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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 8

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Route 207

Route 207

The muddy slope at the south end of the route leads to Oreburgh City, which you can now easily return to. Now that you have a bicycle, you can go back to the basement of Oreburgh Gate for TM31 (Brick Break). Consider healing there before heading east to Route 207. There are quite a few Trainers here. As you try to enter Mt. Coronet's south entrance, at the eastern end of the route, Dawn or Lucas will appear and give you the Vs. Seeker, and then the Dowsing Machine app on your Pokétch. Proceed into Mt. Coronet after he/she has left.

Mt. Coronet (South Area Part 1)

Mt. Coronet

In here, you'll find Cyrus ranting about perfecting the world before leaving. Just walk to the other side of this small section of Mt. Coronet, then walk out of the exit to Route 208. You won't be able to do anything else important here until much later in the game.

Route 208

Route 208

There are many Trainers to battle on this route. Battle them if you wish. However two of them cannot be fought until much later in the game, when you have the necessary HM. Go across the small bridge, down the stairs, and through the tall grass, and you will be at the entrance of Hearthome City.

Also on this Route is the Berry Master's house. Each day, he will give you a fresh Berry. You may also get the Berry Searcher Pokétch app that shows where there are Berries ready to pick. You can also buy Mulch from his wife, which affects the growth of Berries.

Hearthome City

Hearthome City

Once you arrive at Hearthome City, a lost Buneary will run into you. After that, its Trainer will appear, thank you for catching her Buneary, and then suggest that you visit the Super Contest Hall. (It's the large building near the Hearthome Gym.) Once you get there, you'll find her talking to your mom. They will both talk to you about Super Contests, and leave. Then go to the front desk and talk to the woman dressed in purple. She will reveal herself as Fantina, this city's Gym Leader. Then she'll return to the Gym where you will be able to challenge her.

After that, you can take a look around the city. Next to the Pokémon Center is Bebe's house, where Sinnoh's administrator of the PC box system lives. If you talk to her and have a spare slot in your party, you can get an Eevee from her. It is at level 20, and is a Normal type. If you don't have an open slot in your party, then you can always get it later. Also, if you're into Pokémon breeding, you may consider saving your game before you receive the Eevee and resetting if it's not female, since there is an only a 12.5% chance it will be a female and otherwise, you'll have to wait until you have the National Dex to find a Ditto or another Eevee.

  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Gift Pokémon
133 Eevee
D P Pt
Gift Gift
20 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Also at east of the Poké Mart is the Pokémon Fan Club. Go inside and talk to the man with the hat inside. After listening to his rambles, he will give you the Poffin Case, which is essential on making Poffins. Poffins can be made in the building west of the Poké Mart, known as the Poffin House. Near the Poffin House is Mr. Goods. Although he claims he can't remember who he is or his real name, he has dedicated himself to seeking rarities. He gives goods to Trainers once they have met certain requirements. These items can be placed in the Trainer's Secret Base located in The Underground.

Next to the Pokémon Fan Club is the Pokémon Hotel. If you go to the second floor and talk to the woman with the Clefairy, she will give you a Shell Bell. This item can be useful, as it heals the user by 1/8 of its max HP when it inflicts damage.

Amity Square

Amity Square

At the northwest and northeast of the city, you can find the entrances of Amity Square, where you can find some Accessories, an Amulet Coin, TM43 (Secret Power), and TM45 (Attract). Since the design for Amity Square is much different from Diamond and Pearl you'll need to make two trips using both entrances to get all the items. Keep in mind that you'll need a "cute" Pokémon to enter. Your starter in any of its evolutionary forms will work. Additionally, each hut contains three teleporters that can warp you to a different hut. To access them, enter the hut but stop on the tile just inside the entrance. Take a step forward, right, or left to access the hidden teleporters. It is the only way to access the area where you can obtain the Spooky Plate. A chubby man in overalls goes around Amity Square every day. To reach him, players must go through the east gate and use the teleporters. When found, he will give the player five Berries or one Accessory.

Hearthome Gym

Hearthome City Gym

Once you're done exploring the town, you can go to the Hearthome Gym, located at the northeast corner of the city. The Gym leader, Fantina, uses Ghost-type Pokémon, which are weak to Dark- and Ghost-type moves. Ghost-types are also immune to Normal- and Fighting-type moves, but Normal-type Pokémon are immune to Ghost-type move s as well. The design of the Gym is a dark room, using Duskull lamps to serve as walls to create a maze. These also have glowing eyes that will help you see, not counting the flashlights that every challenger has. The goal of the puzzle is to find first the blue pattern, then go to the door that has the same pattern. If you pick the wrong door, you'll find yourself back at the beginning. After the second room, you'll find Fantina and be able to fight her to earn the Relic Badge.

Hearthome Gym
The Relic Badge

Fantina and her Pokémon can be a bit of a pain, particularly her Mismagius. The most annoying one may be her lead Pokémon, her Duskull. Duskull has high defenses and may take a few hits to take down. It has Will-O-Wisp to burn you, halving the Attack stat of an affected Pokémon and making it lose 1/8 of its HP each turn. Apply Burn Heals right away. It also has Pursuit and Shadow Sneak, Pursuit doing more damage if you try to switch out and Shadow Sneak always going first, like Quick Attack. Future Sight will do damage to any Pokémon, regardless of type, after two turns. Do not forget Future Sight, as it could take you out just as you think you're winning and have low HP. Thankfully, Duskull's Attack and Special Attack aren't especially great. Her Haunter is a different story, though. It has a scary Special Attack stat with high Speed to go along, but thankfully it has no Special based attacks, and has quite low defenses. It has Shadow Claw, a Ghost type attack with a high critical hit ratio, and Sucker Punch, which will strike before you for 80 power, but only works if you are attacking in the turn. Like Duskull, Haunter's role is annoyance, and it will disrupt you with Confuse Ray before going in for Hypnosis to set you up for Fantina's Mismagius. Mismagius is a fully evolved demon, and the worst thing about it is that it is packing Shadow Ball, a powerful Ghost-type attack that uses Mismagius' high Sp. Atk to deal the damage. Not good! It also has Psybeam and Magical Leaf backing it up, with Confuse Ray to disrupt as well. Staravia would do well here as it is immune to Shadow Ball and its typing halves the damage from Magical Leaf. Also, a lot of Pokémon, including Shinx and Turtwig's evolutions, learn Bite, a good Dark-type attack.

Once Fantina is defeated, she gives you the Relic Badge and TM65 (Shadow Claw). You can now use Defog, which will come in handy later on Route 210.

Route 209

Route 209

Now having earned your Relic Badge, you've now done all there is to do in Hearthome. Now's it's time for you to move on to Route 209. Since you can now purchase Great Balls from Poké Marts due to having obtained three Badges, it is recommended you start using them in place of the regular Poké Balls. As you enter the guardpost that separates Hearthome City from Route 209, you'll encounter Barry there who will challenge you to another battle.

387 If the player chose Turtwig: 390 If the player chose Chimchar: 393 If the player chose Piplup:

This time around he'll have two out of three new Pokémon that represent the types of the Starter Pokémon that he didn't pick at the beginning of the game: Roselia if he didn't get Turtwig, Ponyta if he didn't get Chimchar, or Buizel if he didn't get Piplup. Also his starter Pokémon as well as Starly have now evolved. He shouldn't be that tough if you have a good team since your selection of Pokémon is much greater than it was last time.

From the entrance, go east, then north to travel directly to Solaceon Town. On this route, there is the Broken Tower which becomes the Hallowed Tower when an Odd Keystone (available from a Black Belt on Route 208, hidden in Twinleaf Town, or mine-able in the Sinnoh Underground) is placed in it. After speaking to 32 people in the Underground, a level 25 Spiritomb will appear to battle you. You will pass the Lost Tower near the end of the route but unlike Diamond and Pearl you will need to get HM05 (Defog) first for dealing with the fog on the higher floors. Fortunately, the HM for Defog is not that far away from here. Follow the path north to reach Solaceon Town.

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