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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Indigo Plateau

Indigo Plateau

The Indigo Plateau serves as the capital for the Pokémon League in the Kanto region. This is where the Trainers who have defeated all eight Gym Leaders battle against the Elite Four and the Champion. The entrance hall houses a Poké Mart to the west and a Pokémon Center to the east, allowing challengers to prepare themselves and their Pokémon for the gauntlet ahead. The Elite Four is a group of talented Pokémon Trainers second only to the Champion in terms of power, and must be fought in succession with no break. These five battles will not be easy, but challengers who bring their strongest Pokémon and a healthy supply of Potions and Revives may finally find themselves in the Hall of Fame.

Time for a Trade

The Super Nerd standing to the west near the Poké Mart counter is looking to trade Pokémon. He is hoping to get an Exeggutor and is willing to part with his Alolan Exeggutor in exchange. His is a Grass/Dragon Pokémon, a unique typing not seen anywhere else. This trade may be conducted multiple times.

Madame Memorial

Speak to the woman near the Pokémon Center to meet a woman who goes by the name Madame Memorial. In exchange for one Heart Scale at a time, she can teach a Pokémon any move it can learn in its current form by leveling up. Equip your Pokémon with powerful moves before challenging the Elite Four!

Elite Four

Battle 1

Lorelei's room

The first member of the Elite Four is Lorelei, a master Ice-type Trainer and the same woman who helped you chase of the Team Rocket Grunts on Route 10. She welcomes you to the Pokémon League and reintroduces herself. Ice-type moves are super effective against Grass-, Flying-, Ground-, and Dragon-type Pokémon, while Ice-type Pokémon are weak to Fire-, Fighting-, Rock-, and Steel-type moves. Her Jynx is notably her only Pokémon that is not Water type. Due to her Pokémon's dual typings, Electric moves are the most useful against Lorelei's frigid forces.

Defeating Lorelei opens the door to the second room.

Battle 2

Bruno's room

The second member of the Elite Four is Bruno, a master Fighting-type Trainer. Fighting-type moves are super effective against Normal-, Rock-, Ice-, Dark-, and Steel-type Pokémon, while Fighting-type Pokémon are weak to Flying-, Psychic-, and Fairy-type moves. Bruno leads with his Onix, which makes Grass and Water moves helpful, as well. Slowbro and Starmie may be especially useful here, as their Water/Psychic typing helps to counter each opposing Pokémon.

Defeating Bruno opens the door to the third room.

Battle 3

Agatha's room

The third member of the Elite Four is Agatha, a master Ghost-type Trainer. Ghost-type moves are super effective against Ghost- and Psychic-type Pokémon, while Ghost-type Pokémon are weak to Ghost- and Dark-type moves. Normal- and Fighting-type moves will have no effect. Despite being a Ghost type specialist, only two of her Pokémon are Ghosts; however, as all of her Pokémon share the Poison type, Ground- and Psychic-type attacks are the best ways to calm Agatha's spirits.

Defeating Agatha unlocks the door to the fourth room.

Battle 4

Lance's room

The fourth and final member of the Elite Four is Lance, a master Dragon-type Trainer and leader of the Elite Four. Dragon-type moves are super effective against Dragon-type Pokémon, while Dragon-type Pokémon are weak to Dragon-, Ice-, and Fairy-type moves. They also resist Grass-, Fire-, Water-, and Electric-type attacks. All of Lance's Pokémon have a draconic appearance, but only one is Dragon type. He leads with his Seadra, so Grass and Electric moves are best. Due to its secondary Flying type, his Aerodactyl also takes serious damage from Ice moves, but Water moves are also effective. His Gyarados takes massive damage from Electric moves, so use Thunderbolt to take it down. Use Ice Beam or Outrage to take down his Dragonite. With their Ice and Electric attacks, Articuno and Zapdos are some of the best choices to help slay Lance's dragons.

When Lance is defeated, he tells you that there is one more Trainer to face. Before he can reveal their identity, Professor Oak enters and congratulates you on defeating the Elite Four. Lance continues, telling you that Trace defeated the Pokémon League before you, and the Champion title rests with him. Oak explains that in the past, merely defeating the Elite Four earned a Trainer the Champion title. However, this position has recently been established as part of the Pokémon League, so you must defeat the previous one to claim the title. Lance explains that the professor is here to officiate the crowning of the new Champion. It's fitting that it would be one of you, the Trainers who took care of Team Rocket!

Once the conversation is over, take a moment to prepare your Pokémon, as you will be drawn into battle soon after entering the next room.


Champion's room

Trace is happy to see that you have made it here as well, and is glad that his first opponent as Champion is you. The battle for the Champion's title is about to begin!

Trace leads with his Pidgeot and immediately triggers its Mega Evolution; this greatly enhances its Special Attack and Speed. It is best to lead with an Electric or Rock Pokémon to counter it. Vileplume's strongest move is Solar Beam, although it takes one turn to charge before attacking. It is vulnerable to several different types, and so should be fairly easy to knock out. His Marowak takes serious damage from Grass and Water moves, but Grass Pokémon should be wary of Fire Punch! Like Marowak, Rapidash is vulnerable to Water moves, as well as Rock and Ground attacks. Flare Blitz deals a major amount of damage but leaves the user injured, as well. As with Pidgeot, his Slowbro cannot last very long against Electric moves. Its Special Defense is lower than its physical Defense, so use Special attacks before it can use Light Screen. Finally, his JolteonP / RaichuE takes super effective damage only from Ground attacks. Send in a Ground Pokémon like Dugtrio, and his partner Pokémon will resort to using its weaker moves. Raichu's Iron Tail can deal serious damage to Rock Pokémon, so avoid using Rhyhorn or Onix!

Rival Battle 8
Pikachu In Let's Go, Pikachu!:

Eevee In Let's Go, Eevee!:

Hall of Fame

The eight Gym Leaders are defeated, the Elite Four have fallen, and the title of Champion has been snatched away from your rival! Professor Oak appears and congratulates you on your victory, and both you and Trace for having a great battle. The professor leads you from the hall, and the game is saved.

Hall of Fame

It is here where all victorious Trainers and their dedicated Pokémon will be recorded, as a testament to their power and perseverance. Once the professor enters your team's information, the credits begin to roll...

But the adventure is not over just yet. When you return to Pallet Town, you automatically head for home while your partner Pokémon excitedly gathers a bunch of flowers. The screen goes black and The End appears before the game saves your progress.

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