrill Lv. 75 Outrage Drill Run Agility -
Bird Keeper Louey Route 2 Pidgey Pidgey Lv. 65 Fly Toxic Protect Roost
Bird Keeper Howie Route 16 Pidgeotto Pidgeotto Lv. 70 Air Slash Headbutt Agility -
Bird Keeper Wyatt Route 12 Pidgeot Pidgeot Lv. 75 Sky Attack Hyper Beam Reflect Roost
Youngster Bret Route 10 Rattata Rattata Lv. 65 Bite Headbutt Thunder Wave -
Youngster Denis Cerulean City Raticate Raticate Lv. 75 Double-Edge Facade Blizzard -
Bird Keeper Ralph Pewter City Spearow Spearow Lv. 70 Fury Attack Focus Energy - -
Bird Keeper Theo Route 18 Fearow Fearow Lv. 80 Sky Attack Focus Energy Drill Run -
Scientist Herbert Route 4 Ekans Ekans Lv. 70 Glare Bite Rock Slide -
Scientist Adam Team Rocket Hideout Arbok Arbok Lv. 75 Glare Facade Wrap Sucker Punch
Lass Ikue Viridian Forest Pikachu Pikachu Lv. 75 Slam Toxic Substitute Reflect
Lass Charlotte Pokémon Tower Raichu Raichu Lv. 75 Headbutt Double Team Hyper Beam -
Hiker Paul Route 11 Sandshrew Sandshrew Lv. 70 Poison Jab Seismic Toss Sand Attack -
Hiker Benjamin Route 7 Sandslash Sandslash Lv. 75 Drill Run Swords Dance Substitute -
Ace Trainer Ronnie Route 3 Nidoran♀ Nidoran♀ Lv. 65 Super Fang Thunderbolt Ice Beam -
Ace Trainer Fred Underground Path (Rt. 7-8) Nidorina Nidorina Lv. 70 Super Fang Thunder Blizzard -
Ace Trainer Percy Route 23 Nidoqueen Nidoqueen Lv. 75 Super Fang Blizzard Surf -
Ace Trainer Alvin Route 4 Nidoran♂ Nidoran♂ Lv. 70 Iron Tail Headbutt - -
Ace Trainer Dave Underground Path (Rt. 7-8) Nidorino Nidorino Lv. 75 Iron Tail Dig - -
Ace Trainer Carlton Route 23 Nidoking Nidoking Lv. 80 Horn Drill Drill Run Ice Punch -
Lass Chel Saffron City Clefairy Clefairy Lv. 70 Sing Metronome - -
Lass Alexandra Mt. Moon Clefable Clefable Lv. 80 Iron Tail Moonblast Minimize -
Ace Trainer Finn Route 6 Vulpix Vulpix Lv. 70 Toxic Fire Spin Confuse Ray -
Ace Trainer Arnold Route 9 Ninetales Ninetales Lv. 75 Hypnosis Calm Mind Dark Pulse Dream Eater
Lass Marge Pewter City Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Lv. 70 Sing Body Slam Disable -
Lass Yumi Silph Co. Wigglytuff Wigglytuff Lv. 75 Sing Tri Attack Disable -
Scientist West Rock Tunnel Zubat Zubat Lv. 70 Air Slash Confuse Ray - -
Scientist Keaton Victory Road Golbat Golbat Lv. 75 Fly Confuse Ray Roost -
Lass Amy Viridian City Oddish Oddish Lv. 65 Sludge Bomb - - -
Lass Emma Pewter City Gloom Gloom Lv. 70 Sludge Bomb - - -
Lass Satoko Route 14 Vileplume Vileplume Lv. 75 Substitute Reflect Hyper Beam -
Bug Catcher Evan Mt. Moon Paras Paras Lv. 70 X-Scissor Sludge Bomb - -
Bug Catcher Hans Route 2 Parasect Parasect Lv. 75 Leech Life Sludge Bomb - -
Bug Catcher Olly Route 24 Venonat Venonat Lv. 70 Disable Sleep Powder Psybeam -
Bug Catcher Lajos Route 15 Venomoth Venomoth Lv. 75 Quiver Dance Sleep Powder Psychic -
Hiker Colin Diglett's Cave Diglett Diglett Lv. 70 Sucker Punch Dig - -
Hiker Dexter Diglett's Cave Dugtrio Dugtrio Lv. 75 Sand Attack Substitute Fissure Slash
Youngster Ken Viridian City Meowth Meowth Lv. 70 Nasty Plot Thunderbolt Dark Pulse -
Youngster Shawn Team Rocket Hideout Persian Persian Lv. 75 Hypnosis Dream Eater Nasty Plot Hyper Beam
Beauty Nicole Route 21 Psyduck Psyduck Lv. 70 Amnesia Psychic Rest -
Beauty Camille Route 4 Golduck Golduck Lv. 75 Yawn Calm Mind Psychic -
Black Belt Tadashi Route 5 Mankey Mankey Lv. 70 Focus Energy Karate Chop Fury Swipes -
Black Belt Kano Route 11 Primeape Primeape Lv. 75 Counter Taunt Brick Break -
Ace Trainer Austin Route 7 Growlithe Growlithe Lv. 70 Dig Toxic Reflect -
Ace Trainer Satch Celadon City Arcanine Arcanine Lv. 75 Facade Hyper Beam Double-Edge Reflect
Lass Vicky Route 12 Poliwag Poliwag Lv. 65 Hypnosis Headbutt Hydro Pump -
Lass Kimberly Cerulean City Poliwhirl Poliwhirl Lv. 70 Substitute Scald Psychic -
Black Belt Yuen Cerulean City Poliwrath Poliwrath Lv. 75 Brick Break Bulk Up Psychic -
Psychic Angelo Viridian City Abra Abra Lv. 70 Calm Mind Shadow Ball Thunder Wave -
Psychic Jaime Saffron City Kadabra Kadabra Lv. 75 Iron Tail Thunder Punch Facade -
Psychic Frasier Route 10 Alakazam Alakazam Lv. 80 Disable Recover Calm Mind Tri Attack
Black Belt Masahiro Silph Co. Machop Machop Lv. 65 Thunder Punch Poison Jab Bulk Up -
Black Belt Ryuji Fuchsia City Machoke Machoke Lv. 70 Poison Jab Fire Punch Bulk Up -
Black Belt Randy Vermilion City Machamp Machamp Lv. 75 Brick Break Headbutt Bulk Up -
Lass Hana Viridian City Bellsprout Bellsprout Lv. 65 Poison Jab Sludge Bomb Growth -
Lass Emily Pokémon Tower Weepinbell Weepinbell Lv. 70 Poison Jab Sludge Bomb Growth -
Lass Dianne Celadon City Victreebel Victreebel Lv. 75 Poison Jab Sucker Punch Swords Dance -
Scientist Francis Route 20 Tentacool Tentacool Lv. 75 Barrier Headbutt Hydro Pump -
Scientist Melvin Route 20 Tentacruel Tentacruel Lv. 80 Wrap Screech Barrier Headbutt
Hiker Irwin Rock Tunnel Geodude Geodude Lv. 65 Bide Brick Break - -
Hiker Dillan Victory Road Graveler Graveler Lv. 70 Fire Blast Sand Attack Defense Curl -
Hiker Valentino Pewter Museum of Science Golem Golem Lv. 75 Dig Fire Punch Defense Curl Protect
Ace Trainer Garret Saffron City Ponyta Ponyta Lv. 70 Reflect Toxic Fire Spin Rest
Ace Trainer Raymond Saffron City Rapidash Rapidash Lv. 75 Hypnosis Horn Drill Drill Run -
Beauty Jill Route 21 Slowpoke Slowpoke Lv. 70 Thunder Wave Earthquake Facade -
Beauty Haruka Route 21 Slowbro Slowbro Lv. 75 Disable Calm Mind Yawn Shadow Ball
Scientist Murray Underground Path (Rt. 5-6) Magnemite Magnemite Lv. 70 Flash Cannon Supersonic - -
Scientist Julian Underground Path (Rt. 5-6) Magneton Magneton Lv. 75 Thunder Hyper Beam - -
Bird Keeper Moe Vermilion City Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Lv. 70 Swords Dance Fly Feint -
Bird Keeper Barney Cerulean City Doduo Doduo Lv. 70 Swords Dance Jump Kick - -
Bird Keeper Seymour Route 15 Dodrio Dodrio Lv. 75 Agility Headbutt - -
Beauty Aina Seafoam Islands Seel Seel Lv. 70 Double-Edge Encore - -
Beauty Lois Seafoam Islands Dewgong Dewgong Lv. 75 Horn Drill Toxic Rest Protect
Scientist Cory Celadon City Grimer Grimer Lv. 70 Minimize Fire Punch Protect -
Scientist Gordon Pokémon Mansion Muk Muk Lv. 75 Haze Rock Slide Thunder Punch -
Beauty Shelly Route 19 Shellder Shellder Lv. 70 Shell Smash Ice Shard Headbutt -
Beauty Rose Route 20 Cloyster Cloyster Lv. 75 Barrier Toxic Protect Rest
Psychic Arin Lavender Town Gastly Gastly Lv. 70 Shadow Ball - - -
Psychic Danny Lavender Town Haunter Haunter Lv. 75 Shadow Ball - - -
Psychic Ross Lavender Town Gengar Gengar Lv. 80 Hypnosis Dream Eater Thunderbolt -
Hiker Jim Underground Path (Rt. 7-8) Onix Onix Lv. 70 Wrap Toxic Harden Protect
Psychic Anton Viridian City Drowzee Drowzee Lv. 70 Thunder Wave Headbutt Meditate -
Psychic Vlad Pokémon Tower Hypno Hypno Lv. 75 Hypnosis Nasty Plot Shadow Ball -
Ace Trainer Carl Vermilion City Krabby Krabby Lv. 70 Superpower X-Scissor - -
Ace Trainer Leopold Silph Co. Kingler Kingler Lv. 75 Agility Stomp Scald Guillotine
Scientist Humphrey Power Plant Voltorb Voltorb Lv. 70 Light Screen Swift - -
Scientist Elton Route 17 Electrode Electrode Lv. 75 Screech Headbutt Light Screen -
Lass Summer Route 24 Exeggcute Exeggcute Lv. 70 Sludge Bomb Facade - -
Lass Cindy Cinnabar Island Exeggutor Exeggutor Lv. 75 Hypnosis Solar Beam Hyper Beam -
Hiker Richter Route 8 Cubone Cubone Lv. 70 Bonemerang Growl - -
Hiker Julius Lavender Town Marowak Marowak Lv. 75 Swords Dance Double-Edge Fire Punch -
Black Belt Cheng Fighting Dojo Hitmonlee Hitmonlee Lv. 75 High Jump Kick Feint - -
Black Belt Wong Fighting Dojo Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Lv. 75 Bulk Up Thunder Punch Ice Punch Fire Punch
Youngster Cid Route 16 Lickitung Lickitung Lv. 70 Fire Blast Blizzard Thunder Disable
Scientist Albert Route 17 Koffing Koffing Lv. 70 Shadow Ball Will-O-Wisp Protect -
Scientist Donnie Team Rocket Hideout Weezing Weezing Lv. 75 Flamethrower Thunderbolt Taunt -
Hiker Farkas Route 17 Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Lv. 70 Dragon Pulse Fire Blast - -
Hiker Eugine Team Rocket Hideout Rhydon Rhydon Lv. 75 Earthquake Horn Drill - -
Lass Mizuki Fuchsia City Chansey Chansey Lv. 75 Seismic Toss Soft-Boiled Light Screen Reflect
Lass Harleen Route 15 Tangela Tangela Lv. 75 Bind Hyper Beam Toxic Protect
Ace Trainer Mac Fuchsia City Kangaskhan Kangaskhan Lv. 75 Rage Headbutt - -
Beauty Beverly Route 19 Horsea Horsea Lv. 70 Scald Protect - -
Beauty Lucy Route 12 Seadra Seadra Lv. 75 Smokescreen Hyper Beam Substitute -
Beauty Evette Route 12 Goldeen Goldeen Lv. 70 Agility Headbutt Poison Jab -
Beauty Arianna Route 13 Seaking Seaking Lv. 75 Skull Bash Scald Protect -
Beauty Jo Route 19 Staryu Staryu Lv. 70 Tri Attack Swift Light Screen -
Psychic Harrison Route 25 Starmie Starmie Lv. 75 Minimize Psywave Light Screen -
Psychic Rui Celadon Condominiums Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Lv. 70 Calm Mind Barrier Dazzling Gleam -
Bug Catcher Louie Route 15 Scyther Scyther Lv. 75 Swords Dance Slash Roost -
Psychic Avery Cerulean City Jynx Jynx Lv. 75 Calm Mind Lovely Kiss Dream Eater Seismic Toss
Scientist Levi Route 10 Electabuzz Electabuzz Lv. 75 Reflect Fire Punch Psychic -
Ace Trainer Jace Pokémon Mansion Magmar Magmar Lv. 75 Toxic Confuse Ray Psychic Fire Spin
Bug Catcher Ryouta Route 18 Pinsir Pinsir Lv. 75 Rock Slide X-Scissor Guillotine -
Ace Trainer Jaxson Fuchsia City Tauros Tauros Lv. 75 Double-Edge Rage - -
Youngster Easton Route 4 Magikarp Magikarp Lv. 65 Tackle Splash - -
Ace Trainer Dominic Celadon City Gyarados Gyarados Lv. 75 Earthquake Thunderbolt - -
Lass Hazel Pokémon Tower Lapras Lapras Lv. 75 Solar Beam Thunderbolt Confuse Ray -
Lass Aoi Route 17 Eevee Eevee Lv. 75 Reflect Double-Edge - -
Lass Yue Celadon Department Store Vaporeon Vaporeon Lv. 75 Shadow Ball Toxic Rest -
Scientist Alphonse Celadon Department Store Jolteon Jolteon Lv. 75 Light Screen Yawn Shadow Ball -
Ace Trainer Dax Celadon Department Store Flareon Flareon Lv. 75 Flare Blitz Superpower Fire Spin -
Scientist Jordan Rocket Game Corner Porygon Porygon Lv. 70 Iron Tail Conversion Shadow Ball Thunderbolt
Hiker Colson Mt. Moon Omanyte Omanyte Lv. 70 Scald Blizzard - -
Hiker Lionel Cinnabar Lab Omastar Omastar Lv. 75 Shell Smash Waterfall Rock Slide Bite
Hiker Barnaby Mt. Moon Kabuto Kabuto Lv. 70 Reflect Sand Attack Substitute Leech Life
Hiker Kenji Pewter City Kabutops Kabutops Lv. 75 Mega Drain Brick Break Feint -
Hiker Hisato Pewter Museum of Science Aerodactyl Aerodactyl Lv. 75 Roost Fly Toxic Iron Tail
Ace Trainer Jay Route 16 Snorlax Snorlax Lv. 75 Reflect Facade Rest -
Ace Trainer Jirard Route 23 Dratini Dratini Lv. 65 Dragon Pulse Ice Beam Agility -
Ace Trainer Arjun Seafoam Islands Dragonair Dragonair Lv. 70 Dragon Pulse Blizzard Thunder Wave Light Screen
Ace Trainer Grayson Cerulean City Dragonite Dragonite Lv. 75 Outrage Ice Beam Aqua Jet Reflect

The Master Trainers for Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon, and Ditto will not battle you. Instead, they wish to see a Pokémon of their respective specialty with a high enough CP.

Location Pokémon CP
Pokémon Mansion Ditto Ditto 4,000+
Seafoam Islands Articuno Articuno 7,500+
Power Plant Zapdos Zapdos 7,500+
Victory Road Moltres Moltres 7,500+
Pokémon Mansion Mewtwo Mewtwo 9,000+
Pokémon Mansion Mew Mew 8,000+
Pokémon Mansion Meltan Meltan 4,000+
Pokémon Mansion Melmetal Melmetal 8,000+

Cerulean City

There is only one place left to explore: Cerulean Cave, a mysterious place on the northwest edge of Cerulean City. To get there, visitors may use Sea Skim to sail southward from Route 24, or simply fly over the water with a Flying-type Pokémon. The Coach Trainer who had initially blocked entry to the cave has moved aside, and can now be battled like any other. Defeating Coach Trainer Harjit earns you TM60 (Megahorn).

Cerulean Cave

Cerulean Cave is a mysterious cavern located in the northwest part of Cerulean City. Only the most powerful Trainers who have entered the Hall of Fame are allowed to enter due to the powerful wild Pokémon inside. The sprawling cave network is unforgiving, so be sure to prepare well. Pack the Super Rod and stock up on Ultra Balls, and bring the Master Ball as well. It is here that the genetically-engineered Pokémon from Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Mansion fled after escaping the facility.


Head to the water's edge and use Sea Skim to reach a PP Max on the island in the northeast corner. Ignore the nearby and ladder and continue surfing westward. At the west end of the water, you can reach dry land to the north and south. Climb the hill to the north to get a Max Repel, then head south along the ridge or the water to find a Full Heal. Turn eastward and continue along the central ridge in a counter-clockwise direction to pick up a Max Revive on the north side. With the first floor cleared, you may climb either nearby ladder to reach 2F.


The second floor is one large, open chamber. Be sure to collect the several visible items that are scattered around, including treasures like a Rare Candy and a Max Revive. There are also several glowing spots on the ground that mark the potential location of other hidden treasures. To continue through the cave, climb down the ladder in the northwest corner.

1F (Northwest)

Take the next ladder down to the lower floor.


Go east along the ridge and walk down the hill. Continue along to the northeast corner, where an Escape Rope can be found. Head south along the east wall. From the southeast corner, turn north and climb onto the central ridge. Move north to reach a Full Restore, then go west. Head south and zigzag a bit to reach a Max Elixir near a patch of glowing crystals. Use Sea Skim to reach the southwest island and find Mewtwo, alone on its island. Like with the legendary birds, Mewtwo will reappear if defeated or run from after you enter the Hall of Fame again.

VS Mewtwo

Not only is Mewtwo the strongest Pokémon around, but it has already reached level 70. As a Psychic-type Pokémon, it is best to use Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks to lower its health quickly. The Legendary Pokémon can restore its health repeatedly with Recover, so inflicting status ailments like Sleep and Paralysis are useful to limit its movements. Mewtwo will not let itself be caught easily, so either use the Master Ball immediately after it is defeated or be prepared to go through more than a few Ultra Balls. When the battle is over, use an Escape Rope to quickly exit the cave.

Psychic Unknown
Mewtwo Lv.70
Normal Special
Psychic Status
Normal Status
Psychic Special

Still Hunting a Legend

When you exit the cave, Trace rushes up to you from the west. He's impressed that you have captured Mewtwo, but disappointed that you beat him to it. He tells you that he ran into "some gutsy girl" who was looking for a powerful Pokémon, and must have gone into the cave. With Mewtwo captured, Trace isn't interested in exploring the cave anymore, and gives you his three Escape Ropes instead. He thinks that the girl is likely still looking for Mewtwo, and suggests going back to show her.

Cerulean Cave

Make your way through the cave again to return to Mewtwo's island on the lower floor. On the north side, you find a girl standing with her back to you. Speak to her, and you are suddenly hit with a low-flying Poké Ball! She apologizes for mistaking you for a Pokémon, and introduces herself as Green. She asks if you are also here looking for "something special", and is upset to learn that you have already caught the Genetic Pokémon, and so challenges you to a battle!

VS Green

After the battle, Green accepts that Mewtwo belongs with you, and hands you a pair of items as a reward: the Mewtwonite X and the Mewtwonite Y. With these Mega Stones, Mewtwo can now Mega Evolve into one of two forms during battle, boosting its aleady-high stats to incredible heights! The girl has an idea, and jokingly asks if you would like to become her Pokémon alongside Mewtwo. She even throws several Poké Balls at you! When she's had enough, she runs off, leaving you free to collect the five Poké Balls that she left behind.

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