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Chapman (Japanese: イチガヤ Ichigaya) is a character of the day who appeared in A Watershed Moment!. He is the grandfather of Henny.

Chapman, along with his Chesnaught and Robon, first appeared in a photograph Ash and his friends saw when they came to the Chapman Research Lab. The group was confronted by Henny, and after a brief introduction, they were shown a video made by Chapman, who explained what happened to the land. The currently arid land surrounding the Research Lab was actually a beautiful forest inhabited by a variety of Pokémon. However, the forest began to dry up, but before Chapman could figure out the reason why, he was overcome with a certain illness. Determined to help the forest grow back, Chapman constructed a robot, Robon, to help the forest regrow. Thus, by means of the video, Chapman requested anyone who saw it to help Robon and his Chesnaught in their efforts.

Later, he appeared in a flashback where he advised Robon and Chesnaught to always look after each other.


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Chapman's Chesnaught
Chesnaught first appeared trying to protect Robon from Ash and his friends as it mistook them as threats to the robot. After being calmed by Henny, it joined in the group's efforts to restore the forest, using its Vine Whip to detect any underground water.

When the group was tied by Team Rocket who revealed their plans to capture the Spiny Armor Pokémon, it was about to get attacked by Jessie's Gourgeist and James's Inkay but Robon took the attacks instead and was destroyed in the process. This infuriated Chesnaught, and it sent the trio blasting off, along with some help from the group's Pokémon.

It heaved a sigh of relief when Robon was successfully repaired by Clemont and celebrated along with the group when Robon broke through the rock blocking a spring. Later, it, along with Henny and Robon, bid farewell to Ash and his friends as they set off towards Snowbelle City.

Chesnaught's known moves are Seed Bomb, Vine Whip, and Pin Missile.

Debut A Watershed Moment!
Voice actors
English H.D. Quinn

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 梅津秀行 Hideyuki Umezu
English Billy Bob Thompson
Finnish Aku Laitinen
Italian Riccardo Peroni
Polish Wojciech Machnicki
Brazilian Portuguese Dário de Castro
European Spanish Ángel Amorós

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