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Ed (Japanese: エド Edo) is a character of the day who appeared in Unlocking Some Respect!. He is a locksmith.

At some point before the episode's events, Locke was his apprentice, but got into a disagreement with him and ended up quitting. After Locke in his Master Thief Keyes disguise came by a gem exhibition to pick the lock, Officer Jenny called Ed to the scene, as he made the lock that had been picked. Ed became suspicious, as he had made all the locks picked during Master Thief Keyes' heists, and went back to his shop, allowing his Binacle, Righty, to stay with Ash and his friends.

Later, when a Pokémon Center was on fire, Righty had Bonnie go to Ed to get help. Ed went to the Pokémon Center to rescue Locke who had been trapped inside while rescuing the Pokémon. Locke admitted that he used Master Thief Keyes to earn Ed's respect, but Ed revealed that he knew Master Thief Keyes' real identity all along. Both were able to escape the blazing Pokémon Center. After Officer Jenny arrested Locke, she told Ed that because Locke had never actually stolen anything, only picked locks, he'd be cautioned and then released immediately. Ed also told Ash and his friends to keep it a secret.


Shared with Locke

This article is missing information on this character's Japanese voice actor.
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Ed owns an "arm" of the Binacle which is nicknamed Righty (Japanese: ライト Right). Locke owns the other "arm".

Righty first appeared watching Ash and his friends as they informed Officer Jenny about Master Thief Keyes. Later, it stuck onto Bonnie's head as they proceeded to go to their room. After the group met with Ed, it learnt that Righty had been in a fight with Ed and had been looking for Locke and Lefty ever since they had left. It stayed with the group for the night and accompanied it on their search for Locke.

After the group reached the burning Pokémon Center, it finally met up with Locke and Lefty. It helped to put out the fire with Water Gun and when Locke was trapped inside the burning building, ran off, still attached to Bonnie's head, to call its Trainer for help.

Binacle's known moves are Brick Break and Water Gun.

Debut Unlocking Some Respect!
Voice actors
English Billy Bob Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Dave Wills
Finnish Arto Nieminen
Italian Stefano Albertini
Polish Andrzej Blumenfeld
Spanish Latin America Rolando de la Fuente
Spain Jon Ciriano


Ed's Pokémon


Language Name Origin
Japanese ライト Right From ライト right.
English Righty From right
Danish Høyer Literally "right"
Finnish Oikea From oikea, right.
Italian Destri From destro, right
Norwegian Høyre Literally "right"
Brazilian Portuguese Direita From direita, right
European Spanish Derechi From derecha, right.
Polish Prawuś From prawy, right
Russian Райте Rayte From English name
Swedish Högran From höger, right

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