Princess Allie

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Princess Allie

Princess Allie (Japanese: アリー姫 Princess Allie) is a character of the day in Awakening the Sleeping Giant!. She is the Princess of Parfum Palace. She is rather snobbish, and considers any item she takes to be hers from then on, even if it didn't belong to her in the first place.

Allie was first mentioned by Lord Shabboneau as the one who had the Poké Flute which was needed for waking up a Snorlax to start a festival in Camphrier Town. One day she visited the palace, and without asking, took the Poké Flute because she thought it looked pretty. But because Lord Shabboneau had good relations with her father, he never tried to get it back. Ash and his friends promised to try to get it back. But, when arriving at Parfum Palace, Princess Allie stubbornly refused to give it back. However, noticing Pikachu and what she called its "rare cheeks", she decided to take Pikachu for herself as well. Naturally, Ash refused, to her chagrin. Allie then attempted to bribe him with various gems and treasures, but Ash still wouldn't budge. She then settled on a battle against her Furfrou, in which the Poké Flute and Pikachu would be betted. Despite protests from Serena and Bonnie, Pikachu agreed to do it.

During the battle, when Pikachu's Thunderbolt impaired Furfrou's appearance, a shocked Princess Allie forfeited to have Furfrou groomed back to beauty. Although Ash was declared the winner, Allie would still not give them the flute on account of her losing, to Ash's anger. It turned out she actually intended to give them the flute if Ash lost and gain Pikachu if Ash won. With all of Ash and friends confused and angry, Clemont confronted her on her unfairness. Although Princess Allie appeared to have her feelings hurt, she actually admired Clemont for his scolding and made an offer: she would hand over the Poké Flute if Clemont stayed with her. After talking it over with Serena and Bonnie agreed to this and left a frantic Clemont with Allie after obtaining the Poké Flute. Unknown to her, when she went to the balcony to see the fireworks with Clemont at night, the figure there was actually a decoy he created; the real Clemont had escaped with his friends. This angered her into slapping the dummy, causing it to explode and leaving Allie's appearance ruined.


Princess Allie's Furfrou
Furfrou is Princess Allie's only known Pokémon. She dons the Matron Trim.

When Ash and his friends entered the garden of Parfum Palace, Furfrou appeared out of nowhere and started barking at them before being comforted by Princess Allie. She later used her in a battle against Ash. Although she was able to dodge Pikachu's Quick Attack and counter Iron Tail with Bite, she got shocked by Pikachu's Thunderbolt. Not content to have Furfrou continue battling while not looking beautiful, Allie sent Furfrou to be regroomed and thus forfeited the match.

Furfrou's known moves are Tackle, Bite, and Charge Beam.

Debut Awakening the Sleeping Giant!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyotaka Furushima
English Michele Knotz‎

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 福圓美里 Misato Fukuen
English Kate Bristol
Hebrew עינת אוזלאי Einat Azulay
Polish Zuzanna Galia
European Spanish Laura Pastor

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