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Everett (Japanese: タケル Takeru) is a character of the day who appeared in A League of His Own!.

Everett saw Ash on television being interviewed by Malva at the Lumiose Conference and planned on challenging him to a battle. He found Ash and asked him for a battle. Ash accepted, but Serena and Clemont stopped the battle before it could start, as Ash could end up missing the registration deadline as a result.

Later, Everett came across Ash in a hallway in the Conference's stadium and the two battled. Everett sent out his Furfrou and Ash chose his Pikachu. After a couple of attacks from both Pokémon, Ash won the match. Afterwards, Everett fell to his knees and started crying, saying he didn't have eight Gym Badges and therefore couldn't take part in the League; Ash consoled him. This battle caused Ash to be late for his first battle in the Conference, which he realized. Later, Everett was seen sitting against one of the walls in the same hallway and smiling. At the end of the episode, Everett was seen watching the scoreboard before he left.


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This listing is of Everett's known Pokémon in the anime:

Everett's Furfrou
Furfrou is Everett's only known Pokémon. It dons the Kabuki Trim.

It was used in its Trainer's battle against Ash's Pikachu and after putting up a good fight, the Poodle Pokémon eventually lost.

Furfrou's known moves are Sand Attack, Giga Impact, Take Down, and Cotton Guard.

Debut A League of His Own!
Voice actors
English Billy Bob Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 畠中祐 Tasuku Hatanaka
English Bryan Tyler
Finnish Tero Koponen
European French Marc Weiss
Polish Maksymilian Bogumił
Russian Илья Хвостиков Ilya Hvostikov
European Spanish Víctor Martínez

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