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トニー Tonī
FireRed LeafGreen Red.png
Ready for action
Age 16
Gender Male
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto,Unova,Kalos
Trainer class Ace Trainer
Generation III, V, VI
Games Pokémon LeafGreen Version
Pokémon Black Version
Pokémon Black Version 2
Pokémon Y

Hello! I'm Gioku, I'm 16 years old, and I have been a Pokémon fan since I got my GBA when I was 9! On that system, I had Pokemon LeafGreen Version, and was instantly hooked! I stopped playing for a while, but I got started back up when I met some new friends who were really into it. Then, I finally got around to beating LeafGreen. I finally got a NDS Lite in 2010, and got Pokémon Black Version when it came out. In early 2012, I lost my beloved DS Lite (along with Mario Kart DS and Pac-Man World 2 for GBA), and finally upgraded to the N3DS. Right now I'm playing the heck out of Pokémon X&Y!

On Bulbapedia, I fix grammatical and other errors wherever I find them - and there's sure a lot more of them than you'd think! Compared to some, my Pokémon knowledge is limited - but I'm still quite knowledgeable! My interests include video game and web development; both of which are beneficial when working on a wiki!

Below are my currently owned Pokémon games:

My Teams!