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National Pokédex Number Name Picture Trainers #1 Trainers #2 Trainers #3
650 Chespin Clemont Chespin.png Clemont's Chespin Chespie N/A
651 Quilladin Quilladin anime.png N/A N/A N/A
652 Chesnaught Chapman Chesnaught.png Millis Steel's Chesnaught Chapman's Chesnaught N/A
653 Fennekin Serena Fennekin.png Serena's Fennekin Aria's Fennekin Mirror Serena's Fennekin
654 Braixen Serena Braixen.png Aria's Braixen Serena's Braixen N/A
655 Delphox Wylie Delphox.png Aria's Delphox
Wylie's Delphox
Merilyn's Delphox Serena's Delphox
656 Froakie Goh Froakie.png Ash's Froakie
Sanpei's Froakie
Mirror Ash's Froakie Goh's Froakie
657 Frogadier Ash Frogadier.png Ash's Frogadier Sanpei's Frogadier Goh's Frogadier
658 Greninja Ash Greninja.png Ash's Greninja
Sanpei's Greninja
Ippei's Greninja Riot's Greninja
659 Bunnelby Goh Bunnelby.png Clemont's Bunnelby Goh's Bunnelby N/A
660 Diggersby Dolan Diggersby.png Dolan's Diggersby Clemont's Diggersby N/A
661 Fletchling Ash Fletchling.png Ash's Fletchling
Grace's Fletchling
Chester's Fletchling
Clarice's Fletchling
Goh's Fletchling
662 Fletchinder Ash Fletchinder.png Ash's Fletchinder Nico's Fletchinder N/A
663 Talonflame Ash Talonflame.png Ash's Talonflame Moria's Talonflame Jan's Talonflame
664 Scatterbug Scatterbug anime.png Goh's Scatterbug N/A N/A
665 Spewpa Spewpa anime.png N/A N/A N/A
666 Vivillon Alvin Vivillon.png Viola's Vivillon Aria's Vivillon Alvin's Vivillon
667 Litleo Litleo anime.png Honoka's Litleo N/A N/A
668 Pyroar Lysandre Pyroar.png Lysandre's Pyroar Astrid's Pyroar Alvin's Pyroar
669 Flabébé Goh Flabébé.png Mairin's Flabébé
Grey's Flabébé
Shauna's Flabébé Goh's Flabébé
670 Floette Goh Floette.png Goh's Floette N/A N/A
671 Florges Orange Flower Florges anime.png Trevor's Florges N/A N/A
672 Skiddo Skiddo anime.png N/A N/A N/A
673 Gogoat Ramos Gogoat.png Alexa's Gogoat Ramos's Gogoat Jan's Gogoat
674 Pancham Serena Pancham.png Serena's Pancham Myron's Pancham N/A
675 Pangoro Viren Pangoro.png Viren's Pangoro Bea's Pangoro N/A
676 Furfrou Yoko Furfrou.png Jessica's Furfrou
Princess Allie's Furfrou
Kayleigh's Furfrou
Alouette's Furfrou
Delilah's Furfrou
Everett's Furfrou
Surfer's Furfrou
Yoko's Furfrou
677 Espurr Elise Espurr.png Lacy's Espurr Blake's Espurr Heath's Espurr
678 Meowstic Bluto Meowstic.png Astrid's Meowstic
Blake's Meowstic
Heath's Meowstic
Blanche's Meowstic
Miette's Meowstic
Olympia's Meowstic
Olympica's Meowstic
Bluto's Meowstic
679 Honedge Sawyer Honedge.png Argus Steel's Honedge Sawyer's Honedge Wikstrom's Honedge
680 Doublade Sawyer Doublade.png Argus Steel's Honedge Sawyer's Doublade N/A
681 Aegislash Wikstrom Aegislash.png Argus Steel's Aegislash
Sawyer's Aegislash
Gym guide's Aegislash Wikstrom's Aegislash
682 Spritzee Valerie Spritzee.png Valerie's Spritzee Nikola's Spritzee N/A
683 Aromatisse Aria Aromatisse.png Aria's Aromatisse N/A N/A
684 Swirlix Swirlix anime.png Raleigh's Swirlix Shauna's Swirlix Frank's Swirlix
685 Slurpuff Sawyer Slurpuff.png Miette's Slurpuff Sawyer's Slurpuff Raleigh's Slurpuff
686 Inkay James Inkay.png James's Inkay N/A N/A
687 Malamar Xerosic Malamar.png Xerosic's Malamar N/A N/A
688 Binacle Goh Binacle.png Locke's Binacle Ed's Binacle Goh's Binacle
689 Barbaracle Saizo Barbaracle.png Saizo's Barbaracle N/A N/A
690 Skrelp Skrelp anime.png N/A N/A N/A
691 Dragalge Dragalge anime.png Drasna's Dragalge N/A N/A
692 Clauncher Rodman Clauncher.png Rodman's Clauncher N/A N/A
693 Clawitzer Lob Clawitzer.png Sawyer's Clawitzer Lob's Clawitzer N/A
694 Helioptile Alexa Helioptile.png Alexa's Helioptile Billy's Helioptile N/A
695 Heliolisk Clemont Heliolisk.png Clemont's Heliolisk Frank's Heliolisk N/A
696 Tyrunt Scientist Tyrunt.png Grant's Tyrunt Scientist's Tyrunt N/A
697 Tyrantrum Scientist Tyrantrum.png Scientist's Tyrantrum N/A N/A
698 Amaura Amaura anime.png Thaddeus's Amaura N/A N/A
699 Aurorus Aurorus anime.png Thaddeus's Aurorus N/A N/A
700 Sylveon Serena Sylveon.png Serena's Sylveon Penelope's Sylveon Valerie's Sylveon
701 Hawlucha Bea Hawlucha.png Ash's Hawlucha
Mirror Ash's Hawlucha
Carl's Hawlucha Bea's Hawlucha
702 Dedenne Clemont Dedenne.png Clemont's Dedenne Mirror Clemont's Dedenne Wikstrom's Dedenne
703 Carbink Kalos Route 14 Carbink.png N/A N/A N/A
704 Goomy Ash Goomy.png Ash's Goomy N/A N/A
705 Sliggoo Ash Sliggoo.png Ash's Sliggoo N/A N/A
706 Goodra Raihan Goodra.png Ash's Goodra Raihan's Goodra N/A
707 Klefki Monsieur Pierre Klefki.png Monsieur Pierre's Klefki Wikstrom's Klefki N/A
708 Phantump Phantump anime.png Goh's Phantump N/A N/A
709 Trevenant Trevenant anime.png N/A N/A N/A
710 Pumpkaboo Jessie Pumpkaboo.png Jessie's Pumpkaboo Count Pumpka's Pumpkaboo N/A
711 Gourgeist Jessie Gourgeist.png Jessie's Gourgeist Count Pumpka's steward's Gourgeist N/A
712 Bergmite Wulfric Bergmite.png Wulfric's Bergmite N/A N/A
713 Avalugg Wulfric Avalugg.png Wulfric's Avalugg N/A N/A
714 Noibat Ash Noibat.png Ash's Noibat N/A N/A
715 Noivern Drasna Noivern.png Ash's Noivern
Alexa's Noivern
Gladion's Noivern Drasna's Noivern
716 Xerneas Neutral Xerneas anime.png N/A N/A N/A
717 Yveltal Yveltal anime.png N/A N/A N/A
718 Zygarde Z2 50 Percent Forme.png N/A N/A N/A
719 Diancie Diancie anime.png N/A N/A N/A
720 Hoopa Hoopa anime.png N/A N/A N/A
721 Volcanion Volcanion M19.png N/A N/A N/A