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Locke (Japanese: コブシ Kobushi), also known as Master Thief Keyes (Japanese: 怪盗ナックル Phantom Thief Knuckle), is a character of the day who appeared in Unlocking Some Respect!.

Sometime prior to the episode, Locke was the apprentice of Ed. Seeing that he was not getting the respect from Ed, Locke ended up quitting. While Ash and his friends were about to check out a gem exhibit, Locke waited on the rooftop. When it was nighttime, Locke came in from the rooftop and picked the lock containing a diamond which sounded the alarm. Before leaving, some guards came by. Locke ended up escaping after throwing his card.

Later, Team Rocket came by and had Locke use his locksmith skills so that the trio would steal Pokémon from a nearby Pokémon Center. Locke pretended to agree with them as he wanted Team Rocket to free him from the device they used to restrain him. However, Locke ended up backing away from the deal claiming that he doesn't steal and had his Binacle, Lefty, use Brick Break on Meowth. Team Rocket ended up chasing Locke with their Inkay and Gourgeist. Inkay's Psybeam and Gourgeist's Seed Bomb accidentally blew up a generator to the Pokémon Center but blasted off Team Rocket in the process.

As the Pokémon Center was set ablaze, Locke went inside to rescue the Pokémon but gets trapped inside as a result. Locke yelled out for help and Ed's Binacle, Righty, had Bonnie go to Ed for help. Ed arrived to the burning Pokémon Center. He had Locke pick the lock from the inside and they were able to escape from the fire. Although Locke was arrested by Officer Jenny, he was left off with a warning, something that Ed told Ash and his friends to keep a secret.


Shared with Ed

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Locke owns an "arm" of the Binacle which is nicknamed Lefty (Japanese: レフト Left). Ed owns the other "arm".

Lefty first appeared assisting its Trainer in picking the lock that guarded a beautiful gem. It later appeared in a forest with Locke, being thanked for its help. Later, when Locke successfully tricked Team Rocket into freeing him from their restraining device, it used Brick Break on Meowth and fled with its Trainer. In the ensuing pursuit, Team Rocket accidentally set fire to the Pokémon Center.

When Ash and his friends reached the Pokémon Center, it finally met with Righty and then helped its Trainer in rescuing the Poké Balls from the ablaze building.

Binacle's known moves are Brick Break and Water Gun.

Debut Unlocking Some Respect!
Voice actors
English Billy Bob Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 古島清孝 Kiyotaka Furushima
English Graham Halstead
Finnish Tero Koponen
European Spanish Luis Miguel Cajal


Language Name Origin
Japanese コブシ Kobushi From 拳 kobushi, fist.
English, Spanish Locke From lock and the phrase "under lock and key".
Italian Lucchetto Literally "padlock"
Norwegian Låsen Literally "the lock"
Russian Лок Lok Transcription of English name
Swedish Låset Literally "the lock"

Master Thief Keyes

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Mestertyven Keyes
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Meesterdief Sloten
Finland Flag.png Finnish Mestarivaras Keyes
Italy Flag.png Italian Mastro Passepartout
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Mestertyven Nøkkel’n
Poland Flag.png Polish Klucz - Mistrz złodziei
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Ladrão Mestre Keyes
Russia Flag.png Russian Мастервор Кис Mastervor Kis
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Maestro Abrecerraduras
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Mästertjuven Nyckeln

Locke's Pokémon


Language Name Origin
Japanese レフト Left From レフト left
English Lefty From left
Danish Venstra Literally "left"
Finnish Vasuri From vasuri, a slang word meaning lefthanded
Italian Manci From mancino, lefthanded
Norwegian Venstre Literally "left"
Brazilian Portuguese Esquerda From esquerda, left
European Spanish Izquierdi From izquierda, left
Polish Lewuś From lewy, left
Russian Лефте Lefte From English name
Swedish Vänstran From vänster, left

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