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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Mt. Mortar (optional)

Mt. Mortar is a tall mountain that looms over northern Johto. Inside is a large network of caves, and even a giant waterfall. Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Rock Climb are required to fully explore the area. The Karate King from Saffron City is training on the lowest floor; venture inside with an empty party slot to receive one of his prized Pokémon.

Mt. Mortar, Entrance
Mt. Mortar, Lower Cave
Mt. Mortar, Basement

West, East Entrances


Both the west and east entrances lead behind the waterfall to the Lower Cave. A hidden Hyper Potion can be found near the west entrance.

Lower Cave

There are two items that can be obtained before exploring most of the Lower Cave. The ladder atop the stairway to the west leads to an Ether. The ladder atop the stairway to the east, near Poké Maniac Harrison, leads to a Revive.

Northwest of Poké Maniac Harrison is a boulder; move it aside to reach a hidden Max Repel and continue north. A dead-end to the west leads to an Ultra Ball, and a Max Potion can be found among a group of stalagmites to the east. Turn east, then south to fight Super Nerd Markus and reach an Escape Rope. Climb the large stairway to the upper level on the room's east side. Collect the Nugget to the north.

Center Entrance


Climb down the ladder near the center entrance to the Basement.


Surf east to the southeast corner to reach a Full Restore. Swim northeast to get a Max Ether, then west for a Hyper Potion. There is a boulder farther to the west, but the narrow pathway prevents northward travel. Surf southward and pick up the PP Up near the ladder. Cross the water to the southwest corner, and inspect the wall to find a hidden Ultra Ball. Surf north for a Carbos, then jump the ledge to the southeast and climb the ladder back to the Entrance.


Surf north and use Waterfall to scale the cascade, and enter the doorway to the Upper Cave.

Upper Cave

Surf west to reach a Rare Candy in the southwest corner. Head back east, past the platform with Super Nerd Hugh, and swim north across the nearest pool of water. Grab the Max Potion from the platform, and surf to the southeast corner. Head north across the next two pools, the second of which has a Full Restore hidden on its north shore. Go west, jump the ledge, and head west to the wall. Swim north across the water and jump the ledge to reach a platform with TM40 (Aerial Ace). Loop back around to the north, and continue eastward. Surf across another pool, and pick up the Escape Rope from the northeast platform. Cross the northeast pool, then jump the two north-central ledges to collect a Dragon Scale. Jump the third ledge and go west for an Elixir, then cross the northwest pool to the ladder.

Lower Cave

Navigate around the small platforms to get an Iron and a hidden Ether. Go east, then south for an Iron Ball, then follow the platform to the southwest. Grab the Max Revive, and climb down the ladder.


Walk down the nearest stairway and turn east. Check the lone rock for a hidden Max Revive, and take the large stairway down to the northeastern-most area. The Karate King of Saffron's Fighting Dojo is training here, and gladly accepts your challenge.

When defeated, he rewards you with a Tyrogue, a rare Fighting-type Pokémon that can evolve into either Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop beginning at level 20.

Spr 4h 236.png
Fighting Unknown
Guts or Steadfast
Held item:
Tyrogue Lv.10
Normal Physical
Helping Hand
Normal Status
Fake Out
Normal Physical
Normal Status

New Bark Town

Elm's Lab

Inside Elm's Lab, Lyra/Ethan impressed that you have already earned eight badges. Elm tells you that his research is going great, thanks to you. To show his appreciation, he hands out the Master Ball, a Poké Ball guaranteed to catch any Pokémon, which is normally given only to noted Pokémon researchers. If you hatched the Mystery Egg, then this is also a good time to receive an Everstone.

Elm also mentions that a group of Kimono Girls was looking for you. The group is waiting at the Ecruteak Dance Theater.

Ecruteak City

Ecruteak Dance Theater

As you arrive at the Ecruteak City Dance Theater, Silver is just leaving, still agonizing over his defeat by the Kimono Girls. Inside, you are welcomed by Zuki, the Kimono Girl you met in Violet City. She claims that in order to persuade Ho-OhHG / LugiaSS to return, they needed to find someone who had the right bond with Pokémon. She reveals that it was they who gave the Mystery Egg to Mr. Pokémon, in the hopes that he would give it to someone who showed "true potential". However, that alone is not enough to face the legendary Pokémon, and Zuki presents an opportunity for you to prove yourself by defeating the five sisters in quick succession.

First up is Zuki, from Violet City, and her Umbreon. Second is Naoko, from Ilex Forest, and her Espeon. Third is Miki, from the Dance Theater, and her Flareon. Fourth is Sayo, from Ice Path, and her Jolteon. The final sister is Kuni, from Goldenrod Tunnel, and her Vaporeon.

When all five sisters are defeated, Zuki gives you the Clear BellHG or Tidal BellSS. When combined with the Rainbow WingHG or Silver WingSS, the two items can be used to summon the two legendary birds.

Ho-Oh Descends to the Bell TowerHG

Suddenly, their younger sister enters the building and claims that she just saw the shadow of a big Pokémon over the Bell Tower. The sisters run off, leaving you to follow. Ho-Oh will not let itself be caught easily, so be sure to stock up on useful Poké Balls, such as Timer Balls. Repels, Escape Ropes, and Pokémon with status-inflicting moves, like Spore or Thunder Wave, are also recommended. Head north from the Dance Theater to reach the Barrier Station. Flash the Fog Badge to reach Bellchime Trail.

Bell Tower

As you approach the back of the first floor, the Rainbow Wing suddenly floats up into the air. Seeing the shimmering rainbow feather, the monk finally moves from the ladder.

Bell Tower, 3F
Bell Tower, 4F


Go south around the column and climb the ladder.


Go west to reach a Full Heal. Move around in an S-shape to reach the northeast stairs, picking up the hidden Max Potion along the way.


Jump south, then west and follow the path to find an Ultra Ball. Continue following the path to get a PP Up. Grab the Escape Rope in the southwest, then climb the northwest stairs.

Bell Tower, 5F
Bell Tower, 6F


Work your way to the pillar for a Rare Candy. The ramps here keep you from advancing, so take the southeast stairs (grabbing the hidden Full Restore along the way) and backtrack through 4F. As you emerge from the stairs, jump east twice before taking the first ramp south. Next, take the first ramp west and then south. You'll come to a fork with two paths. Take the eastern ramps (closest to the pillar) to reach stairs in the south.


6F has a simple layout that serves as a transition between the ramps on the lower floors and what lies above. The next three floors use a series of warp tiles for quick navigation. First grab the Max Potion, then circle around to the northwest corner to get the Full Heal. Jump the two ramps south and take the stairs up to 7F.

Bell Tower, 7F
Bell Tower, 8F


Step on the nearest warp tile to reach the pillar, and take the next to reach the east wall of 9F. There are two warp tiles to the south; the right one leads to the center of 8F and a Max Elixir, while the left one leads to the south side of 8F and a Nugget. Backtrack to the first warp on 7F, grab the Max Revive to the northeast, and go south to take the next warp to the west side of 8F.


The next warp takes you to the north side of 9F where you can find an HP Up. Continue west and take the second warp tile on 9F, which brings you back to the east side of 8F. Pick up the Full Restore to the northwest and take one last warp to the center of 9F.

Bell Tower, 9F
Bell Tower, Rooftop


Climb the stairs to reach the rooftop.


Climb the golden stairway to reach the tower's rooftop, where the Kimono Girls are waiting for you. Zuki tells you that once their mystical dance combines with the sound of the Clear Bell, Ho-Oh will return from the great arch of the sky once more. The Clear Bell floats up above you, and the sisters begin their dance. The four other bells, each hanging from a different corner of the roof, also activate. As if drawn by the peal of the bells, Ho-Oh appears and descends to the tower.

SoulSilver players are unable to challenge Ho-Oh until after obtaining the Rainbow Wing in Pewter City. The Clear Bell is not required.


SAVE your game before trying to catch Ho-Oh.

Start off by using status-inflicting moves, like Spore or Thunder Wave, to wear it down. Follow up with Water- or Electric-type attacks to inflict double the damage. Use caution with Rock-type attacks, as Ho-Oh takes four times the normal damage from such moves. Then slowly chip away at its remaining health with Fire-, Grass-, Fighting-, Bug-, or Steel-type attacks, as moves of these types only inflict half- or quarter-damage. If you happen to knock it out and don't want to soft reset, it will reappear once you have entered the Hall of Fame.

Spr 4h 250.png
Fire Flying
Held item:
Bag Sacred Ash Sprite.png Sacred Ash
Ho-Oh Lv.45
Psychic Special
Sunny Day
Fire Status
Fire Blast
Fire Special
Sacred Fire
Fire Physical
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