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Route 109

Route 109

Route 109 is comprised almost entirely of the beach south of Slateport City.
Talk to the girl with the pink inner tube near where Mr. Briney's boat landed, and she'll give you the Soft Sand for enhancing Ground-type attacks.
Head north from the beach, and you'll be in Slateport City.

Seashore House

The lone building on the beach is the Seashore House. Defeat the three Trainers inside, then talk to the guy at the back of the room to get a six-pack of Soda Pop.
You can also buy single servings for PokémonDollar.png300 each.

Slateport City

Slateport City

Remember to buy a piece of Harbor Mail for PokémonDollar.png50 before leaving the city - you'll need to trade that to someone later on.

Slateport Market

The Slateport Market on the west side of town is an open-air bazaar that features items not easily found anywhere else.
One vendor offers Secret Base decorations, the Energy Guru sells stat-boosting vitamins, and a woman will give your lead Pokémon a gift if it's friendship rating is high enough. Return here after finding TM43 (Secret Power), and the northernmost vendor will offer items for your Secret Base.

Pokémon Fan Club

Slateport is home to the Pokémon Fan Club's Hoenn branch. The people in the Fan Club are devoted to their Pokémon and give friendly advice. The woman by the back wall will check your lead Pokémon's friendship, and give you a Soothe Bell if it's rating is high enough.

Name Rater

Hoenn's Name Rater resides in Slateport. As always, he allows Trainers to change the nickname of any Pokémon they have captured or received in-game.

Those traded from outside sources will not be able to be renamed.

Pokémon Contest

The Hyper Rank Pokémon Contest building is located in Slateport. Only Pokémon who have beaten the Normal and Super Ranks are allowed to participate here. The Normal Rank Contest building is located in Verdanturf Town, so you won't be able to enter just yet. Talk to the little girl near the entrance to get the Pokéblock Case, which you will need to get into the Safari Zone later. Now that you have the case, you can blend Berries with the people at the nearby machines. The resulting Pokéblocks raise a Pokémon's Contest stats when consumed. Step into the back room, and talk to the sailor to get TM41 (Torment).

Oceanic Museum

The Oceanic Museum was established by Captain Stern to educate people about the ocean and everything that lies in its depths.
You need to get inside to deliver the Devon Goods to the captain; however, it seems that Team MagmaR / Team AquaS has plans for the museum, and you won't be able to enter with them blocking the entrance. Head south to visit Stern's Shipyard and talk to Dock, the guy looking at blueprints. He sees that you have the Devon Goods, and asks you to track down Capt. Stern, and now you'll be able to enter the museum.
The entrance fee is PokémonDollar.png50 (but if you have less than that, you'll be given free admission). The thug nearest the reception counter recognizes you from the Petalburg Woods, and gives you TM46 (Thief) before running away. Capt. Stern is on the second floor, but you'll be jumped by two Team MagmaR / Team AquaS grunts after you hand over the goods to the captain.

After the battle, the team leader, MaxieR / ArchieS, arrives and warns you not to meddle in his team's affairs before escaping with the two grunts. Stern takes the Devon Goods and returns to his shipyard.
You're done in Slateport for now, so head north to Route 110.

Route 110

Route 110

Hoenn's Cycling Road is found here, but you won't be allowed on it without a bike. Another point of interest here is the Trick House. This building houses an odd maze, updated after you defeat every Gym Leader and the Elite Four. Each maze has its own group of Trainers, and clearing each maze grants you a different prize.

Mauville City is up north, but go west to Route 103 first.

Route 103

This is the other side of the sea from where you fought your rival earlier. There isn't much to do here besides battling a few Trainers and cutting down the small trees to find a Berry grove.

Route 110

Continue north on the lower road to reach Mauville City.

Rival Battle

After you defeat the first two Trainers, you'll run into your rival May / Brendan again.

Treecko If the player chose Treecko:

Torchic If the player chose Torchic:

Mudkip If the player chose Mudkip:

After the battle, your rival will give you an Itemfinder before running off.
This route is a good place to train any Ground-types you may have for the upcoming Gym match, since the Mauville Gym specializes in the Electric-type. If you don't have Marshtomp, then a Geodude isn't a bad idea. If you haven't caught one yet, you may want to backtrack to Granite Cave to track one down.

Work your way through the rest of Route 110, and you'll end up in Mauville City.

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