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Grey (Japanese: グレー Grey) is a character of the day who appeared in To Find a Fairy Flower!. He lives in Calanthe Town with his wife Florence and their Flabébé.

One day, Florence suddenly fell ill and collapsed while she was gardening. She was quickly taken to the Calanthe Town Central Hospital by ambulance. This saddened Flabébé, who had always enjoyed Florence's company, and she left Grey while he was asleep to search for her. When Grey woke up, he was shocked to see Flabébé was gone, but he had a hunch about where she was. He quickly went to the hospital, where he found Flabébé peering through the window of Florence's room.

When a strong gust struck, however, Flabébé was blown away. She lost her flower, which was subsequently run over and destroyed by a car. The gust blew Flabébé further away, and Grey was unable to get her back. Since then, he had been looking for Flabébé everywhere, but could not find her. Flabébé's disappearance greatly saddened Florence, who went into a state of emotional despair even though she was recovering from her illness. Grey was also worried about Flabébé's well-being, since her flower was destroyed and she would not survive without a new one.

Sometime later, when Grey was walking down the street, he suddenly noticed Flabébé sitting on top of Bonnie's head. He quickly ran towards her and hugged the girl, happy to have finally found Flabébé. Grey thanked them for taking care of Flabébé, but it refused to come home. He realized Flabébé still wanted a replacement Fairy Flower, which only grows in a certain area. Ash and his friends decided to go look for the flower and bring it to the hospital in which Florence was staying. They advised Grey to keep Florence company in the meantime.

Later, the group returned to Florence's hospital room with a Fairy Flower, and Flabébé had attached herself to it. Flabébé reunited with Florence, instantly cheering up the elderly couple.


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Grey's Flabébé
Flabébé is a Pokémon owned by Grey, which lives with him and Florence. One day, Florence fell ill and was hospitalized. Saddened by this, Flabébé left Grey while he slept to go see Florence again, only to be blown away by a gust of wind and lose her flower. She landed in Bonnie's hair, and took a liking to the girl because of the flower ornament in her hair. After meeting up with Grey again at the Pokémon Center, Grey told them that Flabébé would need to find a new Fairy Flower or else she would not be able to survive.

They managed to find one, but Team Rocket attacked the group and stole Pikachu. Flabébé defeated Team Rocket with her pollen, causing them to lose the will to fight. Afterwards, the group met up with Florence at the hospital she was staying at. Seeing Flabébé again made Florence so happy that she felt like would recover soon. As they parted ways, Bonnie thanked Flabébé for the time they spent together, and she bade farewell, hoping Flabébé would continue have a good life with Grey and Florence.

She reappeared in a flashback in Till We Compete Again!.

None of Flabébé's moves are known.

Debut To Find a Fairy Flower!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 最上嗣生 Tsuguo Mogami
English David Wills
Finnish Ilkka Villi
European French Emmanuel Liénart
Hebrew גדי לוי Gadi Levy
Polish Stefan Knothe
Brazilian Portuguese Gilberto Baroli
European Spanish José Luis Cerezo

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