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If you were looking for the Arcanine belonging to Crystal from Pokémon Adventures, see Archy.
アオギリ Aogiri
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Archie.png
Artwork from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Aqua Leader
Generation III, VI
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Member of Team Aqua
Rank Boss
Anime debut Gaining Groudon
English voice actor Sean Schemmel
Japanese voice actor Masaki Aizawa

Archie (Japanese: アオギリ Aogiri) is the head of Team Aqua. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Aqua Leader (Japanese: アクアだんリーダー Team Aqua Leader).

In the games

In Pokémon Ruby, Archie helps the player against Team Magma. He does not have an active role in the storyline and cannot be battled.

In Pokémon Sapphire and their remakes, he first appears in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City, trying to steal the Devon Goods from Captain Stern. Later, Team Aqua members steal a Meteorite from Professor Cozmo and try to turn Mt. Chimney into a lake. Then, after Shelly raids the Weather Institute, Archie steals the RedS/Blue OrbAS from Mt. Pyre. Later, he and the Team Aqua members turn up in Slateport again as Captain Stern announces a discovery he has made about a seafloor cavern. Team Aqua promptly steals the Submarine Explorer 1 that Captain Stern has built and goes for the Seafloor Cavern to awaken Kyogre.

In Pokémon Emerald, he also appears in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City as the player delivers the Devon Goods to Captain Stern, just like in Sapphire.

Then Archie tries to stop Team Magma at Meteor Falls and Mt. Chimney. Later in the game, he again steals both the Red Orb and the Submarine Explorer 1 and awakens Kyogre another time.


Pokémon Sapphire

First battle

Second battle

Pokémon Emerald

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

First battle

Second battle

Battle Maison Multi Battle

Archie will always use these two Pokémon as the player's Multi Battle Partner.

Additionally, when fighting three Team Magma Grunts at Mt. Chimney, Archie is seen with a Poochyena. It is unknown if this Poochyena is related to Archie's Mightyena.


Pokémon Ruby

Meteor Falls

"Hold it right there, Team Magma! We, Team Aqua, won't allow you to get away with your misdeeds!"
"Who might you be? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Ah, so you are <player>. I am Archie. As the head of Team Aqua, I have dedicated myself to thwarting the dangerous plans of Team Magma. Why? Because Team Magma is a grave threat to us all. They have committed many destructive acts in their bid to expand the land. We, Team Aqua, love the sea above all! Team Magma is our sworn enemy!"
"Yes, yes, we must! We've got to hurry. There's no telling what Team Magma will do at Mt. Chimney!"
"<Player>, you should keep an eye out for Team Magma, too. Farewell!"

Mt. Chimney

"Oh, <player>! Please, you must stop Team Magma for me! They're trying to make this volcano erupt by using the stolen Meteorite's power! It's all a part of their plans to expand the world's landmass!"
"<Player>! Please, you've got to stop Team Magma for me! Dealing with these three thugs is a lot, even for me!"
"<player>! Thank you! With your help, we thwarted Team Magma's destructive plan! But... this victory doesn't mean the end of their evil plans. We will remain vigilant and keep up with our pursuit of Team Magma. <Player>, we shall meet again!"

Seafloor Cavern

"What have you wrought? Maxie... You've finally awoken Groudon, haven't you? What will happen to the world if this sunshine continues for all eternity? The world's seas will all dry up and disappear..."
"We don't have the time to argue about it here! Get outside and see for yourself! See if what you've wrought is the world that you desired!"
"<Player>, come on, you have to get out of here, too!"

Route 128

"Do you understand now, Maxie? Do you finally see how disastrous your dream turned out to be? We have to hurry! We have to do something before the situation goes completely out of control!"
"<Player>... We, Team Aqua, had been pursuing Team Magma to prevent this from happening. You've been very helpful, but I fear the worst has happened... It's gone too far for a child like you to manage... Leave things to us, and get out of here while you still can!"
"This defies belief... A super-ancient Pokémon... Its power is unbelievable. It has upset the balance of nature..."

Pokémon Sapphire

Oceanic Museum

"I came to see what was taking so long to snatch some parts, and you simps are held up by a mere child? I am Team Aqua's Archie. Tell me, why do you meddle in the noble affairs of Team Aqua? Pokémon, people, all life depends on the sea. So, Team Aqua is dedicated to the expansion of the sea. Don't you agree? What we are doing is a magnificent undertaking. Ah, fine... You're still too young. It can't be helped that you do not understand our ideals. But, if you ever oppose us again, there will be consequences! Heed my warning! Farewell!"

Mt. Chimney

"The power contained in the Meteorite... By amplifying its power with this machine, Mt. Chimney's volcanic activity will stop. Fufufu... Eventually, the cooled-down crater will fill with rainwater, giving Water Pokémon a place to live."
  • Before battle
"You again... Now listen. All life depends on the sea. The sea is everything! Its importance is paramount! That is why we of Team Aqua are committed to expanding the sea. Doing so will result in the emergence of new Pokémon species. We will return the world back to nature for the good of Pokémon. That is Team Aqua's vision! I can't allow an ignorant child like you to get in our way. I, Archie, will show you the consequences of meddling!"
  • Being defeated
"What?! I, Archie, was caught off guard?"
  • After being defeated
"Ah, whatever. I will give up our plans for Mt. Chimney for the time being... But no one can ever stop us! Team Aqua will prevail! Don't you ever forget that!"

Mt. Pyre

"Not you again... You've impeded our plans repeatedly, but this time you're too late. The Red Orb that rested atop Mt. Pyre... I, Archie, claim it as mine! Fufufu... Finally, I can realize my grand design... Come on, crew! It's Slateport next!"

Slateport Harbor

"Fwahahaha... I commiserate with you! All that effort you spent following me here all the way from Mt. Pyre. But now... No one can stop us! No one! Or, will you follow us back to our Hideout in Lilycove City? Fwahahahaha..."

Seafloor Cavern

"Hold it right there."
  • Before battle
"Fufufu. So it was you, after all. Behold! See how beautiful it is, the sleeping form of the ancient Pokémon Kyogre! I have waited so long for this day to come... It surprises me, how you've managed to chase me here. But that's all over now. For the realization of my dream, you must disappear now!"
  • Being defeated
"I... I lost again?''
  • After being defeated
"Fufufu... I commend you. I must recognize that you are truly gifted. But! I have this in my possession! With this Red Orb, I can make Kyogre..."
"What?! I didn't do anything. Why did the Red Orb... Where did Kyogre go?"
"Hm? It's a message from our members outside..."
"Yes, what is it? Hm... It's raining heavily? Good... That should have happened. That is why we awakened Kyogre, to realize Team Aqua's vision of expanding the sea. What?! It's raining far harder than we envisioned? You're in danger? That can't be... That's just not possible... Hold your position and monitor the situation!"
"There's something wrong... The Red Orb is supposed to awaken and control Kyogre... But... Why? Why did Kyogre disappear? Why?!"
"What are you saying? The Red Orb should let me control Kyogre... That can't be possible..."

Route 128

"What happened... What is this wretched scene... Did I...make a horrible mistake? I... I only wanted..."

Pokémon Emerald

Oceanic Museum

"I came to see what was taking so long to snatch some parts, and you simps are held up by a mere child?"
"We are Team Aqua, and we love the sea! And I am Team Aqua's leader, Archie! What makes you interfere with us? ...No! You can't be! You're not one of Team Magma? Wait, that can't be right. You're not dressed for the part. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Pokémon, people... All life depends on the sea. So, Team Aqua is dedicated to the expansion of the sea. Don't you agree? What we are doing is a magnificent undertaking. Ah, fine... You're still too young to understand our noble objective. But, I warn you, don't even consider interfering with our plans again. The consequences will cost you dearly! And don't you forget it!"

Meteor Falls

"Hold it right there, Team Magma! You're badly mistaken if you think you can have your way with the world!"
"Didn't I see you before? At Slateport's Museum? Ah, so your name is <player>. At the time, I thought you were one of Team Magma's goons. Humph... You're one odd kid. Team Magma is a dangerous group of total fanatics. They engage in destruction, claiming to expand the land mass. They are rivals to us, the sea-loving Team Aqua!"
"Yes, yes, we must! We've got to hurry. There's no telling what Team Magma will do at Mt. Chimney!"
"<Player>, you should keep an eye out for Team Magma, too. Farewell!"

Mt. Chimney

"Grr, <player>! I should've guessed you'd show up! See for yourself what the fanatics of Team Magma are up to! They're trying to inject the stolen Meteorite's power into the volcano! Doing something like that will cause the volcano's eruption!"
"<Player>! Thank you! With your help, we thwarted Team Magma's destructive plan! But... You... Whose side are you on? Ah, it doesn't matter. We will remain vigilant and keep up our pursuit of Team Magma. <Player>, we shall meet again!"

Mt. Pyre

"Team Magma's Maxie got ahead of us, but we also got what we wanted. The Red Orb preserved at Mt. Pyre... I, Archie, now have it in my possession! Fufufu... Now we can bring our ultimate objective to fruition! Okay, Team! We're pulling out!"

Slateport Harbor

"Oh? Not you again... You are tenacious to track us here, that much I will give you. But now... No one can stop us! No one! Or, will you follow us back to our Hideout in Lilycove City? Fwahahahaha..."

Seafloor Cavern

  • Before battle
"Hold it right there. Fufufu... So it was you, after all. Behold! See how beautiful it is, the sleeping form of the ancient Pokémon Kyogre! I have waited so long for this day to come... It surprises me, how you've managed to chase me here. But that's all over now. For the realization of my dream, you must disappear now!"
  • Being defeated
"What?! I lost to a mere child like you?!"
  • After being defeated
"I commend you. I must recognize that you are truly gifted. But! I have this in my possession! With this Red Orb, I can make Kyogre..."
"What?! I didn't do anything. Why did the Red Orb... Where did Kyogre go?"
"Hm? It's a message from our members outside... Yes, what is it? Hm... It's raining heavily? Good... That should have happened. That is why we awakened Kyogre, to realize Team Aqua's vision of expanding the sea. What?! It’s raining harder than we envisioned? You're in danger? That can't be... That's just not possible... Hold your position and monitor the situation!"
"There's something wrong... The Red Orb is supposed to awaken and control Kyogre... But... Why? Why did Kyogre disappear? Why?!"
"W-what?! Don't get all high and mighty with me! Wasn't it you, Team Magma, that infuriated Groudon? So long as I have this Red Orb, I should be able to control Kyogre... I should be able to control it..."

Route 128

"What happened... What is this wretched scene... Did I...make a horrible mistake? I... I only wanted..."

Sootopolis City

"Kyogre! What's wrong?! Look over here! It's the Red Orb! Calm down! Kyogre! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... It's no good! It's not responding at all!"
  • After Rayquaza stops the fight between Kyogre and Groudon
"Kyogre and Groudon both flew off to who knows where. The weather in Hoenn has returned to its normal state... Haha... Hahaha... Maybe what we were trying to do was something small, even meaningless, to Pokémon..."

Pokémon Omega Ruby

Meteor Falls

"Bwahahahahahaha! You lost to this scamp? What a pathetic bunch! You lazy stooges will be the downfall of Team Magma!"
"That's right! We're not letting them get away!"
"Oh? What's this? You've got quite a fierce expression on you for such a wee little thing. The name's Archie. I'm the leader of Team Aqua, a group that's working to return the world to a pristine state. One that'll be perfect for Pokémon's survival. Looks like you were getting into it with Team Magma there, 'less my eyes deceive me. It's not like I'm in a position to argue if that's what you're up to, hey? But I'll tell you this much. So remember. If you next get in the way of Team Aqua, you won't get off so lightly. So steer clear and keep your nose clean, scamp! I imagine I'll be seeing you! Waha! Bwahahahahah!"

Mt. Chimney

"Get out of my blasted way, ye scurvy Team Magma knaves! Or face a keelhauling!"
"Confound the lot of you! Let me through, you bilge rats!"
"Huh? If it ain't that little scamp! But blast that Maxie! He just escaped us! And he just left behind the Meteorite that he's been crazy about finding? Can't be—! Could he have found out where the real orbs are hidden?! That sneaky little scientific so-and-so! I'm always left watching his bony backside run two steps ahead of me!"

Seafloor Cavern

"Ugh! Arghhh...!"
"L-little scamp..."
"Augh... You..."
"Hey, Maxie. Looks like we underestimated the power of the super-ancient Pokémon... The power of Primal Reversion..."
"Primal Groudon brings about an "end," all right. But you don't get to choose what end. It's gonna drive every living thing on this planet to its death! The only thing waiting for us is despair. A despair we can't even run from. A despair that's gonna crush humanity. You blasted fool... And it's all happening 'cause you were cocky enough to think you could control the super-ancient Pokémon's power!"

Route 128

"So the power of the super-ancient Pokémon... This is how Groudon brings everything to an end..."
"All of us, people and Pokémon... Every living thing on this planet... Everything's gonna die..."
"OK, little scamp... We're setting sail for Sootopolis. That blasted Groudon is no doubt gonna get there ahead of us. It'll be waiting for us deep in the Cave of Origin, there in Sootopolis... There's a pool of energy there that folks say is needful for Primal Reversion. There's no doubt in my mind that Groudon will be racing to that cave, thristing for that power... We got no choice but to go ourselves. We gotta do whateer we can to fight back!"
"All right, Maxie! You Team Magma blighters better come with us. We're responsible for this mess. This ridiculous, impossible mess. It only makes sense for us all to step up and clean up after ourselves. Agreed?"
"... Hey, little scamp. Look, I'm supposed to be a grown-up, right? So let me say sorry for the way this has gone down. And...I'm sorry 'cause I've gotta ask you to pitch in with the cleanup. We need every hand on deck if we're gonna do something about this mess... So...I'll be waitin' for you in Sootopolis."

Sootopolis City

"We've been waiting, ya scamp!"
"You've hit the nail on the head! Those old folks at Mt. Pyre did say something about that... That the Red Orb would unleash Groudon's primal powers... And trigger a Primal Reversion. ...While the Blue Orb had the power to reverse that and calm the beast."
"We'll also get our people together up top here, to help any folks and Pokémon in trouble."
"My little scamp of a savior... Looks like we're making you bear all the burden on your little shoulders alone. I'm sorry for that. ...But I know you're going to see this through!"
  • After confronting Groudon
"Somehow, it' warm..."
"... The sea or the land... Pokémon or humanity... All this time we've just been trying to grab onto happiness for one of them, even if it meant destroying the other... Look at how things have turned out, now the world's got its natural balance back... We've got to rethink this thing from the very start... We've got to redo everything we've done from scratch—and get it right this time. Whaddaya say? Maxie..."
"Y'know... Someday we adults are gonna have to hand this world off to this little scamp and the rest of his/her generation. But what kinda world are we adults gonna make? What kinda world do we wanna pass to these kids? If we haven't even figured that out ourselves, we're never gonna get anywhere. So are we gonna make a world where everyone can coexist together? Of, after all, is it gonna be a world that we claim by force? One that we fight and scrabble over... I don't know, but I think we can at least start by giving it some time and thinking it over. All of us can do that, whether we're Team Aqua or Team Magma or whatever..."
"And that's it from me! Later, scamp!"

Battle Resort

"Aye aye! Take care of the crew while I'm away!"
"Hmm. Interesting."
"Ahhh, yeah. The scamp of a Trainer who put a stop to Team Magma and that Groudon of theirs. To think I'd run into you here."
"And that little runt there, he's one of your friends? He only passed us by, but I felt a real fire for battle there. He must be some Trainer. Looks like I'll get to take on the both of you if I keep battling here a while! Bwahahaha! Looks like it won't be a waste that I came all the way out here after all!"
"I've gotta's been weighing on my mind ever since Sootopolis, but... You know, if we lived in a slightly different world, it might have been me and my crew that you'd had to stop... It's not a stretch to think that we might have tried reviving Kyogre to try to use its power for ourselves... You know?"
"Bwahahaha! It's nonsense, of course! It's not like there could be another world out there just like ours, eh? That's why we dream, right? Wahaha! 'Cause we know our dreams can't be real!"
"Ah... But since we did get to run into each other like this... I think I'll give this to you! Matt!"
"I look forward to pitting my team against yours someday! See you then!"

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Oceanic Museum

"What do we have here? I came to see what was taking so long just to steal a few parts, and I find you simps getting beat by this kid?"
"Heh! That's quite a fierce expression for such a wee little scamp. That face tells me you're not just another mindless Trainer brat. The name is Archie. The rough-looking lot you see here are members of my team―Team Aqua. So tell me, boyo… Do you know that Pokémon, people, and all life in this world depend on the sea for life? That's right. The sea is an irreplaceable treasure for every living thing on this planet. But with our selfish extravagance, humanity dirties the great ocean, destroying this source of all life… Day by day, we're all destroying our most precious resource! If we humans suffer from our actions, well, maybe we'll end up getting what we deserve. But what about the Pokémon in our world? The Pokémon that no longer have a place to live because we stole and soiled their seas? The Pokémon that won't have a place to raise their young and watch them grow? We are creating a world in which innocent Pokémon suffer as a result of our actions… And that is something that I can't forgive! That's why I came to a decision, see? The foolish actions of my fellow humans, the seas we have blighted, nature itself… I will return everything to its unspoiled beginnings!"
"… Heh! It's not like me to talk so much. Never mind, little scamp… I'll withdraw for now and leave you be. But understand this… Get in my way again, and you won't walk away unscathed next time. Remember that, at least!"
"We're moving out, lads!"

Mt Chimney

  • Before battle
"The great swell of power that sleeps deep in the magma… And it's the key to controlling the super-ancient Pokémon's power?"
"Ah! You… Uh… No… Oh! Now I know how I know you! You're the little scamp that got in our way in Slateport's museum!! If you made it here to me, you musta swept right past Shelly, huh? Heh…hehehehe… Krmph! Bwahahahahaha! I figured you were a big deal the first time I laid eyes on you, but…whoa!"
"Heheh. Well, since you are the real deal, I s'pose I could let you in on just what's going on. See, this Meteorite that I just got from good ol Professor High-an'-Mighty back there… With the right bit of work, it seems we could turn it into a real nice, valuable bit. Like maybe a Mega Stone. Or maybe…even a Key Stone. And as long as we're here at Mt. Chimney…"
"Hyup! Bwahahahahah! Look what I nearly went an' did! If I give away all my secrets, all the thrill'd be gone from our relationship! I think I'll just leave you hanging here."
"Well… It's not the details that matter any old how. We've got a thing we gotta do, ya see. From our point of view, scamp, you're a dirty villain who's gotten in our way one time too many. I'm still leader of Team Aqua, so I'm afraid it's the rope's end for you and your Pokémon."
"Now come!"
  • When defeated
Oh! You went and did it, didn't you?"
  • After being defeated
"Heheheh. Ya little scamp! I knew you were the real deal!"
"Brilliant! Then my team won't hold back this time! Mega Evolution, how I've missed you! It's been ages since we got to let loose!"
"Tch. Scamp, I'm gonna have to ask you to hold that thought. I've gotta use my time-out."
"Huh? That you, Matt? You have the worst timing―What? Hoh! So Mt. Pyre's the real―Got it. Guess that orb's not just some fairy tale after all!"
"All right! I'm on my way!"
"Sorry, scamp. When you're a grown-up, y'see sometimes things crop up. Gotta put our battle on hold till next time. Take this. Should help keep ya busy till we settle the score. Have fun with it, hey?"
"Let's meet again somewhere. I'll be sure to remember that face."

Mt Pyre

"I thought something was a bit noisy, and who is it but the usual scamp! Sorry, scampo, but I'm afraid I just don't have time to play with you right now. The Blue Orb that's long been enshrined here at Mt. Pyre… It belongs to Team Aqua now!"
"How about you do a favor for our lively little visitor, and keep him entertained? You'd better use your full strength, too, so you don't offend our honored guest! Bwahahahah! With this Blue Orb in my hands, I won't even need the power of the Meteorite to awaken the beast from the deep! All I need now is a way to get to the place where it sleeps… All I have to do is get that submarine they're making in Slateport! Come on, boys! We're for Slateport City!"

Slateport Harbor

"Ahhh… Ahhh… Testing, testing. One, two, three..OK. I hope you're listening out there… Captain Stern! We of Team Aqua will now be assuming control of your lovely submarine! You'll contribute to our great plan of returning everything to the beginning… I hope you appreciate this great honor! Wah…hahahah! Bwahahahahahahahah
"Impossible! You actually followed us all the way from Mt. Pyre? Grah-hah! You got me! I bow to your persistence and love of justice! Bwaha! Bwahahahahah! It's a pity, so it is, but we're well past the time when you and your best efforts could turn the tide. We'll add a few last touches to this submarine, and we'll be all set to bust open the Seafloor Cavern where that great Pokémon is sleeping. Our plans to return everything to the beginning…They're as good as complete! But I know you gotta do what you gotta do, scamp. I'm not gonna tell ya to quit chasing us… Follow us all the way to our hideout in Lilycove, if that's what your honor demands. Now then… Shelly?"
"Got it. We'll see you there, then! My little scamp adversary! Grahahaha! Bwahahahahahahah!"

Seafloor Cavern

"Bwahahaha! You're looking pretty pathetic now, aren't you? The great Maxie!"
  • Before battle
"Well, if it isn't my little adversary! I can't even find the words to praise you as you deserve."
"Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. All I'll say is you met my expectations, scamp!"
"And I'm not just talking about today, but everything you've done up till now. And that's why you'll get the honor of meeting my new partner before anyone else living in this world!"
"The super-ancient Pokémon…KYOGRE!!!"
"How 'bout that?! That beautiful form so long resting at peace within the azure sea!"
"I've been waiting so long for this day to come. We humans have disregarded Pokémon and nature both in our endless pursuit of our own desires and needs… And in the process, we've created this broken and disordered world… But this is the day when I finally obtain the power to return everything to how it once was―to return to our beginnings! Now that I can release the ancient power!"
"The ancient power of Primal Kyogre!"
"And now, you are the last token resistance that's trying to ruin my day. I'll use everything my team and I have to crush you once and for all!"
"Oh? And…Mega Evolution? Did ya think that you and your Pokémon are the only ones who can use it? Let me show you now what I didn't get the chance to show you at Mt. Chimney… This is the true power of my team!"
  • When defeated
"Like I figured…"
  • After being defeated
"Hah… Hah… Ahh… … Ah. Aha… Ahahahaha… Bwahahahahahaha! Bwaha! AHAHAHAHAHA!"
"Perfect! You're just as great as any little hero trying to save the world oughta be!"
"But it changes nothing! I can't give up now! I can't!"
"I WILL use the power of this Blue Orb to awaken Kyogre at last! Then I'll return everything in this world to its original, pure state!!"
"Shelly… I always believed that you at least would understand my dreams…"
"But no! In the end, the only one I can depend on is you, Kyogre! Absorb all the power resting in this Blue Orb, and reclaim yourself! Revert to your primal form! This is the time to take back the great Evolution you lost in the ancient past!"
"Bwahahahaha! At last… AT LAST! I've finally done it!!! It hasn't even finished reversion, and it still has this much power!!!With this I can return everything to its natural beginning! It's time at last!"
"Is that crew outside?"
"What is it…? Oh? So the great deluge has begun… Bwahahahaha! But of course it has! That is exactly what I have―"
"What…? What do you mean far more than we thought?! It can't be… Then if it completes its Primal Reversion… N-never mind that! Just keep an eye on it!"
"All that matters is… That I have used the Blue Orb to awaken Kyogre… And now… I will return this world to its natural state… The state that is best for Pokémon!"
"What…did you say?"

Route 128

"This… This is…"
"… I… I only wanted… I wanted to make…a world where Pokémon could live on…in peace… Where…that…Pokémon…"

Sootopolis City

"The Aqua Suit. Take it..."
"But… Even if you put that thing on, do you really think you'll be able to make it all the way down to where Kyogre waits?"
"... ... Sorry."
"I'm begging, so… Save us… The world… And Kyogre…"

Cave of Origin

"Hey! You read me, little scamp? Aye, it's me, Archie! There's a device built into that suit that lets me talk to you. We're getting readings up here that look as though Kyogre's appeared. I'd guess you're staring right at it, if I'm not mistaken! Don't be afraid, scamp! You leap right onto that beastie's back! Then le― take you to― dee―est… o― th― c…"

Sootopolis City (After confronting Kyogre)

"It's…so warm… Just now my heart felt like it was about to be crushed by uncertainty and terror, but now it feels like it's been softly set at ease…
"… Yeah. You're right. Maxie… what you're saying is only natural. I know that. But still… I can't just change… The world I believed to be ideal… The kind of world that I dreamed of making, where I could live alongside my beloved Pokémon… That hasn't changed. I know I've got nothing to stand on, after causing this much hurt, but…"
"Shelly… Sorry…and thanks."
"All right, ya little scamp. You managed to use that Red Orb, so now let's see you try this on for size. If you give it to Kyogre, you should be able to control its Primal Reversion."
"See ya..."
Delta Episode

Team Aqua Hideout

"Ugh… I'll be keelhauled! How did I get beat by this little slip of a girl?"
"You… Who are you?"
"Scamp? But why are you…"
"Archie! Hang in there!"
"… Little scamp… Heh… Fine… I guess it's just fate. That you showed up now of all times."
"Shelly… Give it to the kid."
"Yeah… What could I do with a Mega Stone anyway, now that I've lost my Key Stone?"
"You take my power, scamp… I'm giving it to you. That woman… I don’t think she's just any old Trainer. Not with the way she controlled those Dragon-type Pokémon of hers… I got no idea what she's planning… But I think you're our best bet at stopping her now, little scamp. Do that for me."

After completing the Episode

"... It's unforgivable."
"Absolutely unforgivable!"
"I can't forgive… What I've done!"
"I drove my own loyal crew to such despair as this… I have no right to call myself a leader anymore."
"I'm… I'm sorry, Matt. I truly am."
"I'm planning to start everything over from scratch, Matt. What happened back then with Kyogre… And what happened this time… Look, you can't do anything if you're all wrapped up in what you believe. Team Aqua or Team Magma… Pokémon or people… There's no reason why we've gotta pick just one of 'em. It might be a pain, it might even be a bit scary, but we've gotta take that step into the unknown. Mix with people who aren't like us… That's the kind of Team Aqua that I want us to be from now on. … You think you can be a part of that kind of Team Aqua? Matt…"


Ruby Sapphire Archie.png Archie ORAS concept art.png
Official artwork from
Ruby and Sapphire, and Emerald
Conceptual artwork from
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


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Spr RS Archie.png Spr RS Team Aqua Beta.png Archie OD.png
Sprite from
Sapphire and Emerald
Possible beta sprite from Sapphire Overworld sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

In the anime

Aqua Boss Archie

Archie appeared in Gaining Groudon and The Scuffle of Legends. After Shelly, on Archie's orders, successfully released Kyogre from Team Magma's mobile sea base, Archie emerged from the sea with Team Aqua's submarine, and used the Red Orb to take control of Kyogre, having it destroy the base completely as Team Magma narrowly escaped. Later on Monsu Island, Archie presented Maxie and Team Magma with an ultimatum: either they would disband their team, or he would order Kyogre to destroy everything. When Team Rocket later invaded Team Aqua's submarine, trying to steal Kyogre, Archie initially assumed Team Magma being behind the activity, but Maxie claimed that they had no responsibility for the action.

When Team Rocket's unsuccessful stealing attempt caused Kyogre to be released into the ocean, Archie took flight with his personal miniature aircraft, and started controlling Kyogre from midair. Soon it turned out that the Orb was actually controlling him, as he was intending to sink the entire island into the ocean, despite many of his own minions being still on it. When Lance tried to retrieve the Red Orb from Archie, he had Kyogre attack the Champion-level Trainer, and proved it to be very strong, easily countering Lance's Gyarados's Hyper Beam with its own. Suddenly, the Red Orb absorbed itself into Archie's body, bonding with him.

After Ash's Pikachu, possessed by the Blue Orb, had freed Groudon from Team Aqua's submarine, the two Legendary Pokémon started battling each other. Soon Lance understood that Groudon was trying to stop Kyogre from sinking the island into the sea, so Ash and his friends desided to help it to do so. Having Beautifly and Mudkip attack Archie's aircraft, May and Brock managed to distract Archie and Kyogre long enough for Groudon to fire a Solar Beam at the Sea Basin Pokémon, defeating it. The Red Orb then debonded with Archie, causing him to lose his conciousness and fall off his aircraft, only to be caught mid-fall by Lance's Dragonite. When Archie later woke up, he seemed to have forgotten everything, asking Shelly what had happened. He then united everyone else around to watch as the Orbs destroyed each other, freeing Kyogre and Groudon and allowing them to return to their natural habitats. It is unknown what happened to Archie or the rest of Team Aqua after this point.



Archie's Kyogre
Kyogre was first seen in the containment chamber of Team Magma's ship. Aqua Admin Shelly sets it free by increasing the humidity levels in the chamber so it could revive itself. She successfully does so causing Kyogre to break free from the ship. It is seen with Team Aqua afterwards. In its next appearance, Kyogre is seen fighting with Groudon in which it was able to knock it out, thus causing the orbs in Archie and Pikachu to separate. Kyogre was able to rescue Ash and Pikachu after the battle was done. In the end, it returns to its hidden location at the bottom of the sea.

Kyogre's known moves are Hyper Beam and Hydro Pump, and its Ability is Drizzle.

Debut Gaining Groudon


Archie's Groudon
Groudon was first seen being trapped inside Team Aqua's submarine, where from it was released by Ash's Pikachu. It went into battle with Kyogre. After a long fight, Groudon was able to defeat Kyogre. At the end of the episode, Groudon returned back to the volcano where it originally came from.

Groudon's known moves are Solar Beam, Fissure, and Mud Shot, and its Ability is Drought.

Debut Gaining Groudon

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 相沢正輝 Masaki Aizawa
English Sean Schemmel
Brazilian Portuguese Ricardo Sawaya
Spanish Latin America Armando Réndiz
Spain Pablo Adán

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

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Archie in Pokémon Adventures

Archie is one of the main antoganist of Hoenn. He is an organised person, making Team Aqua more planned out than Team Manga. His identity is a secret, and he works as the head of Hoenn TV, which made him the boss of Gabby and Ty. Using his position as the master of the region's media, Archie was able to cover up Team Aqua's actions and air anti-Team Magma propaganda.This causes Maxie to seek him out and challenge to a battle. However, even with the type advantage, Archie ties with him.

He ensures that Team Aqua's missions are carried out in top secret, and eliminates any evidence of their attacks. The only major feat they have accomplished is stealing the prototype engine for the Submarine Explorer 1; however, this was the only thing really essential to their plans. When Maxie obtained the Blue Orb, Amber's Volbeat stole it from them and gave it to him.

After Rayquaza interrupted the battle between Groudon and Kyogre, Archie and Maxie went insane and attempted to destroy those who interfered with their plans. Archie used his Tentacruel to pull Courtney into the Cave of Origin, suffocating Ruby. They held Winona hostage with it as well when Wallace tried to save Ruby. Archie stomped on Ruby's Feebas, Mimi, and mocked it for being weak and ugly. However, Ruby then shows he had a change of heart from when he thought the same about his Feebas's looks, but then realizes that it possesses inner beauty, and that will remain so regardless of whether its body withers away or not. Then, he pridefully attaches the Hyper Rank Beauty Contest Ribbon that Wallace kept for him since he drove Mimi away, and it then evolves into Milotic, the Pokémon he sought after. His new Milotic is then able to team up with the rest of Ruby and Sapphire's Pokémon. Archie was defeated by them, forcing him and Maxie to escape on Wallace's air car, but they are thwarted by Ruby's Plusle and Sapphire's Minun.

In the Emerald chapter, he was under an alias known as Guile Hideout, a masked man who was the main antagonist of the chapter.


The following are Archie's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga:

Archie's Walrein
Walrein (×4)
Archie sent out Walrein against Maxie's Camerupt in its debut appearance where both sides activated their Abilities. Walrein is considered to be Archie's main Pokémon during the Ruby & Sapphire chapter. Later, it knocked Matt out to the floor when he failed his mission back on Mt. Chimney.

During the Kyogre and Groudon conflict, Archie sent out three more of them and all four them fought alongside Maxie's Camerupt against Sapphire's Chic and Ruby's Mumu, and lost.

One of them later returned in the Emerald chapter, where it again lost against Red's Poli and was subdued.

Walrein's only known move is Sheer Cold and their Ability is Thick Fat.

Debut Walrein and Camerupt
Archie's Tentacruel
Tentacruel is Archie's main mode for water transportation. It took part in the battle against Ruby and Sapphire during the conflict between Kyogre and Groudon after they were awakened by their respective orbs.

Tentacruel's only known move is Wrap.

Debut It All Ends Now V
Archie's Surskit

Archie's Masquerain
Surskit → Masquerain
Archie's Masquerain first appeared as a Surskit during the Emerald chapter in which he was mostly used by him. This is shown as he was used in many later battles. Around the end, Surskit evolved into Masquerain during the final battle against the main characters and he went up against Gold's Polibo. After Archie disappeared, Masquerain did so as well.

Masquerain's only known move is Psybeam, and his Ability as a Surskit was Swift Swim.

Debut A Dust-Up With Dusclops
Archie's Starmie
Starmie (×4)
Archie owns many Starmie that were used as his methods of escaping his enemies.

Starmie's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut VS. Starmie
Archie's Kyogre
Kyogre was originally under the control of Maxie. However, Archie awakens it in the next chapter. It gets released later on afterwards after Ruby and Sapphire defeat him.

Kyogre's known moves are Calm Mind, Hydro Pump and Hyper Beam, and its Ability is Drizzle.

Debut The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon I
At Team Aqua's HQ
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 4.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 3.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 4.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 4.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 4.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 4.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 1.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 1.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 1.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 3.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 2.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 3.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 3.png
Team Aqua Water Pokémon 2.png

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Archie or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Archie T [Su] EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Uncommon 71/95 Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions Rare 075/080
Archie's Ace in the Hole T [Su] Primal Clash Uncommon 124/160 Tidal Storm U 66/70
Primal Clash Rare Ultra 157/160 Tidal Storm SR 77/70


  • In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Archie's height is actually 5'9"(1.75m), not 5'7".
  • Despite being the leader of Team Aqua, an organization with water-centric goals, none of his Pokémon in the games can learn a single Water-type move through level-up in Generation III.
    • In fact, only one of his three Pokémon, Sharpedo, is a Water type itself.
  • Some of Archie's lines in Pokémon Sapphire are the same as Maxie's lines in Pokémon Ruby.
  • Archie's plans in the Emerald chapter of Pokémon Adventures are very similar to the plans of Butler in Jirachi: Wish Maker.
  • Pokémon Sapphire contains some unused Trainer data for Archie. According to the data, he only has a level 17 Togetic on his team. He is also carrying two Super Potions. This information may indicate that Archie was originally planned to be encountered earlier in the game and was intended to appear with a drastically different sort of team.
  • In Pokémon Omega Ruby, a grunt at the Team Magma Hideout mentions that Archie and Maxie used to be on the same team once.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アオギリ Aogiri From 梧桐 / 青桐 aogiri (Chinese parasol tree), 青 ao (blue), and aqua (Latin for water)
English Archie From aqua, water
French Arthur From aqua, water
German Adrian From aqua, water. May also be from Adriatic Sea.
Italian Ivan From idro, hydro
Spanish Aquiles From aqua, water. Aquiles is Spanish for Achilles, a Greek hero who was dipped in the mythical river Styx by his mother to achieve immortality shortly after his birth.
Korean 아강 Agang From aqua and 강 (江) gang (large river) or 강 (舡) gang (boat)
Chinese (Mandarin) 水梧桐 Shuǐwútóng From 水 shuǐ (water) and 梧桐 wútóng (Chinese parasol tree)

Aqua Leader

Language Title
France Flag.png French Leader Team Aqua*
Leader Aqua*
Germany Flag.png German Team-Aqua-Boss*
Aqua Boss*
Italy Flag.png Italian Capo Idro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아쿠아단간부 Aqua-dan Ganbu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Líder Aqua

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Lower Members: Team Aqua Grunts
Former Members: Zinnia
Locations: Team Aqua Hideout

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