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A Rental Pass (Japanese: レンタルパス Rental Pass) is an item provided by Pokémon Battle Revolution. It is similar to a Custom Pass, but has limited customization.

Players start with one Rental Pass, but unlock more as the game progresses.

The design of the Rental Pass cannot be changed, nor can the body type of the Trainer on it, but everything else about the pass can be customized. Pokémon can even be moved between Rental Passes. All rental Pokémon are level 50 and can be Shiny.

Rental Passes are primarily used in the Gateway Colosseum, which only allows Rental Passes to be entered. Once the Trade Battle Mode is unlocked, Rental Passes can be further customized as after every battle in Trade mode, one can exchange a Pokémon they used for a Pokémon the opponent used and if the Colosseum Challenge is a success, the modified Rental Pass remains with its altered team.

Default Passes

Upon starting for the first time, players are allowed to choose one of the following two passes representing the first and fourth generations, respectively:

Sprout Trainer Cyndy

Novice Nate

Additional Passes

By playing through the game, players can unlock additional passes that can be earned by using them to defeat the Gateway Colosseum:

Beginning Trainer Tommy and New Star Daisy are both unlocked after beating Waterfall Colosseum, and Rookie Joel and Freshwoman Natalie are both unlocked after beating Sunny Park Colosseum.

Beginning Trainer Tommy

New Star Daisy

Rookie Joel

Freshwoman Natalie

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Carte de location
Germany Flag.png German Leihpass
Italy Flag.png Italian Pass Noleggio
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pase de préstamo
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