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Olympica (Japanese: マジカ Magica) is a character of the day who appeared in The Legend of X, Y, and Z!.

Olympica first appeared when she was telling a group of people about a vision she had of a future incident involving an Yveltal.

Some time later, she came across Jan after Aila had been turned to stone, advising him to seek out Xerneas if he wanted Alia to be restored to life before leaving.


Olympica's Meowstic
Meowstic (×2)
Olympica's male and female Meowstic first appeared when they were by their Trainer's side, as Olympica saw a vision of Yveltal and then later appeared with Olympica as she spoke to Jan.

None of the Meowstic's moves are known.

Debut The Legend of X, Y, and Z!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 勝生真沙子 Masako Katsuki
English Catrin Lloyd Bollard
Polish Anna Sroka
European Spanish Margot Lago


  • Olympica bears a striking resemblance to Olympia in both physical characteristics and clothing design. Their English names are nearly identical and their Japanese names are very similar as well. In addition, both have a male and female Meowstic, possess the ability to predict the future, and share the same voice actresses in both the original Japanese version and English dub.

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