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Wylie (Japanese: おじいさん Grampa) is a character of the day who appeared in An Appetite for Battle!.

As Wylie came home, having just won a village tournament, he was challenged to a battle by his wife Carrie to settle a quarrel they had earlier. Not having a lot of confidence in Carrie's battling skills, he accepted the challenge. For the battle, Wylie chose to battle with his Delphox, while Carrie chose to battle with a Chespin she had found sleeping on their doorstep earlier.

Wylie's match against his wife ended after Clemont intervened and explained that the Chespin actually belonged to him and that it had run off. Wylie concluded that he had won the battle, since Chespin wasn't officially Carrie's Pokémon. However, Chespin still wanted to continue battling, and with permission, Clemont continued in Carrie's place. Despite this, Clemont's match was suddenly called off and declared a draw after Wylie injured his back while ordering Delphox to use Mystical Fire.

Carrie brought her husband inside to rest. The couple explained that their argument started when Wylie made a snide comment during dinner, and in response, Carrie took his bowl away. To make up for his comments, Wylie had bought her a cake. Accepting his apology, Carrie proposed to Ash and his friends that they enjoy the cake together. Wylie and Carrie said their farewells to the group as they continued on their way.


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Wylie's Delphox
Delphox is Wylie's only known Pokémon. It was sent out to battle Chespin in order to settle a quarrel with Carrie. Initially, Delphox clearly had the advantage in the battle, due to the type advantage, but also due to Chespin having eaten too many of Carrie's macarons before. Just as Delphox was about to hit Chespin with Flamethrower, Clemont jumped in front. After Clemont explained to Carrie the Chespin was actually his, the battle resumed with Clemont battling instead of Carrie.

Clemont was able to reduce the weight Chespin had gained from eating the macarons by having it dodge Delphox's attacks with rolling techniques. As a result, Chespin was now able to keep up with Delphox, although it was badly hurt by one of its Flamethrowers. At that moment, Chespin's Ability Overgrow activated, and Chespin gained the upper hand, hitting Delphox hard with its strengthened attacks. Wylie intended to order Delphox to use Mystical Fire, but right as Delphox was about to execute the move, Wylie fell to the ground due to hurting his back. The battle was called off and declared a draw.

Delphox's known moves are Will-O-Wisp, Flamethrower, and Mystical Fire*.

Debut An Appetite for Battle!
Voice actors
English Eileen Stevens


  • Wylie's English name may be a pun of the fictional character Wile E. Coyote, for Wylie uses a fox-like Pokémon.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 宮澤正 Tadashi Miyazawa
English Jason Griffith
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
European French Bruno Bulté
Polish Marek Robaczewski
European Spanish Roberto Cuenca Martínez

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