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Galarica (Japanese: ガラナツ Galanut) is a species of tree that grows in certain areas of the Galar region. In the games, Galarica Twigs can be exchanged for items used to evolve Galarian Slowpoke, the Galarica Cuff and the Galarica Wreath.

Galarica seeds used to be the favorite food of Galarian Slowpoke, and are considered an essential spice in cooking. It is believed the seeds are responsible for Galarian Slowpoke's unique appearance and behavior. Occasionally, the Pokémon will get a very sharp look in its eyes, as if it is about to think of something tremendous, but then it will quickly forget and return to its normal expression. It is believed that this behavior, along with the spicy taste of its tail, is a result of Galarica particles built up over generations from its diet of native Galarica seeds affecting its brain and body.[1]

In the anime

Galarica nuts in the anime

Galarica nuts appeared in An Evolution in Taste!. A Galarian Slowking leading a group of Galarian Slowpoke and Slowbro brought some of them to Slowpoke Island in order to make friends with the local Slowpoke and their evolutions. It also gave some Galarica seeds to Ash and Goh, who found them tasty, despite their spiciness. By the end of the episode, Galarian Slowking's Galarica curry was combined with Slowpoke Island's Slowking's udon to create a dish that both kinds of Slowpoke enjoyed, and a Galarica tree was planted on Slowpoke Island to commemorate their friendship.

Pokédex entries

Episode Subject Source Entry
JN097 Galarica seeds Goh's Rotom Phone Seeds from a Galarica tree, a favorite of Galarian Slowpoke.

In other languages

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Language Name Origin
Japanese ガラナツ Galanut From Galar and nutmeg
English Galarica From Galar and Myristica (genus that contains nutmeg)
German Galarnuss From Galar and Muskatnuss (nutmeg)
Spanish Galanuez From Galar and nuez moscada (nutmeg)
French Galanoa From Galar and noix de muscade (nutmeg)
Italian Galarnoce From Galar and noce moscata (nutmeg)
Korean 가라두구가 Galadugu From 가라르 Galar and 육두구 (肉荳蔲) yukdugu (nutmeg)
Chinese (Mandarin) 伽勒荳蔻 / 伽勒豆蔻 Jiālèdòukòu From 伽勒爾 / 伽勒尔 Jiālè'ěr / Gālahkyíh (Galar) and 肉荳蔲 / 肉豆蔻 ròudòukòu / yuhkdauhkau (nutmeg)
Chinese (Cantonese) 伽勒荳蔻 Gālahkdauhkau
Polish Galaryki Same as his Japanese name