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Timmy Tim
Timmy Tim Timmy Tim
Timmy Tim
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Gawler East
Region Australia
Relatives I Suppose
Trainer class Master

Hey, welcome to my userpage.(Or User Page, however you like it). Timmy Tim

Timmy Tim
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My Pokemon


Dream Team

  1. Typhlosion
  2. Azumarill
  3. Bellossom/Sunflora
  4. Electabuzz/Raichu/Jolteon (I hope to get Elekid or Pichu in Odd egg)
  5. Xatu
  6. Suicune (I normally don't like legendary Pokémon but Suicune's an exception).

Current Team


Dream Team

  1. Blaziken
  2. Pelipper
  3. Breloom
  4. Gardevoir
  5. Manectric
  6. Walrein.

Current Team






Dream Team

  1. Infernape
  2. Empoleon
  3. Torterra
  4. Togekiss
  5. Luxray
  6. Gallade

Current Team


Dream Team

  1. Meganium
  2. Typhlosion
  3. Feraligatr
  4. Ampharos
  5. Togetic(Togekiss after National Dex)
  6. Slowking.



Our story starts in the Year 2000. Young Tim is at one of his mum's work functions when he spots a boy eating a packet of chips. On the chip packet, there is an image of a monster and the word Pokémon written above it. He had seen several of chip packets much like this in the past weeks. Inside the chip packets are holographic cards, containing moving pictures of these 'Pokémon'. Tim then collects these cards, which are used to promote the new game, [[Pokémon Stadium {English)|Pokémon Stadium]].

Come Easter and I, Timmy Tim, had collected several of these cards and traded them with my cousins. We were all staying in a holiday home by the coast. My eldest cousin, something of a videogame nut, brings along her Nintendo 64. I spent the majority of the holiday, like the rest of my cousins, playing on the said 64. Here, I learnt of Nintendo Mascot Mario and grew attached to his series of videogames. I also enjoyed Super Smash Bros., as it contained both characters from the Mario Series and the Pokemon Series.

Around this time, I began watching episodes of the Pokemon Anime, along with the first movie. My younger cousin also introduced me to the Trading Card Game around this time. Then, I was introduced to Generation II and about 90 new Pokémon (I already knew of some Gen II Pokémon such as Togepi and Marill). I saw the second movie at my local cinema and recieved a promotional Mew Card, which I still have. By this time, I also had Pokémon marbles, action figures and more holographic cards (Which I have sadly lost during the moving of houses). September was soon upon us and I, along with the rest of my family, travelled to Sydney for the Olympics. We were staying at My aunt and uncles, who welcomed me with both Jungle theme decks for the TCG, amost other Pokémon collectables. I later recieved a 64 for Christmas.

For Christmas the next year, I got Pokemon Stadium for my 64. This was followed in 2002 with Pokémon Crystal for my Game Boy Advance for my ninth birthday. By April 2003, Generation III was about to begin. I bought Ruby on the day it came out in Australia and I was hooked again. Gradually, I grew out of Pokémon, although I did get Snap for Christmas that year. In 2005, to occupy me on a trip to Malaysia, I bought FireRed and the newly released Emerald. I bought more cards and began hooked once again, although it had died down by the end of the year.

For Christmas 2007, to accompany the new Wii I bought for my birthday, I got Pokemon Battle Revolution, my first taste of Generation IV, which had previously passed me by. In 2008, to occupy me, I bought a DS, with Pokémon Diamond as one of my first games. Pokémon Ranger and Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team soon followed. I then bought the two later Super Smash Bros. games for my Wii. Now, in 2009, I have bought Platinum and Pokémon Stadium 2, which I had always enjoyed playing at my cousin's and at my friend's houses. Unfortunatly, my now ancient Crystal has given up the ghost, so I bought a new one which I use in Stadium 2.


How I stumbled upon Bulbapedia has been forgotten (Ironic as my memory is second to none) but I reckon it involved a link from Wikipedia. I must have stumbled upon it in 2007, as I was going through (another) Pokémon phase around then. I found it convenient compared to Wikipedia as it could afford to be more descriptive without seeming oversized. In late 2008, I joined the Super Mario Wiki and in the last couple of months, I have become an established user there (Although Sysophood still doesn't seem likely). Around late July, I decided to join Bulbapedia as well. Once the account creation was unblocked, I became a user and wrote all of this, which you already know about, unless you're not reading this, which you are.


Official artwork of my favourite Pokémon (I love Ken Sugimori's Gen III+ artwork style).


Thank you for reading. If you wish to make feedback, feel free to on my Talk Page, Timmy Tim