Count Pumpka's steward

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Count Pumpka's steward

Count Pumpka's steward is a character of the day who appeared in A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?.

The steward was sent after Team Rocket by Count Pumpka, as the count had interest in obtaining Jessie's Pumpkaboo. He invited them to Count Pumpka's castle for a meal. The steward was later sent after Ash and his friends, as Team Rocket tricked the count into believing that Ash's Pikachu had threatened Pumpkaboo. He briefly battled the group to try to take away Pikachu, and then escaped with Clemont's Chespin, who was dressed up as a Pikachu and was taken instead by accident.

Later, Ash and his friends stormed Count Pumpka's castle to reclaim Chespin, and revealed that Chespin was actually the Pokémon that the steward had taken with him. Still thinking they were bad people, the steward had his Gourgeist attack them again. This time, they were quickly defeated by the group's Pokémon. Following this, the steward pushed a secret switch in a nearby wall that caused a cage to appear and trap Ash and his friends. They ultimately managed to escape, however, and revealed Team Rocket were the real bad guys. After they managed to blast Team Rocket off, Count Pumpka and his steward apologized to them for the misunderstanding and for mistreating them. As the count invited them for dinner, the steward served them.


Count Pumpka's steward's Gourgeist
Gourgeist (×3)
Count Pumpka's steward's three Gourgeist first appeared confronting Team Rocket. They and their Trainer were sent by Count Pumpka as the count had interest in obtaining Jessie's Pumpkaboo. After Team Rocket had framed Ash's Pikachu for threatening Jessie's Pumpkaboo, the count sent his steward after Ash and his friends.

The Gourgeist eventually surrounded the group and started attacking. A brief battle ensued against the group's Pokémon to try and take away Ash's Pikachu, but the Gourgeist and their Trainer quickly made use of a smokescreen to escape with Clemont's Chespin (who was dressed up as a Pikachu and was taken instead by accident). Later, in Count Pumpka's castle, the steward had them attack the group once more, but this time they were defeated by Ash's Pikachu, Clemont's Bunnelby, and Serena's Braixen.

Gourgeist's known moves are Shadow Ball, Razor Leaf, and Seed Bomb.

Debut A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?
Voice actors
Japanese Tsuguo Mogami
English Marc Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Jake Paque
Finnish Arto Nieminen
European French Bruno Bulté
Polish Waldemar Barwiński
European Spanish Fernando Elegido

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