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Wilton in Pokémon Adventures

Wilton (Japanese: ヒデノリ Hidenori) is a Fisherman, one of the few ordinary Trainers who have appeared in other canons besides the games.

In the games

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Wilton is found in the Generation II games and their remakes on Route 44, the path between Mahogany Town and the Ice Path. He is one of the many Trainers that the player can register in the Pokégear for a rematch at a later time, and, in Generation II, he will sometimes call the player to notify them of mass outbreaks of Remoraid on Route 44.

Generation II

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Fourth battle

Generation IV

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Fourth battle


Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Initial battle

  • Before battle
"Aack! You made me lose a Poliwag! What are you going to do about it?"
  • Being defeated
"Just forget about it."
  • After being defeated
"That Poliwag that got away... It was huge. I swear it must've been 16 feet long!"
"Wow! You're pretty tough. Could I get your phone number? I'll call you for a rematch."
No: "All right... Come back if you have a change of heart."
Yes: "I'll call you if anything comes up."/"You can't register another number."


  • Before battle
"Argh! You startled Poliwag into fleeing again!"
  • Being defeated
"So here you are."
  • After being defeated
"See this? I snagged it just a little while ago. It's yours."
  • If the player's pack is full
"Your pack's full? I'll give it to you later."'

Pokégear Phone

  • Calling the player
  • Calling him when he has an item
"Hello, you have reached Wilton... Ah, if it isn't <player>. Don't you want this item? Hah? You don't know where? Route 44... Just head from Mahogany toward Blackthorn! All right, later."

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

  • Before battle
"Aack! You made me lose a Poliwag! What are you going to do about it?"
  • Being defeated
"Just forget about it."
  • After being defeated
"Well, that was a very interesting battle now, wasn't it? When I'm fishing here, I sometimes catch items that people have dropped. If I find anything, I'll give it to you. Will you give me your phone number?"
No: "All right... Come back if you have a change of heart."
Yes: "If I snag anything good, I'll be sure to let you know."
  • After sharing phone number
"That Poliwag that got away... It was huge. I swear it must've been 80 feet long!"


Spr GS Fisher JP.png Spr GS Fisher.png Spr DP Fisherman.png
Sprite from
Gold and Silver (JP)
Sprite from
Generation II
Sprite from
Generation IV
Fisher OD.png Fisherman IV OD.png
Overworld sprite from
Generation II
Overworld sprite from
HeartGold and SoulSilver

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Wilton is Yellow's uncle.



Wilton was the one who taught Yellow how to fish, and gave Yellow her second Pokémon, Dody.

Red, Green & Blue arc

Wilton first appeared in Just a Spearow Carrier in Indigo Plateau when Green attempted to pull a trick on him, by having her Nidoran♀ court his Nidoran♂ and encourage a trade of her Weedle for his Butterfree.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

In Teddiursa's Picnic on Route 32, where he met Gold, who asked if he had seen a Poké Ball containing a Poliwag. Wilton informed Gold that a thief had been stealing Pokémon right out of local Trainers' hands. Gold used his billiards cue to hit the thief in the jaw with a Poké Ball, causing it to fall into the water, and revealing that it was in fact a Granbull. They realized that it had been stealing all the Poké Balls for attention, in order to get help for its jaw, which had conveniently been fixed by Gold's shot. After it gave them back the Poké Balls it had stolen, including Polibo's, Wilton gave Gold his Pokégear number. Gold then left, and Wilton compared Yellow's fishing skills to Gold’s skill with billiards.

Later, in Tyranitar War, he went to Viridian City and told Yellow to go to Johto. Some time after that, in Hello, Lickitung, he meets Crystal after Yellow finds her in Olivine City. He takes the two girls to the Whirl Islands soon after. It is here that they encounter Lugia and fight it, but he and Yellow drown and are saved by the Day-Care Couple. A while later, it was revealed that he, along with Yellow, had gone to Ecruteak City weeks beforehand, where she lifted the curse that was on the Legendary beasts. When Team Rocket attacked the Pokémon Day Care on Route 34, he defended the old couple that owned it and all the Pokémon there. It is also there that he learns of the relation between Agatha, Professor Oak, the Day-Care Couple, Kurt, and Pryce.

Emerald arc

In Epilogue, he makes a cameo appearance in one of the ships heading to the Battle Frontier.


The following are Wilton's known Pokémon.

On hand
Wilton's Nidoran♂
Nidoran♂ was first seen falling in love with Green's Nido.

None of Nidoran♂'s moves are known.

Debut Just a Spearow Carrier
Wilton's Butterfree
Butterfree is Wilton's well known Pokémon. It was first seen with Wilton while Green asked him to trade it for her Weedle. Wilton uses it for flight transportation.

None of Butterfree's moves are known.

Debut Just a Spearow Carrier
Wilton's Octillery
Octillery was one of the Pokémon that was stuck in Granbull's mouth.

None of Octillery's moves are known.

Debut Teddiursa's Picnic
Given away
Wilton's Doduo
Main article: Dody

Wilton gave Yellow this Doduo as a gift. She nicknamed him Dody, and he later evolved into a Dodrio.

Debut Do Do That Doduo
Wilton's Remoraid
Remoraid (×20)
Wilton was given these Remoraid from Crystal, after they had caused a commotion while they were sailing. He later gave them to Gold in Lively Lugia (Part 2), which he promptly used in conjunction with his new Mantine in order to fly.

None of Remoraid's moves are known.

Debut Really Remoraid


  • He shares his Japanese name with the author of the Pokémon Adventures manga, Hidenori Kusaka.
    • In the volume 6 of the manga, there is a screenshot of him (the Fisher character in Generation II games) challenging the player to a battle. In the English version, the text is written: "Fisherman Hidenori challenges you to a battle!"


Language Title
France Flag.png French JustinGSC
Germany Flag.png German Alfried
Italy Flag.png Italian Willy
South Korea Flag.png Korean 광선 Gwangseon
Spain Flag.png Spanish David
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Hidenori

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