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Old Amber
Secret Amber
Bag Old Amber Sprite.png
Old Amber
Pokémon Global Link artwork
Introduced in Generation I
Generation I Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation III Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items (FRLGE)
Generation IV Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation V Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation VI Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation VII Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation VIII Bag Treasures pocket icon.png Treasures (BDSP)
Power 100

The Old Amber (Japanese: ひみつのコハク Secret Amber) is a Fossil introduced in Generation I that can be regenerated into Aerodactyl.

The Old Amber is different from the other Fossils, being a type of fossilized substance rather than a Fossil named by its appearance; however, the Aerodactyl skeleton in Pewter City Museum implies that it does have its own fossilized remains.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
N/A $500


If brought to the one of the following locations, Old Amber can be regenerated into an Aerodactyl.

Games Location
Cinnabar Lab
Oreburgh Mining Museum
HGSS Pewter Museum of Science
BWB2W2 Nacrene Museum
XY Ambrette Town Fossil Lab
ORAS Devon Corporation in Rustboro City

Generation I and III

In the Generation I and III games, Old Amber is a Key Item.

In Pokémon Emerald, the Old Amber (as well as the Dome Fossil and Helix Fossil) is found in the game data, but it is not legitimately obtainable and has no effect. The player is unable to regenerate this fossil in the Devon Corporation.

Generation IV onward

From Generation IV onward, Old Amber is no longer a Key Item, and is a normal item. Therefore, multiples of them can be obtained, they can be held, and sent to other players via trading.


Games Description
Stad The fossilized resin of a tree from prehistoric trees.
FRLG A piece of amber that contains the genes of an ancient Pokémon. It is clear with a reddish tint.
E A stone containing the genes of an ancient Pokémon.
A piece of amber that contains the genetic material of an ancient Pokémon. It is clear with a reddish tint.
A piece of amber that still contains the genetic material of an ancient Pokémon. It's clear with a tawny, reddish tint.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
RBY/RGBY Pewter Museum of Science
FRLG Pewter Museum of Science
DPPt Underground (after obtaining the National Pokédex)
HGSS Rock Smash (Ruins of Alph)
BW Twist Mountain (after obtaining the National Pokédex)
B2W2 Twist Mountain
Join Avenue (Antique Shop)
XY Rock Smash (Glittering Cave)
ORAS Rock Smash (Mirage spots)
PE Pewter Museum of Science Cerulean Cave
BDSP Grand Underground (after defeating or capturing DialgaBD/PalkiaSP)



RG Old Amber.png
Artwork from
Generation I

Sprites and models

Mine Old Amber 1.png Old Amber PE.png Mine Old Amber 1 BDSP.png
Underground sprites from
Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Model from
Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!
Grand Underground sprites from
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

In the anime

Old Amber in Pokémon Chronicles

In Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!, Gary revived an Old Amber into an Aerodactyl.

In Restore and Renew!, Goh found an Old Amber at a digging site at the Pewter Museum of Science and had it revived into an Aerodactyl, which he then caught.

In the manga

Old Amber in Pokémon Adventures

How I Became a Pokémon Card

The Old Amber appeared in Fossil + Pokémon = Aerodactyl!?, where it was eventually revived into an Aerodactyl in a laboratory.

Pokémon Adventures

In Make Way for Magmar!, Red received an Old Amber from Giovanni in Pewter City. Later, in Holy Moltres, while following Blaine's instructions, he revived the Old Amber into an Aerodactyl at the Pokémon Lab on Cinnabar Island, making him one of his main team members.

In the TCG

Old Amber in the TCG
Main article: Old Amber (Majestic Dawn 84)

The Old Amber was introduced as a Trainer card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game in the Majestic Dawn expansion, first released in the Japanese Dawn Dash expansion. Although it is a Trainer card, it is played as if it were a Colorless-type Basic Pokémon, meaning the player's opponent takes a Prize card when it is Knocked Out. However, Old Amber can't be affected by any Special Conditions, can't retreat, and the player may choose to discard it at any time during their turn. Additionally, as long as Old Amber is on the Bench, it does not take any damage from attacks. It can evolve into Aerodactyl that evolve from Old Amber.

During the Black & White Series, the Dark Explorers expansion included the Item card Old Amber Aerodactyl. It allows players to look at the bottom seven cards of their deck, reveal an Aerodactyl they find there, and put it onto their Bench. The other six cards are then shuffled back into the deck. The Scarlet & Violet Series saw the release of Antique Old Amber in the 151 expansion. This card is similar to the original Old Amber, as it is played as a Basic Pokémon, evolves into Aerodactyl, can't retreat, is not affected by Special Conditions, and may be discarded at any time during the player's turn. In addition, it has an Ability that prevents all effects of the opponent's Pokémon's Abilities on this card.

Aerodactyl Fossils are also featured on the Mysterious Fossil and Buried Fossil cards. Both of these card are played as if they were Basic Pokémon and can evolve into Aerodactyl. Unidentified Fossil does not feature an Old Amber or an Aerodactyl Fossil, but can also be used to evolve into Aerodactyl.


  • Amber is fossilized tree resin commonly found with insects trapped inside of it. The Old Amber is based on the theory of extracting DNA from the blood still preserved inside the insect to bring back past lifeforms. In real life, however, amber cannot preserve DNA.
  • The Old Amber is the only Pokémon Fossil that does not have an alternative choice to form a pair.
  • The mosquito seen in the Generation I artwork is a case of a real life animal in the Pokémon world.
  • While the Old Amber is the only Fossil absent from Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, Aerodactyl can still be obtained when received as a gift at Seafolk Village.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 秘密琥珀 Beimaht Fúpaak
Mandarin 秘密琥珀 Mìmì Hǔpò
神秘的琥珀 Shénmì-de Hǔpò *
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Dávný jantar
Finland Flag.png Finnish Vanha meripihka
France Flag.png French Vieil Ambre
Germany Flag.png German Altbernstein
Italy Flag.png Italian Ambra Antica
South Korea Flag.png Korean 비밀의호박 Bimirui Hobak
Poland Flag.png Polish Stary Bursztyn
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Âmbar Velho (anime, TCG, manga)
Âmbar Antigo (The Official Pokémon Handbook)
Russia Flag.png Russian Старый Янтарный Staryy Yantarnyy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ámbar Viejo
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Hổ phách bí mật

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