Jessie's Gourgeist

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Jessie's Gourgeist
ムサシのパンプジン Musashi's Pumpjin
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Jessie Gourgeist.png
Jessie's Gourgeist
Debuts in The Bamboozling Forest!
Caught at Route 5
Evolves in A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?
Gender Female[1]
Ability Unknown
Traded in A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?*
Original Trainer Jessie
Traded for Count Pumpka's Mawile*
Current location With Jessie
HOME710Su.png HOME711Su.png
This Pokémon spent 71 episodes as Pumpkaboo.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pumpkaboo Megumi Satou Haven Paschall
As Gourgeist Miyako Itō Haven Paschall

Jessie's Gourgeist (Japanese: ムサシのパンプジン Musashi's Pumpjin) is the first Pokémon that Jessie obtained in the Kalos region, and her tenth overall.

In the anime

Pokémon the Series: XY

As a Pumpkaboo

As a Pumpkaboo, she debuted in The Bamboozling Forest!. While walking through a forest, Jessie tripped over Pumpkaboo as she emerged from underground. While she kept shining her light repeatedly, Jessie threw a Poké Ball at her, successfully catching Pumpkaboo, much to James's surprise. Later, she was used to battle Ash and his friends to prevent them from rescuing a Pangoro and Pancham that Team Rocket had captured. Using her Leech Seed, Pumpkaboo prevented her opponents' Pokémon from moving. She was defeated after Ash gave Pangoro a leaf, allowing it to regain its confidence and easily send Team Rocket blasting off.

In The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos!, Pumpkaboo used her flashlight ability to light up a cave for Jessie. They quickly ran into a wild Salamence, and Pumpkaboo and Jessie played dead to confuse it. While the Salamence tried to figure out what happened, Jessie put a device on its head. This caused Salamence to rampage, sending Team Rocket blasting off. Pumpkaboo was later seen at the Pokémon Center, healed of her injuries from Salamence.

Pumpkaboo in her first Showcase

In A Showcase Debut!, Pumpkaboo was used in the Coumarine Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase. Jessie dressed Pumpkaboo up as a scarecrow for the Theme Performance, where she was matched against Shauna's Bulbasaur and Alouette's Furfrou. The audience members did not receive her costume and accessories well and she received the least votes, thus being eliminated from the competition.

In A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!, she was separated from her Trainer as well as Wobbuffet after being blasted off by Pikachu. While looking for her with James and Meowth, she was captured by a Pokémon hunter along with Meowth and Inkay. After getting rescued by James and being reunited with her Trainer, she helped to defeat the Pokémon hunter along with Team Rocket's other Pokémon, Pikachu, and Fennekin.

In A Relay in the Sky!, Pumpkaboo was used to compete in the Pokémon Sky Relay. She managed to finish her part of the race in first place by hiding inside an Altaria, but her team was disqualified when Meowth's Pelipper machine was exposed.

Pumpkaboo being traded

In A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?, Jessie met Count Pumpka who explained that her Pumpkaboo was rare in that it was a Super Size female and, as his own Pumpkaboo had fallen in love with her, asked her if she wanted to trade for his Mawile. Although Jessie initially refused, she was persuaded when she learned that Mawile had the potential to Mega Evolve. However, Pumpkaboo grew angry with her Trainer for agreeing to trade her away. Regardless, the exchange went ahead, but when the Count sent out Pumpkaboo she promptly evolved into Gourgeist, the trade having triggered the evolution. Jessie soon regretted the trade and asked Count Pumpka if he was willing to trade back, and the Count agreed without any argument, as his Pumpkaboo was no longer interested in Gourgeist. After the trade, Jessie and Gourgeist were happily reunited, and Gourgeist was sent into battle against Pikachu. Regardless of her new form, Gourgeist was still defeated, but this didn't matter to her or Jessie, as the two were just happy to be together again.

In A Performance Pop Quiz!, Gourgeist was used in the Freestyle Performance of the Anistar Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase. Gourgeist used her flashlight ability as a spotlight while Jessie danced. Jessie finished her performance by having Gourgeist use Seed Bomb to create fireworks. In the end, however, Jessie did not receive enough votes and ended up in third place.

In A Dancing Debut!, Gourgeist was used, along with Wobbuffet, in the Freestyle Performance of the Couriway Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase. Gourgeist used Leech Seed to enwrap Jessie with vines, which resulted in a tower with Jessie on top. Next, Gourgeist and Wobbuffet helped the dancing Jessie to stay airborne. Gourgeist then used a combination of a Shadow Ball, reflected by Wobbuffet using Mirror Coat, and Seed Bomb to create fireworks, finishing their performance. Ultimately, their performance received the most votes from the audience, making Jessie the winner, earning her her first Princess Key.

Gourgeist releasing light from the holes in her body

In An Explosive Operation!, Jessie sent out Gourgeist to protect Z2 from Team Flare. Gourgeist hit Mable's Weavile and Aliana's Druddigon with Seed Bomb, creating smoke, allowing Team Rocket to escape with Z2. Later, she fought Team Flare again along with Wobbuffet and Inkay. She attacked with Dark Pulse, but Weavile cut through the attack and hit her with Metal Claw. Although Gourgeist was able to subdue Aliana's Druddigon with Leech Seed, she and Inkay were defeated by the Team Flare Grunts' Pokémon's combined attacks.

Gourgeist in the Master Class Showcase

In Master Class is in Session!, Jessie used Gourgeist in the first round of the Gloire Master Class Pokémon Showcase, where she faced off against Nini's Smoochum and Concetta's Scraggy. Firing off multiple Shadow Balls resulted in beautiful sparkles and bursts of purple smoke. This performance gained the most votes from the audience, causing Jessie to advance to the second round. In the following episode, after Jessie had won in the second round, Gourgeist was used alongside Meowth in the semi-finals. She created massive tree-like roots using Leech Seed while Jessie and her Pokémon danced around. The roots then formed a tower with Jessie on top and Gourgeist used Seed Bomb to create fireworks. After Meowth destroyed the roots with Fury Swipes, Jessie and her Pokémon landed on the ground, finishing their performance. In the end, Serena earned the most votes, causing Jessie to end up in the Top 4.

When Team Rocket, Serena, Mairin, and Professor Sycamore infiltrated Lysandre Labs in The Right Hero for the Right Job!, Gourgeist was sent out, alongside Inkay, to battle Celosia's Drapion. Gourgeist was also sent out in Forming a More Perfect Union! to fight the Giant Rock. During the battle, she fended off its roots to clear the way for Ash and Alain. One of the roots, however, blasted Gourgeist and her Team members out of the helicopter, but they were saved by Diantha's Gardevoir.

In Battling with a Clean Slate!, Gourgeist battled Ash and his friends for the final time in Kalos, fighting alongside Inkay against Ash's Greninja and Alain's Charizard. Greninja and Charizard were able to make quick work of the two and sent Team Rocket blasting off.

In The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!, Gourgeist, along with her Trainer, Shauna, Serena, and their respective Pokémon, performed for a crowd of Lumiose citizens.

Following the Team Rocket trio's journey in Kalos, Jessie left Gourgeist at Team Rocket HQ.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In Rocket Revengers!, Gourgeist, alongside the rest of Team Rocket's Pokémon at Team Rocket HQ, were sent to Jessie and James so they could be added back to their team. Realizing the potential of such a large group, the team hatched a scheme to isolate Ash's Pikachu and capture him. Gourgeist and Carnivine were the third to do so, distracting Ash and his Pokémon while Pikachu ran ahead. Ash quickly realized Pikachu was in trouble and ran off. Gourgeist sent out a distress signal to inform everyone, and she and Carnivine returned to their Trainers to take on Pikachu as a group. She joined all of Team Rocket to launch a combined attack at the Mouse Pokémon. However, it was dodged, and Wobbuffet sent it back with Mirror Coat. A wild Latias following Ash intervened and sent the evil group blasting off.

In The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!, Gourgeist was used to try and capture Pikachu but was thwarted by the arrival of Ash's Pidgeot.

Personality and characteristics

Gourgeist and Jessie

Since being caught, Pumpkaboo has become Jessie's main battler in Kalos, replacing Wobbuffet. As is traditional for Pokémon owned by Team Rocket, Gourgeist has lost nearly every battle she has participated in.

While not as playful as James's Inkay, Gourgeist as a Pumpkaboo seems to be a very cheerful and energetic Pokémon; this can be seen when she often dances, spins around or sings during her battles, sometimes even childishly changing her tone of voice when attacking. She is shown to get excited and proud of herself when doing well in battle, such as in Forging Forest Friendships! when Ash's Hawlucha missed with Flying Press due to Pumpkaboo being a Ghost-type. She also tends to flash her lights repeatedly, as shown in The Bamboozling Forest!, when Pumpkaboo was startled by Jessie. However, she used this ability to good effect in The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos!. As a Gourgeist, she is shown to mirror her Trainer's mannerisms, such as in Party Dancecapades!, when she mimicked Jessie's frustration at James' loss against Serena and Ash.

Her strong bond with her Trainer was displayed in A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?. She felt awkward when Count Pumpka's Pumpkaboo displayed affection for her, not feeling the same way, but got angry when Jessie considered trading her away and stubbornly entertained the Small Size Pumpkaboo's affections. Count Pumpka's Pumpkaboo rejected her after evolution, and Jessie was angered, exclaiming that her Pokémon was caring and reliable. Gourgeist was overwhelmed with happiness to hear Jessie defend her, and they reunited. The two continued acting affectionately in the next episode.

Moves used

Jessie Gourgeist Leech Seed.png
Using Leech Seed
Move First Used In
Leech Seed  The Bamboozling Forest!
Shadow Ball  The Bamboozling Forest!
Frustration A Pokévision of Things to Come!
Dark Pulse  Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!
Seed Bomb  Over the Mountain of Snow!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
Ash Serena Team Rocket combo.png A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, and Psybeam Ash's Pikachu, Serena's Fennekin, and James's Inkay
Description: Pumpkaboo combines her Dark Pulse with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, a Flamethrower attack from Serena's Fennekin, and a Psybeam from James's Inkay to create a swirling blast of energy. This was used to defeat a Pokémon hunter and his Rhyperior.
Jessie Gourgeist Seed Bomb signal.png Rocket Revengers! Seed Bomb None
Description: Gourgeist fires a Seed Bomb attack into the sky that explodes like fireworks, creating multiple sparkles in the sky. This was used to signal to Team Rocket that Ash was on his way.
Team Rocket Combo Attack.png Rocket Revengers! Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psybeam, and Silver Wind Woobat, Seviper, Yanmega, Frillish, Carnivine, Yamask, Amoonguss, and Inkay
Description: A combination move used by Jessie and James's Pokémon. Woobat launches Air Slash, Frillish, Gourgeist and Yamask launch Shadow Ball, Amoonguss and Carnivine launch Energy Ball, Yanmega launches Silver Wind, Inkay launches Psybeam, and Seviper launches Sludge Bomb. The attacks fuse together to create a single massive beam of energy. This was used against Ash, Pikachu, Infernape, and Hawlucha in Team Rocket's attempt to steal Pikachu, but once they dodged, the attack headed towards Team Rocket.


Team Rocket trio and Pokémon XY 2.png Team Rocket trio and Pokémon XY.png JN116 AS.png
Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: XY
Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: XY
Artwork from "After the story" [2]

In the manga

Movie adaptations

Gourgeist appeared as a Pumpkaboo in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, floating next to Jessie.


Pumpkaboo compared to a Small Sized Pumpkaboo


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