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If you were looking for the male player character from Pokémon Trading Card Game and its sequel, see Mark (GB).
If you were looking for the selectable shape markings on a Pokémon's summary screen, see Pokémon Storage System → Markings.
If you were looking for the mark on a Pokémon's status screen that indicates which game it came from, see Origin mark.

A mark (Japanese: あかし mark) is a special marking that a Pokémon can have when caught that was introduced in Generation VIII. As with Ribbons, they are shown on a Pokémon's summary screen and grant a particular title to a Pokémon that is shown when it is sent out in battle. However, unlike Ribbons, a mark cannot be earned by any Pokémon—it is already set when a Pokémon is caught.

Approximately 5% of Pokémon encountered in the wild will have a mark. Any Pokémon obtained after cooking curry while camping will have the Curry Mark. Pokémon hatched from Eggs or caught in a Max Raid Battle will never have a mark, so it is currently impossible to have a Pokémon with both a Hidden Ability and a mark.

For weatherless wild encounters, of the 5% that have a mark:[1]

  • Approximately 40% will have the Uncommon mark
  • Approximately 40% will have a time-based mark
  • Approximately 20% will have one of marks 69-97

List of marks

# Image Name Title Description Conditions
English Japanese English Japanese
53 Lunchtime Mark.png Lunchtime Mark しょうごのあかし the Peckish はらペコの A mark for a peckish Pokémon. Good chance in the afternoon (12:00 p.m to 6:59 p.m.)
54 Sleepy-Time Mark.png Sleepy-Time Mark しょうしのあかし the Sleepy おねむな A mark for a sleepy Pokémon. Good chance at night (8:00 p.m to 5:59 a.m.)
55 Dusk Mark.png Dusk Mark たそがれのあかし the Dozy そろそろねむい A mark for a dozy Pokémon. Good chance in the evening (7:00 p.m to 7:59 p.m.)
56 Dawn Mark.png Dawn Mark あかつきのあかし the Early Riser はやくにめざめた A mark for an early-riser Pokémon. Good chance in the morning (6:00 a.m to 11:59 a.m.)
57 Cloudy Mark.png Cloudy Mark どんてんのあかし the Cloud Watcher くもをみつめる A mark for a cloud-watching Pokémon. Small chance when cloudy
58 Rainy Mark.png Rainy Mark あめふりのあかし the Sodden あめにむせぶ A mark for a sodden Pokémon. Small chance during rain
59 Stormy Mark.png Stormy Mark いかづちのあかし the Thunderstruck かみなりにさわぐ A mark for a thunderstruck Pokémon. Small chance during a thunderstorm
60 Snowy Mark.png Snowy Mark こうせつのあかし the Snow Frolicker ゆきにころがる A mark for a snow-frolicking Pokémon. Small chance during snow
61 Blizzard Mark.png Blizzard Mark ごうせつのあかし the Shivering こごえふるえる A mark for a shivering Pokémon. Small chance during a blizzard
62 Dry Mark.png Dry Mark かんそうのあかし the Parched のどカラカラの A mark for a parched Pokémon. Small chance during harsh sunlight
63 Sandstorm Mark.png Sandstorm Mark さじんのあかし the Sandswept すなにまみれる A mark for a sandswept Pokémon. Small chance during a sandstorm
64 Misty Mark.png Misty Mark のうむのあかし the Mist Drifter きりにとまどう A mark for a mist-drifter Pokémon. Small chance during fog
65 Destiny Mark.png Destiny Mark うんめいのあかし the Chosen One うんめいかんじる A mark of a chosen Pokémon. Unknown
66 Fishing Mark.png Fishing Mark つりあげられたあかし the Catch of the Day つりたてピチピチの A mark for a catch-of-the-day Pokémon. Good chance while fishing
67 Curry Mark.png Curry Mark カレーのあかし the Curry Connoisseur カレーずきな A mark for a curry-connoisseur Pokémon. All Pokémon that come to camp after cooking curry
68 Uncommon Mark.png Uncommon Mark ときどきみるあかし the Sociable ひとになれてる A mark for a sociable Pokémon. Good chance
69 Rare Mark.png Rare Mark みたことのないあかし the Recluse ひとをしらない A mark for a reclusive Pokémon. Very small chance
70 Rowdy Mark.png Rowdy Mark わんぱくなあかし the Rowdy あばれんぼうの A mark for a rowdy Pokémon. Very small chance
71 Absent-Minded Mark.png Absent-Minded Mark のうてんきなあかし the Spacey なにもかんがえてない A mark for a spacey Pokémon. Very small chance
72 Jittery Mark.png Jittery Mark きんちょうのあかし the Anxious ドキドキしてる A mark for an anxious Pokémon. Very small chance
73 Excited Mark.png Excited Mark きたいのあかし the Giddy ワクワクしてる A mark for a giddy Pokémon. Very small chance
74 Charismatic Mark.png Charismatic Mark カリスマのあかし the Radiant オーラをかんじる A mark for a radiant Pokémon. Very small chance
75 Calmness Mark.png Calmness Mark れいせいのあかし the Serene クールな A mark for a serene Pokémon. Very small chance
76 Intense Mark.png Intense Mark じょうねつのあかし the Feisty アグレッシブな A mark for a feisty Pokémon. Very small chance
77 Zoned-Out Mark.png Zoned-Out Mark ゆだんのあかし the Daydreamer ボーっとしてる A mark for a daydreaming Pokémon. Very small chance
78 Joyful Mark.png Joyful Mark たこうのあかし the Joyful しあわせそうな A mark for a joyful Pokémon. Very small chance
79 Angry Mark.png Angry Mark ふんぬのあかし the Furious プンプンおこる A mark for a furious Pokémon. Very small chance
80 Smiley Mark.png Smiley Mark びしょうのあかし the Beaming ニコニコわらう A mark for a beaming Pokémon. Very small chance
81 Teary Mark.png Teary Mark ひそうのあかし the Teary-Eyed メソメソなく A mark for a teary-eyed Pokémon. Very small chance
82 Upbeat Mark.png Upbeat Mark かいちょうのあかし the Chipper ごきげんな A mark for a chipper Pokémon. Very small chance
83 Peeved Mark.png Peeved Mark げきはつのあかし the Grumpy ふきげんな A mark for a grumpy Pokémon. Very small chance
84 Intellectual Mark.png Intellectual Mark りせいのあかし the Scholar ちてきな A mark for a scholarly Pokémon. Very small chance
85 Ferocious Mark.png Ferocious Mark ほんのうのあかし the Rampaging あれくるう A mark for a rampaging Pokémon. Very small chance
86 Crafty Mark.png Crafty Mark こうかつのあかし the Opportunist スキをねらう A mark for an opportunistic Pokémon. Very small chance
87 Scowling Mark.png Scowling Mark こわもてのあかし the Stern いかつい A mark for a stern Pokémon. Very small chance
88 Kindly Mark.png Kindly Mark やさがたのあかし the Kindhearted やさしげな A mark for a kindhearted Pokémon. Very small chance
89 Flustered Mark.png Flustered Mark どうようのあかし the Easily Flustered あわてんぼうの A mark for an easily flustered Pokémon. Very small chance
90 Pumped-Up Mark.png Pumped-Up Mark こうようのあかし the Driven やるきまんまんの A mark for a driven Pokémon. Very small chance
91 Zero Energy Mark.png Zero Energy Mark けんたいのあかし the Apathetic やるきゼロの A mark for an apathetic Pokémon. Very small chance
92 Prideful Mark.png Prideful Mark じしんのあかし the Arrogant ふんぞりかえった A mark for an arrogant Pokémon. Very small chance
93 Unsure Mark.png Unsure Mark ふしんのあかし the Reluctant じしんのない A mark for an unsure Pokémon. Very small chance
94 Humble Mark.png Humble Mark ぼくとつのあかし the Humble そぼくな A mark for a humble Pokémon. Very small chance
95 Thorny Mark.png Thorny Mark ふじゅんのあかし the Pompous きどっている A mark for a pompous Pokémon. Very small chance
96 Vigor Mark.png Vigor Mark げんきのあかし the Lively げんきいっぱいの A mark for a lively Pokémon. Very small chance
97 Slump Mark.png Slump Mark ふちょうのあかし the Worn-Out どこかくたびれた A mark for a worn-out Pokémon. Very small chance

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese Jing
Mandarin 證 / 证 Zhèng
France Flag.png French Insigne
Germany Flag.png German Zeichen
Italy Flag.png Italian Emblema
South Korea Flag.png Korean 증표 Jeungpyo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Emblema


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