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I tend to contribute to MarioWiki a lot more than Bulbapedia. My thing seems to be to contribute high quality images; Bulbapedia seems to have a good handle with most images but MarioWiki is struggling with most images.

I really like and prefer the Generation II Pokémon games.


Yes you do see cheating devices to the right. I cheat responsibly. For Event Pokémon no longer distributed for older games, I'll forcibly claim these Pokémon as my own. I started playing these games long after I was able to legitimately obtain these event Pokémon. Might as well force them out by cheating and get what I paid for.

Semi-Legitimate Emerald Event Pokémon Captures

GameShark warp codes were used to obtain these Pokémon:

Semi-Legitimate Colosseum Event Pokémon Obtaining

Semi-Legitimate Diamond/Pearl Event Pokémon Captures

Action Replay force event trigger codes were used to obtain these Pokémon:

Yellow Version Party

Crystal Version Party

Yeah, when I was young, I had an obsession with the character Ash Ketchum.

Diamond Version Party

Too lazy to fill in all details because this team is in development still. :P Attacks are what I want eventually and I want a more solid 6th member of my party (preferably Weavile). This party will be similar to my Pearl Version Party when it is complete.

Pearl Version Party

Yeah, I chose to be the female protagonist even though I'm male. :P